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Auction corner.

Cowans of Cincinnati, Ohio. The following were highlights of the September 23,2016 auction; 368 items.

$102,000 Ball Club carved from a single piece of walnut; gracefully formed with slightly beveled handle and embellished with 178 square-shanked brass tacks; depicted along one side is incised imagery of a crooked lance and a split linear element; an otter, or Underwater Panther, tops the crest of the club; remnants of yellow pigment on surface, length 23.25 in., ca 1840.

$51,000 Teton Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide War Shirt. Thread and sinew-sewn thick, softly tanned elk hide; with hide panels sewn to arms, chest, back, and bib which are beaded using colors of red white-heart, dark blue, greasy yellow, pea green, white, and faceted brass; locks of hair wrapped with orange quillwork embellish panels; hide with traces of yellow pigment, length 33.25 in. x chest 46 in., ca 1900.

$11,685 Crow Beaded Hide Martingale. Thread-sewn and beaded on hide using colors of pink, light blue, greasy blue, pumpkin, periwinkle, dark blue, pony trader blue, red white-heart, and white; red and brown wool fill negative space; red and black wool decorated lower tassels; three hawk bells hang from chest panel, overall length 33 in. x width 13.5 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$6600 Cheyenne Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag. Sinew-sewn softly tanned, thick hide; beaded using colors of red white-heart, greasy yellow, pea green, cobalt, white, and Charlotte-cut translucent green and translucent dark blue; long hide drops hang from opening and are embellished with beadwork and tin cones filled with red wool; hide coated in yellow pigment; remnants of collection number inked in interior; overall length 37 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

S$5700 Sioux Beaded Hide Possible Bags, Matched Pair, Deaccessioned from the Clark County Historical Society. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of red white-heart, pea green, and dark blue; designed with a central image of a Morning Star against an open field of white; tin cones filled with blue horse hair hang from sides, length 13.5 in. x width 19 in., ca 1888.

$3900 Northern Plains Buffalo Horn Headdress. Thread-sewn commercially tanned buffalo hide; 20 brass bells are sewn along the sides of trailer; three abalone shell disks and a white and dark blue beaded panel embellishes front of headdress, overall length 48 in., ca 1900.

$3075 Southern Plains Beaded Hide Boot-style Moccasins. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of light blue, dark blue, pink, greasy yellow, red white-heart, and white; hide coated in yellow and orange pigment; old collection label pinned to inside, height 18 in. x length 9.5 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$1080 Plateau Beaded Belt Pouch. Thread-sewn and beaded on commercial leather using Charlotte-cut light blue, pumpkin, rose, pony trader blue, and cobalt glass beads; edges of bad studded with brass and buttons, length 6 in. x width 5.5 in., first quarter 20th century.

$67,650 Rare and Important Eastern Ojibwa (Saulteau) War Chief's Turban-Headdress, c. 1840s, the stiff foundation, probably rawhide, covered with brain-tanned deerskin, embroidered with multicolored porcupine quillwork, and painted with six totemic black bears done in Chinese vermillion, at the front is a loom-beaded panel done with exceedingly small Venetian trade beads, ht. 12, wd. of turban 2 3/8 in.

$15,000 Pawnee Beaded Hide Leggings. Sinew-sewn, with a wide beaded strip designed with alternating bar and hourglass elements; beadwork colors include pea green, pony trader blue, rose, and pea green; fringe embellishes outer leg; interior of fringe coated with orange pigment, length 33 in., ca 1870.

$9600 Edward Curtis (American, 1868-1952) Photogravure, The Three Chiefs--Piegan from The North American Indians, vol. 6, plate 203 (paper) 18 x 22 in.; (framed) 27x31 in., 1900.

$9600 Southeastern Finger-woven Sash collected in New England. Indigo, lac-dyed red, and khaki wool; white beads are woven into main panel and decorate the edges of the long fringe, overall length 117 in., early 19th century.

