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Center of the Circle: In-House Counsel, the Crime-Fraud Exception and "Reasonable Suspicion". Oct 1, 2021 2206
Your federal tax privilege checklist. Simmens, Todd May 1, 2021 2440
PERNICIOUS LOYALTY. Gold, Andrew S. Mar 1, 2021 16203
Exceptions to Ex Parte Communications: A Primer to No-Contact Rules. Grimes, Benjamin K. Jul 1, 2020 9979
Third-Party Litigation Funding: A Review of Recent Industry Developments. Stroble, Joseph J.; Welikson, Laura Jan 1, 2020 7217
Understanding and Managing Privileges in Today's Interconnected World: A complicated web of communications in a global world presents real-world challenges. Austin, Jenny; Allen, Andrew Sep 1, 2019 3292
READING THE PRISONER'S LETTER: ATTORNEY-CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY IN INMATE CORRESPONDENCE. Sisk, Gregory; King, Michelle; Beitzel, Joy Nissen; Duffus, Bridget; Koehler, Katherine Jun 22, 2019 32053
Magistrate enjoins attorneys from using confidential info. Bridges, Barry Apr 11, 2019 1341
Texas Bar weighs in on lawyers using cloud computing. Black, Nicole Apr 9, 2019 968
Krinick: A privileged conversation is too important to throw away. Apr 8, 2019 658
Providing services to cannabis clients. Rood, Deborah K. Apr 1, 2019 1424
Creditors may subpoena lawyers in limited circumstances. Chaney, Matthew Feb 11, 2019 727
Quashed subpoena duces tecum might be revived. Feb 10, 2019 709
County must provide info in termination suit. Feb 5, 2019 683
Attorneys - Attorney client privilege - Work product privilege. Jan 28, 2019 538
Lawyers' duties to prospective clients: a cautionary tale. Peisch, Thomas E.; Higgins, Erin K. Jan 24, 2019 1809
Analyzing your portable book of business. Sullivan, Sarina Jan 17, 2019 722
States can assert privilege in response to federal subpoena. Bridges, Barry Nov 29, 2018 1228
Acting as local counsel: ethical issues and words to the wise. Peisch, Thomas E.; Higgins, Erin K. Nov 1, 2018 1927
Should lawyers seek advice from other lawyers in online forums? Black, Nicole Oct 18, 2018 724
What do lawyers do with inadvertently sent documents? Dryden, Lee Oct 11, 2018 906
Does your lawyer have your back? Boardman, Mischa M. Sep 25, 2018 1049
Civil Litigation: Representing a corporation: who is the client? Sep 14, 2018 775
Litigation Privilege Immunity: For Presuit Communications, It's Not Absolute. Lieser, Jeffrey P.; Mauldin, Laura R. Sep 1, 2018 6277
Referral services get confidentiality protection. Aug 29, 2018 461
WDVA: Bankruptcy firm's revoked practice privileges affirmed. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 17, 2018 555
Varied Interpretations of "Upjohn" Present Challenges. Aug 6, 2018 1569
Client communications protected by Sec. 7525. Nebolsine, Nicholas Aug 1, 2018 557
The Sec. 7525 privilege relating to taxpayer communications. Ridgeway, Heidi A.; Nebolsine, Nicholas Aug 1, 2018 2396
Attorney-Client Privilege: Here's what you need to know. Groneman, Brooke Aug 1, 2018 698
Attorney-Client Privilege. Friedman, Richard N. Letter to the editor May 15, 2018 156
Examining Ethics: Some comments on the attorney-client privilege. May 14, 2018 955
Subpoena for privileged attorney documents. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 27, 2018 997
Analysis: Sean Hannity's idea of 'attorney-client privilege' right out of 'Breaking Bad'. Apr 18, 2018 889
Attorney-client privilege not 'dead' but never was absolute. Apr 11, 2018 632
New Aaron Hernandez documentary rekindles courtroom war. Olson, Kris Mar 29, 2018 819
ABA: blogging lawyers should respect duty of confidentiality. Bridges, Barry Mar 15, 2018 810
Lawyers must kiss and tell. Mar 7, 2018 747
Amendments concerning fiduciary lawyer-client privilege. Jul 15, 2017 627
