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Attention Attorneys 'The International Legal Strategies Reference Collection' will Help Clients conduct Business around the World.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The International Legal Strategies Reference Collection: Country-by-Country Legal Snapshots for Corporate, Patent, IP, Product Liability, Litigation, Arbitration, M&A, Tax, and Labor Law to their offering

The International Legal Strategies Reference Collection: Country-by-Country Legal Snapshots for Corporate, Patent, IP, Product Liability, Litigation, Arbitration, M&A, Tax, and Labor Law is an unprecedented set of books designed to aid attorneys in helping clients conduct business around the world. The collection features nine books that together will provide readers with a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals for conducting business in major markets around the globe. Within these 5,000+ pages lies a wealth of critical information that every global businessperson and attorney should have at their fingertips.

The books in this collection contain important information on the most significant topics in a given field of law.

International Product Liability Law - This volume offers succinct summaries of the product liability laws, modern statutes and traditional theories of recovery, insight into the legal and litigation systems within which these laws operate, and a risk analysis of product liability lawsuits by the most respected and experienced product liability lawyers living and working in each of these countries.

International Corporate Law - As corporations go global, so too do the legal issues they confront. This title explores the intricacies of corporate law country by country, touching every major market. From South American boardrooms to European courtrooms, from arbitration in England to foreign investment in China, authors discuss the corporate legal issues their clients face every day and offer strategies for overcoming the biggest challenges. The book includes information on mergers & acquisitions, forms of incorporation, taxation, real estate, corporate governance, competition, transfer of capital, and more.

International Intellectual Property Law - In today's global marketplace, it has become crucial for businesses to understand and utilize the protections available as they export their intellectual property overseas. International Intellectual Property Law is an indispensable primer for businesses and attorneys seeking to do just that. The book covers topics such as trademark, copyright, patent, technology licensing, and other relevant aspects of intellectual property protection, as well as tips for capitalizing on available protections and remedies from the registration process to IP dispute resolution.

International Patent Law - This title explores the intricacies of patent law in major markets around the globe. From obtaining patent rights in Germany to fighting infringement in Singapore, authors discuss the patent legal issues their clients face every day, and strategies for overcoming the biggest challenges in their country. The book includes information on registration requirements and enforcement, patent litigation, industry-specific regulations, piracy & counterfeiting, infringement, data protection, and important legislation

International Litigation - This is a comprehensive book to help businesses understand the laws that govern dispute resolution around the world and gain familiarity with the varied legal proceedings of foreign countries. The book provides readers with information on specific regulations and practices relating to discovery, trial, settlement, the appeals process, and other important aspects of litigation.

International Arbitration lays the foundation for a broader understanding of arbitration procedures and practices around the world, from the international treaties and bodies that govern cross-border dispute resolutions to the specific regulations in individual countries relating to the arbitration process and surrounding issues, including choice of venue, mediation, contract clauses for dispute resolution, and more.

International Mergers & Acquisitions Law covers the regulations and procedures that govern mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, takeovers, and other types of cross-border transactions. The authors discuss the most important elements of M&A in their respective countries, from due diligence and securing representations & warranties to the negotiation process and strategies for successfully closing a deal.

International Tax Law offers guidance on everything from choosing forms of incorporation and establishing partnerships to the settlement of tax disputes with government agencies. