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Attitude, Certainty and Allusions to Common Knowledge in Scientific Research Articles.

Attitude, Certainty and Allusions to Common Knowledge in Scientific Research Articles

D. Koutsantoni. 2004. Journal of English for academic purposes 3:163-182.

This author examines linguistic techniques that scientific authors use to express their stance and to gain acceptance for their claims. She studied a corpus of 34 recent research articles printed in electronic and electrical engineering journals, identified and analyzed three types of discourse markers (attitude markers, certainty markers, and common knowledge markers), and created a taxonomy based on these markers and their functions. Attitude markers are devices that enable writers to express and convince readers of their personal opinions and judgments. Certainty markers enable writers to express their conviction of claims and ideas. Common knowledge markers stress ideas that are shared by members of a discourse community. These markers enable authors to assert their authority and expertise and also to negotiate solidarity by gaining their readers' agreement and consensus.

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Author:Kepler, Kelley
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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