Navigating Government Information Protections and Privileges: Using Protected Government Information in Courts-Martial. Petrusic, Michael Jul 1, 2017 16346
Medical referrals are protected by privilege: the issue is whether a lawyer/doctor financial relationship is discoverable. Blankenship, Gary May 15, 2017 1152
Lawyers, confidentiality and whistleblowing: lessons from the McCabe tobacco litigation. Parker, Christine; Le Mire, Suzanne; Mackay, Anita Apr 1, 2017 20058
Sealing the deal: how attorney-client privilege affects outside consultants. Yu, Jacqueline D. Jan 1, 2017 1307
Court takes up attorney-client privilege. Blankenship, Gary Dec 1, 2016 1605
The long goodbye: after the Innocence Movement, does the attorney-client relationship ever end? Bazelon, Lara A. Sep 22, 2016 22595
Reconsidering a lawyer's obligation to raise adverse authority. Pitel, Stephen G.A.; Gadsden-Chung, Yuseon Aug 1, 2016 14906
Healer, witness, or double agent? Reexamining the ethics of forensic psychiatry. Scherer, Mathew U. Jun 22, 2016 12630
BenchPress--Vol 40-6. Mitchell, Teresa Jun 1, 2016 668
Five ways to avoid getting sued for discovery malpractice. Hilson, Robert Jan 1, 2016 1748
Discretion is the better part of valor: rebutting negative online client reviews. Fucile, Mark J. Jan 1, 2016 2822
A user's guide to the common interest doctrine. Wagner, James Gray; Santeusanio, Adam M. Dec 31, 2015 1324
Attorney-Client Phone Calls Intercepted In Data Breach: Report. Nov 12, 2015 480
Discovery for Three at a Table Set for Two: An Alteration of Rule for Courts-Martial 701 to Accommodate the Practical and Philosophical Realities of the Victim as a Limited Third Party. Olson, John C., Jr. Nov 1, 2015 14031
Protective orders and discovery sharing: beware of plaintiffs bearing sharing agreements. Leader, Joshua K.; Koo, Gloria Oct 1, 2015 2993
The IRS, privilege, and transparency. Welty, Todd; Thomas, Mark P.; Spencer, Kevin Sep 1, 2015 3149
Green on Blue: Government Searches of Military Defense Counsel. Curley, Gregg F. Aug 1, 2015 9375
Writing the rules of attorney-whistleblowing: who gets to decide, and how do we make the decision? Bein, Alex May 1, 2015 6165
Writing the rules of attorney-whistleblowing: who gets to decide, and how do we make the decision? Bein, Alex May 1, 2015 14078
The scope of attorney confidentiality. Perry, Clifton Report Mar 22, 2015 4172
Viewing privilege through a prism: attorney-client privilege in light of bulk data collection. Beach, Paul H. Mar 1, 2015 12850
Quid leges sine moribus vanae proficient: a balancing approach to the postmortem application of the attorney-client privilege. Maggio, Kevin J. Dec 22, 2014 13887
Jail email. Morrisey, Brittany Brief article Nov 1, 2014 221
Confidentiality and conflicts of interest: a guide for South Dakota lawyers. Meierhenry, Judith K. Sep 22, 2014 12866
LLCs waived attorney-client privilege for opinion letters. Jul 1, 2014 1425
Work product protection and attorney-client privilege in an IRS audit. Sanders, Gary Feb 1, 2014 999
Are courts ready to protect more accountant-client communications? Courts increasingly recognize that the need for confidential communications between accountants and clients is similar to that between attorneys and clients. Bassin, Stuart J.; De Vinney, William Jan 1, 2014 2902
CPAs and privileged communications. Chambers, Valrie Oct 1, 2013 1635
Think before you "speak": what lawyers can and cannot say in the digital age. Nahrstadt, Bradley C.; Rogers, W. Brandon Jul 1, 2013 10568
Protecting the corporate counsel communications shield: the attorney-client privilege is alive and well for company lawyers. Cohen, Roy Alan; Redd, Julius M. Jul 1, 2013 2488
Ex parte contacts revisited. Parsons, Ronald A., Jr.; Falon, Shannon R. Jun 22, 2013 10774
