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Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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James Magleby

Practice Area: Civil Trial. Intellectual Property

Mr. Magleby's practice focuses on intellectual property and complex business litigation cases, with emphasis on expedited, injunctive relief, often critical in trademark, false advertising, trade dress, and trade secret cases. Mr. Magleby's most recent trial in November 2008 was a theft of intellectual property case, resulting in a favorable, muti-million dollar jury verdict, including punitive and exemplary damages. Mr. Magleby has authored or co-authored several legal publications. He attended Swarthmore College (Honors) and the University of Utah Law School (top 10 percent). and served a clerkship for the Utah Court of Appeals.


James Magleby

Practice Area: Civil Trial. Intellectual Property
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Author:Magleby, James
Publication:Utah Business
Date:Jan 1, 2009
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