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Speaker to seek legal opinion on Ranjan's Parliament seat. Jan 19, 2021 308
AG informs Parliament Ranjan's seat has become vacant. Jan 18, 2021 211
Lawyers Association Provides Inputs for 10 Years Attorney General Strategic Plan. Jan 16, 2021 216
SC needs to interpret constitution's Article 226: AGP. Jan 15, 2021 539
World & nation in 60 seconds. Jan 15, 2021 521
IHC summons attorney general in petitions challenging appointment of Naeem Bukhari in PTV. Jan 13, 2021 566
Prima facie appointment of Naeem Bokhari as chairman PTC a violation of SC orders: CJ IHC. Jan 13, 2021 238
'Golden boy' Garland will restore AG to its original role. Jan 12, 2021 708
AG decides to drop case against Pillayan. Jan 11, 2021 186
Biden introduces Merrick Garland as attorney general pick. Superville, By Darlene; Peoples, Steve; Press, Eric Tucker Associated Jan 8, 2021 995
Coronavirus: police to file case with AG's office after funeral allegedly violated decrees. Gina Agapiou Jan 8, 2021 484
Biden Names Final Team Picks; Confirms Garland As Attorney General. Jan 8, 2021 331
AG's office will decide if soldier's remains can be sent to Greece. Gina Agapiou Jan 8, 2021 321
Merrick Garland Is Right Choice To Rehabilitate Justice Department. Jan 8, 2021 427
Biden plans to nominate Garland as his attorney general. Zapotosky, By Matt; Barrett, Devlin; Post, Ann E. Marimow The Washington Jan 7, 2021 414
Biden to name judge Merrick Garland as attorney general. ERIC TUCKER and MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Jan 7, 2021 1011
Sanjrani starts consultations on open ballot for Senate polls. Jan 7, 2021 382
College degree: State says Mutura's stay in office temporary. Jan 7, 2021 522
Biden selects Judge Merrick Garland for attorney general. Jan 6, 2021 934
Former Directors of Swarnamahal granted bail. Jan 6, 2021 286
Jeewaka, Deepa, Asanka Edirisinghe arrested. Jan 5, 2021 246
Attorney General Tables Draft Nat'l Human Rights Action Plan for Discussion. Jan 5, 2021 365
AG seeks to have petition on judges appointment dismissed. Jan 4, 2021 760
Govt agrees to pay $28.7m damages to US firm. Jan 3, 2021 1143
Govt agrees to pay $28.7m damages to US firm. Jan 2, 2021 1172
SC larger bench to hear reference on Senate polls. Dec 30, 2020 805
Justice For Lockerbie: 32 Years After Mass Murder On Pan Am Flight 103, Feds Strike. Dec 29, 2020 312
Sabah govt appoints first woman mayor and new state AG. Dec 28, 2020 370
Federal govt will protect its national assets, wherever they may be, says Attorney General. Dec 25, 2020 569
Sedition And Treason And The Attorney General. Dec 24, 2020 256
Barr's belated parting gift to the victims of Lockerbie; AFTER THREE DECADES ON THE CASE, THE OUTGOING US ATTORNEY GENERAL FINALLY OPENS THE DOOR TO TRUE JUSTICE. STATESIDE With US Editor Christopher Bucktin Dec 24, 2020 672
Barr's belated parting gift to the victims of Lockerbie; AFTER THREE DECADES ON THE CASE, THE OUTGOING US ATTORNEY GENERAL FINALLY OPENS THE DOOR TO TRUE JUSTICE. Dec 24, 2020 637
Why justice could be Attorney General Barr's parting gift. Chris Bucktin STATESIDE Dec 24, 2020 630
Barr's belated parting gift to the victims of Lockerbie; AFTER THREE DECADES ON THE CASE, THE OUTGOING US ATTORNEY GENERAL FINALLY OPENS THE DOOR TO TRUE JUSTICE. STATESIDE With US Editor Christopher Bucktin Dec 24, 2020 672
Barr's belated parting gift to the victims of Lockerbie; AFTER THREE DECADES ON THE CASE, THE OUTGOING US ATTORNEY GENERAL FINALLY OPENS THE DOOR TO TRUE JUSTICE. Stateside With US Editor Christopher Bucktin Dec 24, 2020 672
Barr's belated parting gift to the victims of Lockerbie; AFTER THREE DECADES ON THE CASE, THE OUTGOING US ATTORNEY GENERAL FINALLY OPENS THE DOOR TO TRUE JUSTICE. Dec 24, 2020 665