E-filing from the local coffee shop: a practical look into confidentiality, technology, and the practice of law. Crews, Kevin Jun 1, 2013 2760
Principles, politics and privilege: how the crime-fraud exception can preserve the strength of the attorney-client privilege for government lawyers and their clients. Glenn, Michael W. May 1, 2013 18009
Picking Cotton: ordinary business records doctrine as applied to insurer's privilege claims. Cunningham, F. Malcolm, Jr.; Fischer, Amy L. Cover story May 1, 2013 8055
Confidential and privileged communications. Nevius, Alistair M. Apr 1, 2013 545
Protecting communications and documents from IRS summons enforcement. Burilovich, Linda Apr 1, 2013 4534
Hackers, spies, and stolen secrets: protecting law firms from data theft. Ezekiel, Alan W. Mar 22, 2013 9011
Silence isn't golden: the CFPB's privilege rule and the risk of failure under Chevron step one. Gerber, Jacob M. Mar 1, 2013 12702
In unity there is strength: the advantages (and disadvantages) of joint defense groups. Nahrstadt, Bradley C.; Rogers, W. Brandon Jan 1, 2013 7995
Ethical limits on civil litigation advocacy: a historical perspective. Andrews, Carol Rice Dec 22, 2012 12588
Ethical limits on civil litigation advocacy: a historical perspective. Andrews, Carol Rice Dec 22, 2012 13127
In defense of the business of law. McMorrow, Judith A. Nov 1, 2012 9103
Monopoly power in defense of the status quo: a critique of the ABA's role in the regulation of the American legal profession. Clark, Gerard J. Nov 1, 2012 18893
The perils of oversharing: can the attorney-client privilege be broadly waived by partially disclosing attorney communications during negotiations? Kopon, Andrew, Jr.; Sungaila, Mary-Christine Jul 1, 2012 6039
The availability of common law privileges for witnesses in congressional investigations. Bopp, Michael D.; Lay, DeLisa Jun 22, 2012 12894
Outpatient commitment: the role of counsel in preserving client autonomy. Bernfeld, R.A. Jun 1, 2012 11414
Uncertain tax position documents not protected. Reichert, Charles J. Apr 1, 2012 576
Gitmo's prying eyes: the Defense Department wages war on attorney-client privilege. Vlahos, Kelley Beaucar Feb 1, 2012 2565
Legal professional privilege: comparing different approaches within the United States and the European Union. Lefebvre, Paul; Rosenberg, David J.; Zwick, Matthew; Vialard, Chloe Jan 1, 2012 8525
Catching flies with vinegar: a critique of the centers for Medicare and Medicaid self-disclosure program. Veilleux, Jean Wright Jan 1, 2012 7792
Catching flies with vinegar: a critique of the centers for Medicare and Medicaid self-disclosure program. Veilleux, Jean Wright Jan 1, 2012 14767
Fixing compensation pursuant to a contingent fee contract following a premature termination of the attorney-client relationship. Fox, Jonathan J. Dec 22, 2011 14869
International white collar crime and the globalization of internal investigations. Dervan, Lucian E. Dec 1, 2011 13534
In-house counsel beware! Copeland, Katrice Bridges Dec 1, 2011 23005
Necessary third parties: multidisciplinary collaboration and inadequate professional privileges in domestic violence practice. Baker, Jeffrey R. Sep 22, 2011 23468
Federal circuit holds German owner of patent portfolio cannot protect otherwise discoverable documents from disclosure under guise of international comity. Apr 1, 2011 552
Experts and the discovery/disclosure of protected communication. Lieberman, George Apr 1, 2011 4383
The scope and application of the work product doctrine as applied to dual-purpose documents. Williamson, Joy A. Mar 22, 2011 18442
The attorney-client privilege and discovery of electronically-stored information. Linzy, Adjoa Jan 1, 2011 6390