$7800 Cheyenne Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag. Sinew-sewn, softly-tanned, thick hide with lower portion of bag detailed with images of pipe bowls, crosses, and horse tracks; executed using bead colors of red white-heart, dark blue, greasy yellow, pea green, and white; throat of bag coated with yellow pigment; tin cones filled with yellow-dyed horsehair hang from beaded tabs at opening; bag is finished with quilled slats and thin fringe, overall length 37 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$7200 Plains Pipe Tomahawk with Rocker Engraved Blade. Forged head with incised decorations; one side of blade rocker engraved with the image of a buffalo, the opposite illustrates a warrior holding a sword; haft with scalloped edge and decorated with 115 brass tacks, length 19.5 in., 19th century.

$5700 Hopi Pottery Canteen, Attributed to of Hano (1859-1942), of large form; with bold red and black zigzagging and checkered design elements; grooved strap handles and elongated spout, height 8.75 in. x width (handle to handle) 8.25 in., late 19th century.

$5100 San Polychrome Pottery Jar with wide body, constricting neck, and flared rim; bold and heavy-handed decorate body, height 10.25 in. x diameter 12 in., ca 1900.

$4800 Southern Cheyenne Beaded Hide Possible Bag. Sinew-sewn on thick, softly-tanned hide; thin lanes of light blue, dark blue, and red white-heart detail front; sides of bag fully beaded with nesting box design using colors of dark blue, greasy yellow, red white-heart, and white; tin cones filled with red horse hair are added embellishments, height 13 in. x width 18 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$4613 Sioux Beaded Hide Figural Vest. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of apple red white-heart, pea green, white, dark blue, and greasy yellow; front of vest with two horses, two ponies, and two stars; back of vest with similar design of four horses and two stars; silver domed buttons with hide thongs for closure, length 21.5 in., late 19th century.

$3998 Great Lakes Figural Wood Ladle. Maple, thinly carved scoop and topped with an otter on handle, length 8.5 in. x width of scoop 4.5 in., 19th century.

$3321 Cheyenne / Arapaho Beaded Hide Moccasins. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of red white-heart, translucent green, and white; slightly angled and split cuffs, length 10 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$3120 Northern Plains Quilled Pipe Stem. Upper portion finely quilled in colors of purple, orange, and white depicting two thunderbirds; orange a purple ribbon frame, length 25.5 in., late 19th century.

$3000 Western Apache Figural Basket. Heavily decorated with altering positive and negative designs of 35 dogs and 22 human figures, height 2.5 in. x diameter 13 in., ca 1900.

$3000 Arapaho Beaded Hide Dispatch Case. Sinew-sewn recycled leather beaded using colors of red white-heart, pink, dark blue, light blue, rose, and greasy yellow; tin cones hang from short hide fringe along opening flap and lower edge of bag; longer hide fringe falls along lower edge, length of bag 12.25 in. x width 8.5 in., late 19th century.

$2880 Southern Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins. Sinew-sewn and beaded using colors of greasy yellow, dark blue, pink, white, and rose; with sharply angled cuffs coated in yellow pigment, length 10 in., fourth quarter 19th century

$2280 Blackfoot Backrests with Poles. Pair of thread and sinew-sewn backrests made of graduated and peeled willow; matched beaded wool panels details the upper portion of backrest; poles are carved and painted in red and yellow, heights 66.5 in. and 66 in., early 20th century. Note attached to one reads, Purchased from Julia Wades-in-the-Water.

$1800 Apache Beaded Hide Doll Cradle with Doll. Thread and sinew-sewn; wood slat frame is covered with hide which has been beaded using colors of dark blue, white, red white-heart, greasy yellow, and rose; a Navajo doll is bundled inside cradle; remnants of yellow pigment on hide, length 14 in. x width 5.75 in., fourth quarter 19th century.

$1599 Cheyenne Beaded Hide Cradle. Thread and sinew-sinew with hood beaded using colors of pea green, white, greasy yellow, dark and light blue, pumpkin, and rose; interior lined with pillow ticking and linen exterior, total length 37 in., late 19th century.

$1200 Plateau Painted Envelope. Geometric elements painted in blue, yellow, green, and red; linear detailing on interior, 24 x 13.5 in., ca 1900.

$1200 Prairie Imitation Bear Claw Necklace. Constructed of 22 horse hooves carved into "claws"; "claws" and beads are strung with hide and attached to a buffalo fur necklace, length 15 in., ca 1900.
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