The Office Of The Attorney- General Of The Federation (AGF). Dec 23, 2020 1475
Response of attorney general sought in service tribunal case. Dec 23, 2020 547
Lockerbie disaster: Alleged bombmaker charged 32 years on. ERIC TUCKER Dec 23, 2020 540
IF BOLA IGE WERE HERE. Dec 23, 2020 1649
Alvi seeks SC opinion on open balloting for Senate elections. Dec 23, 2020 943
If Bola Ige Were Here... Dec 23, 2020 1649
LHC tells AG to get degrees of PBC candidates verified. Dec 22, 2020 257
Report: Former AG Thomas, Ambiga to lead Muda's fight for registration. Dec 22, 2020 335
Passport probe team clarifies position on publishing findings. Jean Christou Dec 22, 2020 546
LOCKERBIE 'BOMBER' CHARGED IN THE U.S. LIBYAN IS ACCUSED 32 YEARS AFTER ATTACK Mixed reaction from families as Barr demands extradition. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN Dec 22, 2020 564
LOCKERBIE 'BOMBER' CHARGED; US announces 32nd anniversary move. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor and JEREMY ARMSTRONG Dec 22, 2020 192
AG names committee to probe Cypra slaughterhouse. Jean Christou Dec 22, 2020 508
Stance cannot be changed if AG is changed on jurisdiction of FSC in interest system case: FSC. Dec 22, 2020 716
AG Says Reform Initiatives Increased Capacity to Respond to Chaos Orchestrated by TPLF. Dec 21, 2020 571
Lockerbie plan attacked. DANIEL HARKINS Dec 21, 2020 409
Spokeswoman says Biden won't talk about son with AG candidates. KEVIN FREKING Associated Press Dec 21, 2020 181
Lockerbie bombing: US charges 'third conspirator'; The US has charged a "third conspirator" in connection with the Lockerbie bombing, on the 32nd anniversary of the atrocity, US Attorney General William Barr has announced. Lucinda Cameron Dec 21, 2020 629
Diko leader digs heels in on budget rejection. Jean Christou Dec 20, 2020 720
Lockerbie Bombing: US Attorney General William Barr to announce fresh charges against Libyan prime suspect on 32nd anniversary of atrocity; United States prosecutors are set to raise fresh charges against a new suspect in the Lockerbie Bombing case - on the 32nd anniversary of the atrocity. Conor Marlborough Dec 19, 2020 481
AG tests negative after attending Vavuniya event. Dec 18, 2020 166
Egypt's Attorney General to challenge against acquitting three men stripped 74-year-old Christian woman in Minya. Egypt Today staff Dec 18, 2020 356
Tyson Fires 7 Managers at Iowa Plant Over Betting on COVID-19 Cases. Uday Sampath Dec 17, 2020 206
Trump asking about special prosecutor for Hunter Biden case. MICHAEL BALSAMO and JONATHAN LEMIRE Associated Press Dec 17, 2020 955
US NAMES MAN 'WHO MADE PAN AM BOMB' SHOCK LOCKERBIE DEVELOPMENT Prosecutors poised to charge suspect. JON HEBDITCH Dec 17, 2020 314
AG agrees to grant Hejaaz access to lawyers. Dec 15, 2020 235
William Barr: who is the US Attorney General and Trump ally - and why is he stepping down early? Tensions arose between the president and Mr Barr over the investigation into election fraud; Tensions arose between the president and Mr Barr over the investigation into election fraud. Finlay Greig Dec 15, 2020 497
Barr resigns. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Dec 15, 2020 698
Barr resigns Resigns: Deputy to take over. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Dec 15, 2020 698
Trump says Barr resigning, will leave before Christmas. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Dec 15, 2020 666
TOP NEWS: US Attorney General Resigns As Biden Election Win Confirmed. Dec 15, 2020 702
[ICYMI] Minutes After Electoral College Elected Joe Biden, US Attorney General Resigns (Resignation Letter Inside). Dec 15, 2020 200
Texas AG's Office: Whistleblower Firings Were not Retaliation. Emma Platoff, The Texas Tribune Dec 14, 2020 783
Our View: Audit chief's row with the AG should be resolved in court. CM: Our View Dec 12, 2020 466