Do we really have privilege? Moise, Robert M. Oct 1, 2010 857
Privilege and patents in a consolidating industry. Jacobs, Kevin; Riddle, Robert; Rooney, Thomas Oct 1, 2010 3928
Supreme Court won't review Textron. Aug 1, 2010 408
CEO, CFO, COO ... cube dweller? Attorney-client privilege and corporate communication: whose communications should Massachusetts law protect? Flynn, Lisa Borelli Jun 22, 2010 15058
Criminal lawyers and the new ethics rules: among the important changes in RPC 2010: prosecutors must now advise the accused of his or her right to counsel, and lawyers must now keep "information" (not just "secrets") confidential. Rosenbaum, Randall Jun 1, 2010 748
Legislation is necessary for deferred prosecution of corporate crime. Gallagher, John A. Mar 22, 2010 14664
The speaker's ruling on Afghan detainee documents: the last hurrah for parliamentary privilege? MacIvor, Heather Mar 22, 2010 5952
In-house perspectives on considerations to protect privilege with respect to tax-related materials. Haas, B. Benjamin Mar 22, 2010 4280
Legal offshoring: a cost-benefit analysis. Schultz, Courtney I. Mar 22, 2010 12338
After a merger, who has the privilege? MacDonald, Gordon; Duffy, Brian Jan 29, 2010 706
Rule change deals with unintended disclosure of material. Brief article Jan 15, 2010 117
When the law preserves injustice: issues raised by a wrongful incarceration exception to attorney-client confidentiality. Hasbani, Inbal Jan 1, 2010 13050
Inadvertent document productions and the threat of attorney disqualification. Mark, Etan Nov 1, 2009 4193
The Massachusetts approach to the intersection of governmental attorney-client privilege and open government laws. Joyce, Anthony B. Sep 22, 2009 14290
Should you scrub? Can you mine? The ethics of metadata in the Army. Chapuran, Brian J. Sep 1, 2009 10388
Courts split on tax shelter exception to practitioner privilege. Schnee, Edward J. Sep 1, 2009 908
Two courts address tax shelter exception to tax practitioner privilege. Beavers, James Aug 1, 2009 1519
Textron: a still uncertain future for tax accrual workpapers. Hodes, Rochelle L.; Trainer, Corina Jul 1, 2009 835
The double edged sword: internal law firm privilege and the "fiduciary exception". Fucile, Mark J. Jul 1, 2009 3814
Recent ESI changes on discovery and privilege may broadly affect tax controversies. Blair, David B.; Helm, Joseph P., III Jul 1, 2009 8705
The derivative action report: more trouble than it's worth? Mrachek, L. Louis; McPherson, Bradley S. Feb 1, 2009 7423
Board of Governors to meet in Tallahassee. Blankenship, Gary Jan 15, 2009 641
"Significant purpose" of tax avoidance trumps document privilege. Elzweig, Brian Dec 1, 2008 500
The Attorney-Client Privilege Protection Act: the prospect of congressional intervention into the Department of Justice's corporate charging policy. Gilman, Andrew Oct 1, 2008 27427
Protect client confidentiality in e-mail. Richman, Howard S. Oct 1, 2008 179
Bar supports attorney-client privilege. Sep 1, 2008 334
Panel calls for more attorney-client privileges for government lawyers. Blankenship, Gary Jul 15, 2008 812
Copycats, relax! The Federal Circuit lightens up on willful patent infringement: In re Seagate Technology, LLC. Garber, Sarah J. Jun 22, 2008 9531
Silencing the dead: judicial double standards. Balko, Radley Brief article Apr 1, 2008 284
Restoring the attorney-client and work product privileges for government entities. Radson, Marion J. Jan 1, 2008 2907
Losing the war on attorney-client privilege: viewing the selective waiver quagmire through the Tenth Circuit's In Re Qwest Communications International. Eoff, Gretchen Elizabeth Jan 1, 2008 12456
