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Auction corner.

Cowans of Cincinnati, Ohio, The following were highlights of the April 8, 2017 American Indian and Western Art: Live Salesroom Auction, 495 items.

$16,800 Dakota Bear Claw Necklace From the Collection of Senator Henry M. Rice (Minnesota, 1816-1894). Double hide thongs are strung with amber and cobalt beads, and 17 bear claws, length 38 in., ca 1900.

$9600 Edward Curtis (American, 1868-1952), An Oasis in the Bad Lands, in original studio frame and with descriptive label signed in image lower right (sight) 7.5 x 97.5 in.; (framed) 11.5x 13.75 in., 1905.

$9000 Kiowa Beaded Hide Moccasins. Thread-sewn softly tanned hide and beaded using colors of pink, red white-heart, cobalt, light blue, white, and pea green; hide is coated with yellow pigment and the fringe which hangs from the folded cuff fringe is enhanced with blue dye, length 9.75 in., late 19th century.

$8400 Cheyenne Beaded Hide Bow Case and Quiver, Collected by Lawrie (1822-1900), Fort Sill, Indian Territory. Sinew-sewn; strap is backed with navy wool; square tabs made from red wool are lightly beaded using colors of white, pony trader blue, and cobalt and hang from lower edge; quiver also decorated with similar style beadwork on back of animal's tail; bow with single string and six painted arrows accompany set, length of bow 39 in., average length of arrow 23.5 in.; length of bow case 36 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$7380 Sioux Beaded Hide Possible Bags, Matched Pair. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of dark blue, medium blue, apple red white-heart, pea green, and pink; Morning Star motifs on front of bag; tin cones with remnants of blue-dyed horse hair hang along sides, height 11 in. x width 22 in., early 20th century.

$6765 Apache Polychrome Basket Olla. 16 dogs and four crosses are situated between diagonally stepped bands of martynia and yucca root, height 16.5 in. x diameter 14 in., early 20th century.

$6600 Sioux Beaded Buffalo Hide Saddle Bags. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of white, light blue, red white-heart, pea green, cobalt, and greasy yellow; long fringe hangs from lower seams; interior of bag has remnant of beaded detailing, overall length 87 in. x width 14 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$6000 Perce Beaded Hide Dress. Thread-sewn softly tanned mountain sheep hide with yoke beaded using colors of pink, light blue, black, and pea green; hide thongs strung with larger beads, fall along bust line; edges of dress are fully embellished with fringe, length 48.5 in. x chest 44 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$5100 Plains Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag. Sinew-sewn softly tanned hide and beaded using colors of red white-heart, dark blue, greasy yellow, light blue, and white; throat is coated with orange pigment; long, thin, hide fringe hangs from lower edge, overall length 33.5 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$5228 Southern Plains Beaded Strike-a-Light Case. Thread and sinew-sewn commercial leather cut into an hourglass form; glass beads in colors of pony trader blue, white, dark blue, light blue, and red white-heart decorate front and closing flap; hide fringe with tin cones jingle along edges, length of bag 7 in. x width 3.75 in., late 19th century.

$5100 Algonquin Birchbark Creel. Birchbark panels are laced together and panels decorated with moose, fish, and floral designs; thick hide strap attached to sides, height 10.5 in. x width 11.25 in., early 20th century.

$4305 Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Possible Bag. Thread and sinew-sewn with beadwork in colors of red white-heart, white, pea green, and greasy yellow; front panel of bag quilled in red, purple, green, and cream; tin cones filled with red-dyed horse hair hang from sides and closing flap, length 15 in. x width 23 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$4059 Navajo Silver and Turquoise Concha Belt. Five and six butterflies are crafted using heavy gauge silver and designed with deep stampwork; a turquoise cabochons are set with a simple bezel; conchas and butterflies are affixed to leather belt with a hide strip, overall length 39 in., concha 3.75 x 3.25 in.; buckle 4.25 x 3.25 in., first quarter 20th century.

$3360 Kiowa Beaded Hide Moccasins, Collected by Lawrie (1822-1900), Fort Sill, Indian Territory. Thread-sewn softly tanned hide which has been lightly coated with yellow pigment; vamps with differing designs; edges of soles are dotted with beads; long tabs fall from back of cuffs, length 9.25 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$3075 Crow Horse Forehead Ornament. Thread and sinew-sewn with keyhole shaped rawhide beaded using colors of pink, white, translucent green, red white-heart, and deep blue; black and yellow dyed horse hair and red wool surround upper portion of ornament, overall length 13.5 in. x width 8 in., late 19th century.

$2640 Prairie Smoke-Tanned Beaded Hide Moccasins. Thread-sewn and beaded in vibrant colors of red-white heart, pumpkin orange, pea green, pink, sky blue, dark blue, medium blue, and dark green; scrolling floral patterns are outlined in white; length 9.5 in., late 19th century.

$2640 Sioux Beaded Hide Doctor's Bag. Thread and sinew-sewn hide with glass beads in colors of medium blue, greasy yellow, red white-heart, pea green, and cobalt; interior lined with thin wool, height (including handle) 7.5 in. x width 12 in., fourth quarter 19th century

$1722 Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Vest with American Flags. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of red white-heart, greasy yellow, dark blue, pea green, and white; front panels of vest decorated with geometric elements and crosses; reverse features two American flags; short hide fringe decorates outer hems, overall length 16 in. x chest 29 in., ca 1900.