Coronavirus: Police, AG say Morphou bishop broke no decrees. Jonathan Shkurko Dec 11, 2020 284
Two of Britain's worst rapists have jail terms increased from 30 to 40 years; The Attorney General's Office referred the cases of Joseph McCann and Reynhard Sinaga to the Court of Appeal, arguing they should receive whole life terms instead of minimum 30-year sentences. By, Tom Pettifor & Matthew Dresch Dec 11, 2020 797
Non-Disclosure By Victims Promoting Domestic Violence a Former Edo AG. Dec 10, 2020 696
Pakistan bar polls on 31st. Dec 10, 2020 219
Former AG enters citizenship fray. George Psyllides Dec 10, 2020 438
Ministry to honour Stella Soulioti's legacy with human rights award. Jean Christou Dec 10, 2020 269
Justice Minister briefs Parliament on moves to arrest Mahendran. Dec 9, 2020 351
AG tells Health DG unclaimed bodies can be cremated. Dec 9, 2020 250
CMC begins cremating unclaimed bodies. Dec 9, 2020 296
Hichem Mechichi receives Qatar's Attorney General. Dec 8, 2020 194
Prisoners' Human Rights Treatment Improved: Attorney General. Dec 8, 2020 549
Biden picks Calif. AG to lead HHS, pandemic response. Alonso-Zaldivar, By Ricardo; Balsamo, Michael; Press, Jonathan Lemire Associated Dec 7, 2020 428
PRESS: Biden To Pick California Attorney General As Health Secretary. Dec 7, 2020 305
Pro-Second Amendment Advocate Elected N.C. Attorney General. Krey, Patrick Dec 7, 2020 667
AG's advice sought on disposal of remains of Mahara Prison riot inmates. Dec 6, 2020 256
AG's advice sought on unclaimed bodies. Dec 4, 2020 325
AG provides note of clarification to Singapore on Mahendran. Dec 4, 2020 280
Cypra files not missing, AG's office says. Elias Hazou Dec 3, 2020 284
US attorney general says no evidence of decisive election fraud. Dec 2, 2020 773
Barr: No fraud that'd change result Attorney general contradicts Trump claims of widespread trouble. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Dec 2, 2020 748
Barr: No fraud that'd change result Attorney general contradicts Trump claims of widespread trouble Election: Barr says most disputes must be settled in civil courts. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Dec 2, 2020 748
Barr gives investigator special status. Associated Press Dec 2, 2020 233
Barr: No evidence of fraud that would change election outcome. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Dec 2, 2020 720
Gbagi: You have a case to answer on alleged molestation, court tells Delta attorney general, CP. Dec 2, 2020 340
Alleged Molestation: You Have A Case To Answer, Court Tells Delta Attorney General, CP. Dec 2, 2020 341
Findings of probe into teen suicide being handed over to AG on Tuesday. George Psyllides Dec 1, 2020 303
AG files indictments against cop and prison officials. Dec 1, 2020 165
Rotich challenges his prosecution in multibillion-shilling dams scandal. Dec 1, 2020 525
5th Circuit upholds Texas's and Louisiana's defunding of Planned Parenthood. Andrusko, Dave Dec 1, 2020 443
Attorney-general commissioned probe into teen suicide to be handed over Tuesday. Gina Agapiou Nov 28, 2020 236
SC to decide head of Bahria funds body on Dec 2. Nov 28, 2020 903
PIA image has been ruined: IHC. Nov 25, 2020 395
Akeredolu Sacks Olawoye As Attorney General, Appoints Human Rights Lawyer, Titiloye. Nov 23, 2020 684
Attorney General Investigating Criminal TPLF Elements for Grievous Crimes. Nov 23, 2020 375
Group Condemns Removal Of Ondo Attorney General. Nov 23, 2020 293
Tyson Foods Suspends Iowa Plant Managers Amid Virus Betting Claims. Nov 23, 2020 238
Group of lawyers ask AG to examine Covid decrees vis a vis human rights violations. Evie Andreou Nov 21, 2020 611
Tyson suspends Iowa plant managers amid virus betting claim Betting: Sheriff was shocked at plant conditions. RYAN J. FOLEY Associated Press Nov 20, 2020 924