In re Seagate: did it really fix the waiver issue? A short review and analysis of waiver resulting from the use of a counsel's opinion letter as a defense to willful infringement. Greenbaum, Dov Jan 1, 2008 20028
Senate takes up attorney-client privilege bill. Oct 15, 2007 634
Attorney-Client Task Force sees more work to be done: 'it's not an issue that's going away'. Blankenship, Gary Aug 1, 2007 1030
Board throws weight behind attorney-client privilege bill. Blankenship, Gary Jul 1, 2007 1069
Attorney-client privilege should not be used as a bargaining chip. Poniewaz, Carrie May Jun 1, 2007 644
The governmental attorney-client privilege: whether the right to evidence in a state grand jury investigation pierces the privilege in New York State. Newman, Stacy Lynn Mar 22, 2007 13113
How can Japanese corporations protect confidential information in U.S. courts? Recognition of the attorney-client privilege for Japanese non-bengoshi in-house lawyers in the development of a new legal system. Yamamoto, Masamichi Mar 1, 2007 15759
Attorney-client privilege task force gets down to work. Blankenship, Gary Discussion Feb 15, 2007 1492
Board examines sex with clients rule amendments. Jan 1, 2007 502
Contractual waiver of corporate attorney-client privilege. Kressel, Mark A. Nov 1, 2006 19536
Task force to explore the attorney-client privilege. Killian, Mark D. Oct 15, 2006 392
The scope and use of the attorney-client privilege in the U.S. and its applicability to communications at home and abroad. D'Angelo, Christopher Scott; Blood, Robert P. Oct 1, 2006 5628
Using the Internet to attract clients and the attorney-client privilege. Gergacz, John Sep 22, 2006 8378
Has 'privilege' lost its reward? Company officials can and sometimes should turn down auditors' requests to turn over privileged documents or waive attorney-client privilege. Recent calls for regulatory guidance may help, experts say. Orenstein, Edith Sep 1, 2006 2182
Privilege meets transparency: can we practice safe tax? Kaplan, Steven Z. May 1, 2006 6300
Tax advice before the return: the case for raising standards and denying evidentiary privileges. Beale, Linda M. Jan 1, 2006 38091
The decline of the attorney-client privilege in the corporate setting. McLucas, William R.; Shapiro, Howard M.; Song, Julie J. Jan 1, 2006 10265
Ethical considerations of ex-parte communications with company employees. Dameris, Thad T.; Radford, Kent A. Oct 1, 2005 857
Ted Kennedy eyes the court. Conniff, Ruth Sep 1, 2005 1450
Attorney-client privilege applies online, Ninth Circuit holds. Sileo, Carmel Aug 1, 2005 606
Can attorneys and clients conspire? Kedem, Allon May 1, 2005 4329
Second Circuit says government lawyers have privilege too. Jurand, Sara Hoffman May 1, 2005 767
The "essential relationship" spectrum: a framework for addressing choice of procedural law in the federal circuit. McEldowney, Sean M. May 1, 2005 17002
Key issues in the inadvertent release and receipt of confidential information: how to protect yourself and your client from embarrassing exposure. Richmond, Douglas R. Apr 1, 2005 6420
Can judges ignore inadmissible information? The difficulty of deliberately disregarding. Wistrich, Andrew J.; Guthrie, Chris; Rachlinski, Jeffrey J. Mar 1, 2005 37861
Tax shelter exception to confidentiality privileges relating to taxpayer communications. Manning, Paul Jan 1, 2005 110
Protecting privileged documents. Bedell, George Cover Story Jan 1, 2005 4071
Pennsylvania court restricts lawyer dealings with the press. Burtka, Allison Torres Jan 1, 2005 875
No good deed goes unpunished? Establishing a self-evaluate privilege for corporate internal investigations. Lotchin, Theodore R. Dec 1, 2004 15318
Should public relations experts ever be privileged persons? Gertsberg, Deniza Nov 1, 2004 18120
