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Attitudes on testing. (By the numbers: a data bank on education trends for district leaders).

Mandatory Standardized Tests

Question: Should public school students be required to pass a standardized test in order to promoted to the next grade?
No 20%
No Opinion 3%
Yes 77%

Source: Gallup News Service,

Note: Survey respondents represent American adult public

Note: Table made from pie chart.

In April, a Superior Court judge allowed the state of Massachusets to keep administering the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exam. The class of 2003 is the first required to pass the MCAS in English and mathematics in order to graduate.

Last year, when Gallup asked Americans to name the federal government action they thought "would be most effective in helping to improve public schools," very few mentioned mandatory testing. The most prevalent answer was providing more money, followed by increasing teacher standards and raising teacher pay.
Best Measures

Test Scores 22%
Both 16%
Don't know 1%
Classwork and homework 61%

Note: Respondents were parents of school-age children

Source: Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll 2002

Note: Table made from pie chart.

standardized test they take ask:

Fair questions 79%
Difficult or unfair questions 20%
Don't know 1%

Source: Public Agenda,


Question: Is there too much emphasis
on testing in public schools?

 1997 2000

Too much emphasis 20% 30%
Not enough emphasis 28% 23%
About the right amount 48% 43%
Don't know 4% 4%

Source: Gallup/Phi Delta Kappa

Note: Survey respondents represent American adult public

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Too Much Emphasis on Testing?

Schools place far too much
emphasis on standardized test scores

Parents 60%
Teachers 84%
Employers 52%
Professors 57%
Students 45%

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Teachers will end up
teaching to the test

Parents 66%
Teachers 79%
Employers 64%
Professors 79%

Note: Table made from bar graph.

Testing Dosage

According to parents,
their child is taking:

Too few standardized tests 9%
Too many standardized tests 12%
Don't know 18%
The right amount of tests 61%

Source: Public Agenda

Note: Table made from pie chart.
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