$2689 Cheyenne Fully Beaded Hide Moccasins. Beaded in brilliant colors of pumpkin orange, pea green, pony trader blue, faceted iridescent black and copper, translucent red, blue and green creating a lovely sparkling effect; flowered design on vamp with triangular designs throughout, length 10 in., late 19th century.

$2640 Apache Basket designed with a tight spiraling pattern or whirlwind, height 4 in. x diameter 16.5 in., early 20th century.

$1722 Cheyenne Beaded Hide Cradle, Exhibited at the Booth Western Art Museum, , Georgia. Thread and sinew-sewn with hood beaded using colors of red white-heart, greasy yellow, white, light and dark blue, and translucent green; rawhide tab embellished with tubular beads and brass bells; lower portion made of cotton, overall height 39 in., late 19th century.

$1320 Crow Beaded Hide Work Bag Exhibited at the Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, Georgia. Thread-sewn and beaded using colors of pink, medium and light blue, red white-heart, greasy yellow, and pea green; tin cones filled with yellow-dyed horse hair decorate sides, height 8.5 in. x width 13.5 in., ca 1900.

Skinner Auction, Boston, Massachusettes. The following w ere highlights of the May 5, 2017 American Indian and Ethnographic Art auction, 408 items.

$43,050 Navajo Child's Wearing Blanket, tightly woven on a three-ply wool warp dyed yellow, with natural ivory, indigo hand spun, soft green, and cochineal red dyed raveled wool, (small stain and minor wool loss), 54 x 35 in.

$27,060 Plains Cree Quill decorated Hide Horse Crupper, c. 1840, buckskin decorated with curvilinear and floral designs using six porcupine quill techniques, the quill-wrapped fringe with black pony beads, Ig. including fringe 24 in.

$25,830 Sioux Winter Count Painted on Muslin, c. 1870s, an early copy of a Winter Count by Bo-i-de (the Flame or the Blaze) a Dakota Sioux living eighteen miles south of Fort Sully, Dakota Territory, the Count covers the years 1786-87 through 1876-77.

$24,600 Tsimshian Carved and Painted Wood Shaman's Rattle, c. mid-19th century, carved in two halves, with an incised and painted thunderbird on both sides, the globular form with two native repairs on one side, rich glossy patina, Ig. 12, wd. 5 3/4, 4 1/4 in.

$22,140 Plains Indian Grizzly Bear Claw Necklace, c. second quarter 19th century, buffalo hide wrapped, with twisted sinew and various size grizzly claws, rich patina from years of use, claw Ig. to 4 in.

$19,680 Yakima Beaded Hide Blanket Strip, c. 1880s, buffalo hide with four rondels and beaded with bold multicolored geometric designs, beaded fringe with brass hawkbells hang from the center of the rondels, attached to a custom wall mount, Ig. 66, rondel dia. 6 1/2 in.

$11,685 Yokuts Polychrome Basketry Olla, c. late 19th/early 20th century, finely woven with a geometric design and "rattlesnake" band, with small crosses at the neck, ht. 8, dia. 14 in.

$11,070 Crow Beaded Buffalo Hide Mirror Bag, c. 1870s, beaded on both sides with classic Crow designs, with quill-wrapped fringe and a row of white pony beads below, the strap beaded and with green and red trade cloth panels, Ig. including strap and fringe 23 in.

$9225 Navajo First Phase Concha Belt, c. 1890s, seven open-slot silver oval conchas with original leather backings, (belt is a later replacement), the buckle with repousse, rocker engraving, and stampwork, buckle 3 5/8x2 3/4, conchas 4 1/8 x 3 1/2 in.

$5843 Lakota Beaded Buffalo Hide Cradle, c. 1870s, lined with a printed cotton and beaded with multicolored geometric designs and four pipes, the rawhide tab fringed with bugle beads and brass hawkbells, Ig. 24 1/2 in.

$2214 Winnebago Beaded Cloth Bandolier Bag, c. last quarter 19th century, beaded in a combination of geometric designs and eight-point stars, beaded tabs with ribbon ties, (minor bead loss), Ig. 36, wd. 14 in.

$4305 Nez Perce Beaded Hide Woman's Dress, c. first quarter 20th century, with beaded yoke and fringed with bugle beads and cowrie shells, traces of yellow pigment at the yoke, Ig. 49 in

$3198 Pair of Crow or Blackfeet Side Seam Moccasins, c. 1860s, made of thick buffalo hide and beaded with a multicolored stripe design on the vamps, (minor bead loss), Ig. 10 in.

$1968 Sioux Beaded Hide Doll, c. last quarter 19th century, with traces of red face paint, (minor loss to hide), includes custom stand, ht. 10 in.

$1968 Acoma Painted Pottery Jar, c. early 20th century, with a band of repeated geometric designs, (some wear to surface), ht. 9 1/4 in, dia. 9 3/4 in.

$1599 Northern Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins, c. 1880, the hard-sole forms with multicolor geometric designs, (some bead loss), Ig. 10 in. From the Dr. Colin F. Taylor collection, acquired from the Hester Browning collection in New York, 1962.
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