Use of lawyer-client privileged information by in-house counsel whistleblowers in their own retaliatory discharge actions under the environmental laws. Drachsler, David A. Sep 22, 2004 1938
Company gave up attorney-client privilege, Ninth Circuit rules. Sileo, Carmel May 1, 2004 682
Court may compel deceased woman's lawyer to testify. Jurand, Sara Hoffman May 1, 2004 675
Attorney-client privilege: CPAs and the e-frontier; CPAs performing litigation support must be careful not to inadvertently waive privilege. Placid, Raymond Apr 1, 2004 4567
Contacts with class members: when will courts intervene? Vale, Anthony; Albright, Jennifer Jan 1, 2004 3090
Whistleblowing in a foreign key: the consistency of ethics regulation under Sarbanes-Oxley with the WTO GATS provisions. Young, Stewart M. Dec 22, 2003 13703
ABA lets lawyers blow the whistle on clients intending financial harm. Hellwege, Jean Nov 1, 2003 375
"Forgive me victim for I have sinned": why repentance and the criminal justice system do not mix - a lesson from Jewish law. Bader, Cheryl G. Nov 1, 2003 13827
Law firm in-house attorney-client privilege vis-a-vis current clients: courts should reconsider and limit the rule that in-house communications are not protected against current clients. Barker, William T. Oct 1, 2003 2881
Chapter VII: the duty to give information and the duty of confidentiality. Oct 1, 2003 3374
Special problems: handling an uncooperative insured. Oct 1, 2003 3655
Disclosure of confidential transactions: August 8, 2003. Sep 1, 2003 3792
SEC still quiet on attorneys' 'noisy withdrawal'. Porter, Rebecca Aug 1, 2003 403
Recent court decision demands increased diligence when discussing privileged information. Markowitz, Jeffrey A.; Lubar, Jessica R.; Baron, Stephanie K. Jun 1, 2003 1836
Post-death confidentiality of estate planning communications between attorney and client. Spivey, Barry F. Apr 1, 2003 4804
Overcoming attorney-client privilege and work product protection in bad-faith cases: bald assertions of bad faith should not be accepted by courts as a warrant to plaintiffs to rummage through claims files. Jebo, James R. Apr 1, 2003 6714
The fiduciary's lawyer-client privilege: does it protect communications from discovery by a beneficiary? Falk, Jack A., Jr. Mar 1, 2003 6005
When does privilege provide protection? Attorney-client privilege can help protect corporate information, but security managers should be aware of its legal limitations. (Legal Issues). Claypoole, Theodore F. Jan 1, 2003 2359
Inadvertent disclosure, the attorney-client privilege, and legal ethics: an examination and suggestion for Alaska. Simko, Joshua K. Dec 1, 2002 13300
IRS aggressively challenges privilege. Ely, Mark H. Oct 1, 2002 728
A rule unfit for all seasons: monitoring attorney-client communications violates privilege and the Sixth Amendment. Cover, Avidan Y. Jul 1, 2002 10934
Privilege claims for the "Bliley" documents: mixed rulings imperil basic principles: when a Congressional committee compels production of documents and places them on the Internet, is the claimed privilege lost forever? Reilly, John P. Jan 1, 2002 7710
Holler bad faith and privileges disappear. Oct 1, 2001 791
Know when to hold 'em: minimizing disclosure of corporate environmental information. Fiechtl, Rebecca Sep 22, 2001 12375
Legal advice given over the Internet and Intranet: how does this practice affect the lawyer-client relationship? Amieva, Jorge Jun 22, 2001 9829
Transmitting legal documents over the Internet: how to protect your client and yourself. Anderson, John Christopher Mar 22, 2001 18783
Cell phones and client confidentiality. Helderman, Alexander S. Jan 1, 2001 3608
Protecting Attorney-Client Confidentiality in Association Relationships. JACOBS, JERALD A. Jan 1, 2001 1008
