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Aubade: Diving Bell.


Though their work is complete, the diving team will remain in the confinement of the saturation chamber for an additional seven days so they can gradually and safely return to standard atmospheric pressure.

--New York Department of Environmental Protection
 Already he stirs in the dark,
 a waxy heaviness in his arms and legs.
 The sweetness he's held
 sparking between his neurons,
 sucked like butterscotch and sipped at
 for days has almost faded.
 Had he dreamed Boyd's face,
 pale and star-eyed on the monitor?
 Come in, Boyd had said.
 Can you hear me? Come in.
 He'd heard, ears cradling
 the cool thin vibration of the voice,
 felt the words crawl like string
 inside the curl of his own white-pink ear.
 Time has grown strange--
 the water dark as lead, its heft
 on the bulkhead, the clocks all
 ticking at different times.
 If two trains leave New York at 8:11A.M.
 heading opposite directions
 when will the first begin to leak?
 Under the great streaming of the city,
 the ions clutching and releasing,
 the creaking he can hear at night
 as the water whispers to inanimate steel--
 the million gallons, the metal shell. 
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Author:Fabrizio, Alex
Publication:West Branch
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2012
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