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Atwood, Margaret. The Penelopiad.

ATWOOD, Margaret. The Penelopiad. Grove, Atlantic, Canon Gate. 199p. c2005. 1-84195-798-4. $12.00. SA

From the review of the audiobook in KLIATT, March 2006: Ever since first reading The Odyssey, Atwood has been haunted by the fate of Penelope's 12 handmaidens, brutally hanged without explanation as part of the carnage that accompanied Odysseus's return to Ithaca after his 20-year absence. Having immersed herself in research, Atwood creates another version of Homer's story, this time told as a 21st-century retrospective by the ghost of Penelope, and she offers her readers a solution to the mystery behind their deaths. By imposing a modern-day spin on an ancient story and the classical Greek chorus, here made up of the dead maids, Atwood can indulge her feminist viewpoint and her wry sense of humor, along with the lyricism that has earned her so many avid readers, while remaining true to the oral tradition that gave birth to the epic. Francine Levitov, Attorney, New York, NY

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Author:Levitov, Francine
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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