AG seeks copies of witness statements given to PCoI on Easter attacks. Nov 19, 2020 233
SC issues notices to AGP, ECP, AG KPK in a case regarding KP Local Government Act 2013. Nov 19, 2020 258
Justice Qazi Faiz Isa warns KP govt of contempt proceedings over failure to hold LG polls. Nov 19, 2020 420
No solid evidence to charge minister Khairuddin who skipped home quarantine, law minister tells Parliament. Nov 18, 2020 566
K-P govt warned of contempt proceedings over failure to hold LG polls. Nov 18, 2020 404
Senior CID officers appointed to probe Brandix cluster. Nov 18, 2020 367
State land is trust of people with the institutions: SC. Nov 18, 2020 303
Attorney General Freezes Assets of 34 TPLF Affiliated Companies. Nov 17, 2020 414
Conor O'Dwyer arrested outside AG's office. Jonathan Shkurko Nov 16, 2020 403
Report: Thomas says becoming AG showed him Malaysian politics 'worse' than he thought. Nov 16, 2020 321
Kg Baru Development Act paperwork submitted to Attorney General's Chambers, says Annuar Musa. Nov 14, 2020 407
Lawmakers, attorney general seek tougher decertification standards for law enforcement Experts point to Florida, Missouri, Georgia as models for officer licensing. RAYMON TRONCOSO Capitol News Illinois/ Report For America Nov 13, 2020 930
BREAKING: AG Delta State Mrakpo, Osigwe, Owasaonye, 69 Others Bag SANship. Nov 13, 2020 364
OP-ED: Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue. Nov 12, 2020 888
NARCOC burns GHS22m worth of impounded cocaine. Nov 12, 2020 603
Attorney General v Auditor General. CM Guest Columnist Nov 11, 2020 1010
Trump mounts legal assault as Barr authorizes probes of vote irregularities. Reuters News Service Nov 10, 2020 734
TOP NEWS: US Justice Chief Authorizes Probes Into Vote Fraud Claims. Nov 10, 2020 482
US Attorney General approves investigations into US election despite no evidence; Donald Trump's lawyers have filed a lawsuit claiming voters in key swing state Pennsylvania were "held to different standards" and want 600,000 votes thrown out. By, Ryan Merrifield Nov 10, 2020 866
Suspects in remand to be charged and freed to reduce congestion. Nov 9, 2020 238
Attorney General's son wanders in during TV interview then hilariously backs away; The teenager was engrossed in his phone as dad, Josh Shaprio -who is the Attorney General in Pennsylvania, USA -was speaking live on an American news channel. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Nov 7, 2020 406
AG questions IGP over failure to probe Brandix cluster. Nov 5, 2020 248
Law minister says govt committed to separating powers of AG, public prosecutor. Nov 5, 2020 371
#EndSARS: Release all innocent detainees, LACRI tells states' Attorneys-General. Nov 5, 2020 438
#EndSARS: NBA Lagos urges AG to free protesters in detention. Nov 4, 2020 417
AG and audit boss 'agree to disagree', latter backs off passport files request. Evie Andreou Nov 4, 2020 584
Rent regulation cheats fined a half-million dollars by AG. Nov 4, 2020 624
AG appeals against one shilling award to ex-PS Omollo. Nov 2, 2020 452
Were the National Assembly members who voted against the passing of the Constitution of the Gambia 2020 Promulgation Bill to go to the Committee stage for review misguided by the Attorney General? Nov 2, 2020 282
AG orders probe into land garb of property owned by Sri Lankans overseas. Nov 2, 2020 184
Let other states manage their resources like Zamfara is controlling its gold - Akuma, ex-Abia AG. Nov 1, 2020 1344
Prosecution call over homes report. SYLVIA POWNALL Nov 1, 2020 223
CONGRESS JUMPS INTO McCLOSKEY CASE. Chesnut, Mark Nov 1, 2020 420
LabCorp discloses receipt of subpoena from Colorado AG in August. Oct 29, 2020 262
ACC summons deputy attorney general in GK Shamim case. Oct 29, 2020 246