The confidentiality debate. Dore, Laurie Kratky Oct 1, 2000 4533
Simple becomes complex. Mitchell, George H. President's Page Jul 1, 2000 746
The strict Ohio Supreme Court decision in Biddle: third party law firm held liable for inducing disclosure of medical information. Rathbone, Kimberly Jun 22, 2000 18605
The attorney-client privilege: practical military applications of a professional core value. Thompson, Norman K.; Kastenberg, Joshua E. Mar 22, 2000 30961
Lange petitions for Bar reinstatement. Feb 15, 2000 102
Sanctity of attorney-client privilege hangs in the balance while ABA mulls rules change. Reichert, Jennifer L. Feb 1, 2000 273
Tobacco cases may be only the tip of the iceberg for assaults on privilege. Mulderig, John J.; Wharton, Leslie; Cecil, Cynthia S. Jan 1, 2000 9490
The Sixth Amendment right to counsel and its underlying values: defining the scope of privacy protection. Gardner, Martin R. Jan 1, 2000 28044
Frederick complicates tax practitioner privilege. Cryan, Thomas M. Nov 1, 1999 999
Attorney-Client Privilege Has Limits. Frieden, Joyce Oct 15, 1999 397
Recent Ruling Challenges Attorney-Client Privilege. Frieden, Joyce Oct 15, 1999 405
Lawyer's workpapers are discoverable. Lynch, Michael Sep 1, 1999 161
No encryption required for attorney-client e-mail. Brienza, Julie Jul 1, 1999 465
Should you keep settlements secret? Komoroske, Frances Jun 1, 1999 3568
Kentucky lawyers and chiropractors regain access to accident reports. Gelhaus, Lisa Jun 1, 1999 419
Dead men's lawyers tell no tales: the attorney-client privilege survives death. Kramer, Jon J. Mar 22, 1999 11456
E-mail and the attorney-client privilege. Simmons, Matthew H. Feb 1, 1999 3582
Dirty laundry. Pope, Daniel J. Jan 1, 1999 3863
Proposed restriction on attorney-client privilege for communications relating to corporate tax shelters. Jul 1, 1998 943
Waiver of attorney-client privilege via issue injection: a call for uniformity. Bahner, T. Maxfield; Gallion, Michael L. Apr 1, 1998 5389
Disclosure waives privilege. Feb 1, 1998 375
Opposing party's privileged or confidential documents. Pope, Daniel J.; Kim, Stephanie J. Oct 1, 1997 3195
A "public assets" theory of lawyers' pro bono obligations. Lubet, Steven; Stewart, Cathryn May 1, 1997 28428
Accountants and the attorney-client privilege. Segal, Mark A. Apr 1, 1997 2407
Potential discovery abuses in insurance coverage litigation. O'Hare, Jean A. Apr 1, 1997 6276
"You are commanded to appear...." (attorneys being subpoenaed) Pope, Daniel J.; Lee, Suzanne Apr 1, 1997 3064
E-mail security risks: taking hacks at the attorney-client privilege. Rose, Jonathan Mar 22, 1997 18737
Confidentiality issues in high-tech communications; is the attorney-client privilege at risk? Tellam, Bradley F. Jan 1, 1997 2452
Adlman court holds work-product doctrine is inapplicable to pretransaction memoranda. Buch, Ron, Jr. Jun 1, 1996 634
Appeals Court clarifies standard for establishing in-house attorney-client privilege; Second Circuit decides Adlman case. Nov 1, 1995 961
Work-product privilege. Sprohge, Hans Oct 1, 1995 1263
Attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine in the corporate setting. Hyland, Thomas W.; Craig, Molly Hood Oct 1, 1995 7855
Oops! Can I take it back? Joffe, Margaret M.; Rice, Edward J., Jr. Jul 1, 1995 1779
Document prepared by CPA for corporate attorney - no attorney-client privilege available. Swails, J. Edward Jan 1, 1995 425
Attorney-client privilege does not extend to requirement for cash reporting. Koppel, Michael D. Dec 1, 1994 617
IRS and attorneys clash over reporting requirements for cash transactions in excess of $10,000. Rood, Joan L. Jun 1, 1994 434
NSPA testifies on taxpayer rights. Column Feb 1, 1992 977

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