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Audio Junkie: Crossover splash.

Yassi Pressman usually hawks other people's music as an MTV Pinoy VJ, but she's turned the table a bit and became a pop music act herself with an eponymous EP under her belt.

As a pop listener, I'm usually wary of TV personalities going out on a limb and releasing their own albums. However, hearing what this fresh-faced young lady has come up with, it's safe to say Yassi's an exception.

Over six tracks, "Yassi" lays down some really tight-grooved pop. With some great material from lyricist Nica del Rosario, whose work has spunky, girl empowerment undertones, and fresh beats from Flip Music's Bojam de Belen, Pressman manages to dish out one fresh-sounding track after another.

The synth-and-beats heavy first single "Hush" (featuring teen star Nadine Lustre) is energetic, young and modern-sounding. Pressman also shuts the door on doubters with another surging, electro-tinged dance number in "La La." The Flip Music-Yassi connection peaks on "Walang Unahan," where Elephant-like trumpet synth sounds, pulsing bass lines and cracking drum beats weave in and around Yassi's fine-toned voice amid the song's melodic twists and turns. Also worth mentioning is the pop-R&B track "The Possibility Of You And Me," which is the only all-English track in the selection.

Yassi's vocals can be edgy and sweet as needed. She samples that confident, R&B-inflected singing style in the mid-tempo track "Dahil Sa'Yo," which also features Andre Paras. The duo of Pressman-Paras, who both starred in "Diary Ng Panget," reprises the music from that movie with their duet on "Di Ko Alam," which originally appeared on the flick's OST.

Some acts just do it right at their first try and we can now add Yassi Pressman among the lucky ones that successfully crossed over from TV to pop music.


Yassi Pressman

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Date:Jun 29, 2015
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