Ksi: BoG driver charged with manslaughter over death of 'girlfriend'. Oct 29, 2020 483
AG's witness discredits state's 'doctored' evidence in Opuni trial. Oct 28, 2020 1037
Criminal probe launched on Brandix over second wave. Oct 28, 2020 351
Our View: Auditor-general's bullying behaviour has to stop. CM: Our View Oct 27, 2020 501
Interior minister backs attorney general in passports spat. Elias Hazou Oct 27, 2020 554
AG says careful handling needed for passports issue, not grandstanding. Evie Andreou Oct 26, 2020 588
Attorney General admits islands belong to Sindh. Oct 25, 2020 574
Does Malaysia's current health and economic crisis fulfil conditions for an emergency? Ex-AG Tommy Thomas says no. Oct 24, 2020 905
Courts can review proclamation of emergency, says ex-AG Tommy Thomas. Oct 24, 2020 944
Attorney general admits islands belong to Sindh. Oct 24, 2020 343
Opuni trial: AG's witness didn't show up in court. Oct 22, 2020 593
Citing rule of law, Malaysian Bar urges AGC to review 'NFA' against minister Khairuddin for breaching Covid-19 quarantine. Oct 22, 2020 544
In Khairuddin's quarantine-breaking case, medical officer made a scapegoat, strengthening impression of govt double standards, says Umno man. Oct 22, 2020 607
Indictments served on Champika Ranawaka over Rajagiriya accident. Oct 21, 2020 173
Attorney General refers defendants in Maadi incident to criminal court. Daily News Egypt Oct 21, 2020 267
AG: No charges against minister Khairuddin due to insufficient evidence, no MOH-issued home quarantine order. Oct 21, 2020 1120
Former Minister Rishad Bathiudeen arrested. Oct 19, 2020 187
AG's office on the spot over 'missing' Sh572 million. Oct 19, 2020 527
Lisa Montgomery: who is the first woman to get the US federal death penalty in nearly 70 years - and what happened to her victim Bobbie Jo Stinnett? Lisa Montgomery murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett in 2004 was described as "especially heinous"; Lisa Montgomery murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett in 2004 was described as "especially heinous". Finlay Greig Oct 19, 2020 434
Proclamation: IHC sets for hearing Center's petition to summon Nawaz Sharif. Oct 18, 2020 321
Ocwen comments on settlement with Florida AG, Office of Financial Regulation. Oct 15, 2020 294
Former Felda chairman Shahrir Samad cancels plans to send representation over failure to declare RM1m to IRB. Oct 15, 2020 464
AG seeks another Rs. 200 million compensation from MT New Diamond. Oct 14, 2020 236
AG appoints Cysec's Kalogirou to committee probing passports. Evie Andreou Oct 14, 2020 271
Ex-AG Apandi sues Dr Mahathir, govt; seeks RM2.23m as compensation over job dismissal. Oct 13, 2020 1209
AG instructs Police to obtain warrant to arrest Rishad. Oct 13, 2020 162
Muslim Brotherhood judge spied on Attorney-General in Watergate-style, trafficked antiquity as encouraged by group. Egypt Today staff Oct 13, 2020 524
SC issues notice to PM for attending ilf function. Oct 13, 2020 908
Video of church children simulating the slaughter of 21 Copts in Libya by ISIS reported to Egypt's Attorney-General. Egypt Today staff Oct 13, 2020 179
Washington's one-two antitrust punch is about to smack Big Tech. Oct 13, 2020 1410
2 additional attorney generals resign. Oct 12, 2020 240
AG concludes cannot justify release of Riyaj Bathiudeen. Oct 12, 2020 225
2 additional attorneys general resign after appointment of new attorney general. Oct 11, 2020 233
Attorney General summons CID chief on release of Riyaj Bathiudeen. Oct 11, 2020 219
AG: Michigan governor, family were moved as plotters tracked. DAVID EGGERT and ED WHITE Associated Press Oct 10, 2020 730
THE TRAGIC MESS THAT IS TODAY'S HRA. Knox, Jeff Oct 10, 2020 3482
13 charged in plot to kidnap US governor and start civil war. Oct 9, 2020 790
AG asks for time to study how to proceed on Elam. George Psyllides Oct 9, 2020 293
U.S. AG Barr announces publication of Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework. Oct 8, 2020 219
Captain of MT New Diamond indicted. Oct 8, 2020 214
Akel asks AG to check if Golden Dawn committed any crimes in Cyprus. George Psyllides Oct 8, 2020 411
Supreme Court advocate AM Aminuddin appointed new attorney general. Oct 8, 2020 185
AG Warns Gov't Appointees, Senior Officials to Register Assets, Financial Interests. Oct 8, 2020 192
India not willing to avail remedy in Jadhav case: AG. Malik Asad Oct 7, 2020 799
IHC gives opportunity to India to appoint lawyer for Jadhav New Delhi only doing politics on the matter, says AG. Oct 7, 2020 218
India not interested in Kulbhushan Jadhav's future, it is doing only politics on the matter: Attorney General. Oct 7, 2020 451
Trump seizes on small election issues to spread concern. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Oct 6, 2020 656
ANTIFA WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW: Antifa members are generally young, white militants who have bought into the promises of socialistic utopia, and are willing to use violence to achieve it. Jasper, William F. Reprint Oct 5, 2020 2472
MT New Diamond pays Sri Lanka Rs 442 Million. Oct 5, 2020 316
Champika's driver granted bail over Rajagiriya accident. Oct 5, 2020 157
Following Adalah's legal action against East Jerusalem home demolitions, Israel freezes demolitions nationwide. Oct 5, 2020 541
SC judges recall Mahbubey Alam's contribution to judiciary. Oct 4, 2020 203
Justice is finally served; Infamous trial of anti-Vietnam war protesters is back in spotlight more than 50 years on THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 15. DAMON SMITH Oct 4, 2020 513
AG not approved decision to allow MT New Diamond to leave. Oct 3, 2020 298
MT New Diamond allowed to leave Sri Lankan waters. Oct 2, 2020 304
Comey testifies in GOP review of Russia probe. The Washington Post Oct 1, 2020 442
In unprecedented move, Apandi Ali demands compensation for dismissal as AG. Oct 1, 2020 1011
The Attorney General's Settlement Authority and the Separation of Powers. Brewer, Simon Oct 1, 2020 20923
Court to air Taylor grand jury record Record: Juror's attorney criticizes attorney general. DYLAN LOVAN Associated Press Sep 30, 2020 826
AG Mahbubey Alam laid to rest. Sep 29, 2020 651
Former AG Githu approved medical equipment leasing deal. Sep 29, 2020 1338
Attorney General Mahbubey Alam laid to rest. Sep 28, 2020 533
Massachusetts Law Firm Sued by Attorney General Over Illegal Kickback Scheme. Sep 28, 2020 674
We've Referred Allegations Against Fayemi, Myself By Ojudu, Others To Police, Says Ekiti Attorney General. Sep 28, 2020 356
New AGP-led body to resolve water sharing issue. Fawad Yousafzai Sep 28, 2020 906
Attorney-General Mahbubey Alam no more. Sep 28, 2020 451
Massachusetts Law Firm Sued by Attorney General Over Illegal Kickback Scheme. Sep 28, 2020 528
Attorney - General NGOs to provide boreholes to displaced Kebbi flood victim's camps. Sep 27, 2020 308
AG Malami donates N11 million to flood victims in Gwandu Emirate. Sep 27, 2020 320
Attorney General Mahbubey Alam loses battle to Covid-19 at 71. Sep 27, 2020 745
SC orders for making public JCR on APS incident. Sep 26, 2020 274
MT New Diamond agrees to pay full claim to Sri Lanka. Sep 26, 2020 208
Gov't Committed to Uphold Rule of Law, Says Attorney General. Sep 25, 2020 433
Parliament, AG unite to fight Maraga advisory amid MPs' fury. Sep 25, 2020 799
Attorney General Mahbubey Alam's condition unchanged. Sep 24, 2020 254
MT New Diamond agrees to pay compensation. Sep 24, 2020 194
No homicide charges in Taylor case Protests follow indictment; 2 cops shot Racial: Attorney general defends investigation. Williams, By Kevin; Craig, Tim; -Clmn-, Marisa Iati The Washington Post Sep 24, 2020 878
No homicide charges in Taylor case Protests follow indictment; 2 cops shot Racial: Attorney general says investigation was extensive. Williams, By Kevin; Craig, Tim; -Clmn-, Marisa Iati The Washington Post Sep 24, 2020 673
State to appeal CJ Maraga Parliament dissolution bid. Sep 22, 2020 1449
Attorney General Mahbubey Alam's health in critical condition. Sep 22, 2020 197
Justice Department expected to brief state attorneys general this week on Google antitrust lawsuit. Sep 22, 2020 644
State to appeal CJ Maraga Parliament dissolution bid. Sep 21, 2020 1449
Attorney General Gives Priority to Nurturing Effective Justice, Equity. Sep 21, 2020 278
All passengers on Epstein's flight logs to be named 'sparking panic among rich pals'; EXCLUSIVE: The Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein had a home, has demanded logs for his four helicopters and three planes, from 1998 to his suicide last year. By, Christopher Bucktin Sep 20, 2020 305
Red Bull heir to be prosecuted for hit-and-run: Thai attorney-general. Sep 19, 2020 472
Conviction Of 13-Year-Old On Blasphemy: Kano Govt Can Not Intervene a Attorney General. Sep 18, 2020 460
Attorney General Mahbubey Alam taken to ICU. Sep 18, 2020 200
Big Relief: Pakistan gets stay order on Reko Diq dispute. Sep 18, 2020 484
World Bank tribunal issues stay in Reko Diq case. Nasir Iqbal Sep 18, 2020 604
ICSID awards Pakistan six months stay order in Reko Diq case. Sep 18, 2020 313
Lawyer Petitions Lagos CP, AG, DPP Over Death Of Domestic Worker. Sep 17, 2020 649
Sri Lanka seeks Rs 340 million as compensation from MT New Diamond. Sep 16, 2020 348
Ekiti AG Advises Amotekun Boss On Gender Equality In Recruitment Process. Sep 15, 2020 483
Ekiti AG Advises Amotekun Boss On Gender Equality In Recruitment Process. Sep 15, 2020 187
Criminal justice system favours criminals over victims: AG. Nasir Iqbal Sep 15, 2020 694
Daimler and Mercedes-Benz USA to pay USD1.5bn over emission allegation. Sep 15, 2020 167
Sokoto Attorney-General Gets Life Bencher Award By Body Of Benchers. Sep 14, 2020 164
UK Ex-Attorney General Says "Unconscionable" To Override Brexit Deal. Sep 14, 2020 651
MPs hold key to releasing 50% cash to counties - AG Kihara. Sep 11, 2020 454
After cases against Goldman Sachs dropped, ex-banker Roger Ng requests review of 1MDB-linked charges. Sep 10, 2020 1047
Lawyer Accuses Jonathan, Adoke And Diezani Of Collecting Bribes To Facilitate Malabu Deal. Sep 10, 2020 1203
After Sabotaging Nigeria on P and ID Court Case, Ex-Lagos AG, Olasupo Shasore Gets Another Arbitration Job From Corrupt Prone Buhari Govt. Sep 10, 2020 519
AG instructs MEPA to prevent oil leak into Sri Lankan waters. Sep 9, 2020 206
Parliament Speaker meets Attorney General of State of Qatar. Sep 9, 2020 247
Kais Saied meets with Qatar's Attorney General. Sep 9, 2020 179
AG advises to consider moving ship out of Sri Lankan waters. Sep 8, 2020 312
AG's office withdraws from committee looking into PEPs. Elias Hazou Sep 8, 2020 548
AG refutes Selangor MB's claim no action taken on repeat water pollution offenders. Sep 7, 2020 421
PandID $10B Scandal: How Govt Officials Frustrated Nigeria's Case - Shasore. Sep 6, 2020 1015
Tell whinging Hamza to sling his hook; STATESIDE Follow him on Twitter @chrisbucktin. Sep 5, 2020 204
Abu Hamza sues over 'degrading' prison treatment. Sep 4, 2020 293
Abu Hamza sues over 'degrading' prison treatment. Sep 3, 2020 293
Abu Hamza sues over 'degrading' prison treatment. Sep 3, 2020 293
Abu Hamza sues over 'degrading' prison treatment. Sep 3, 2020 293
Abu Hamza sues over 'degrading' prison treatment. Sep 3, 2020 293
Attorney General Barr accuses Antifa for U.S. violence. Reuters News Service Sep 3, 2020 420
Tumukunde accused of plotting to disrupt elections. Sep 3, 2020 715
Egypt's Attorney General launches investigation into incidents of harassment committed by dentist. Walaa Ali Sep 3, 2020 630
Notices issued on petition seeking courts for religious offences. Sep 3, 2020 571
Cabinet approves draft of 20th Amendment. Sep 2, 2020 152
NRA In Crosshairs Of Two AGs, One Seeking To Dissolve It. Hrywna, Mark Sep 1, 2020 2777
AG Targets NRA's Past & Present Senior Staff. Sep 1, 2020 984
Congress Continues to Lower the "Barr". Singleton, Marilyn M. Sep 1, 2020 599
Former Negombo prisons superintendent granted bail. Aug 31, 2020 153
Former Negombo prison superintendent granted bail. Aug 31, 2020 153
Egypt's Attorney General stresses prosecution's independence to Chinese ambassador. Daily News Egypt Aug 31, 2020 304
Hate preacher Abu Hamza sues US over 'degrading' conditions at high-security jail; The former imam of Finsbury Park mosque claims he has been deprived of sunlight in his cell and complains he has to tear open food packages with his rotting teeth after his hooks were removed. By, Chiara Fiorillo Aug 30, 2020 869
Indictments served on Rajitha over white van case. Aug 28, 2020 237
Counties to get 50% cash if Mbadi motion is passed. Aug 27, 2020 436
Dunn trial hope; Attorney looks at online court. BEN GLAZE Aug 26, 2020 153
Sanwo-Olu, AG may face contempt over installation of monarch in Badagry. Aug 25, 2020 287
Revenue debate: Cash crisis to persist as MPs urged to step in. Aug 25, 2020 729
NY AG announces $85M multistate settlement with Honda over airbag failure. Aug 25, 2020 215
New York AG sues to stop Trump admin's attempts to 'dismantle' USPS. Aug 25, 2020 249
Kafaba lynching: AG's office to advise on case docket. Aug 21, 2020 393
Champika's driver, cop indicted over Rajagiriya accident. Aug 20, 2020 212
AG orders probe on statement made by Police Spokesman. Aug 20, 2020 503
Investigation into bullying videos in special forces sent to Attorney general. George Psyllides Aug 20, 2020 201
Ex-FBI lawyer guilty of altering FISA file. ERIC TUCKER Associated Press Aug 20, 2020 326
Rosmah loses bid to remove Sri Ram as leading prosecutor. Aug 19, 2020 301
AG returns more incomplete files on Easter probe. Aug 19, 2020 169
Illinois AG joining federal lawsuit against USPS Case challenges recent spending cuts, equipment removal as illegal. REBECCA ANZEL Capitol News Illinois Aug 19, 2020 610
Don't Allow Miscarriage Of Justice, Nanka People Plead With Obiano, Attorney-General. Medical condition overview Aug 19, 2020 205
My statement regarding constitutional option was misinterpreted: AG. Aug 18, 2020 175
California AG joins multistate suit to challenge Trump's 'attack' on USPS. Aug 18, 2020 291
Ethiopia's AG orders immediate release of Yassin Juma. Aug 18, 2020 512
Decision on whether courts may review Sabah dissolution to be made Friday. Aug 17, 2020 673
U.S. attorney's first FISA case yielding ex-FBI lawyer's plea. Matt Zapotosky and Devlin Barrett The Washington Post Aug 16, 2020 815
AG denies claims MCC deal approved. Aug 14, 2020 224
PPP demands summoning Attorney General to the Parliament. Aug 14, 2020 471
PPP demands summoning of AG in parliament. Aug 14, 2020 253
Attorney General should be summoned to Parliament over Karachi statement: PPP. SHAFQAT ALI Aug 14, 2020 597
Daimler reaches pact in principle to settle US emissions claims. Aug 14, 2020 234
Cable Appointed Chief of New Data Privacy and Security Division in Mass. AG's Office. Aug 14, 2020 326
Harris is Biden's historic choice California senator to be first Black woman on major party ticket Choice: Senator was California's attorney general. Kathleen Ronayne and Will Weissert Associated Press Aug 12, 2020 1087

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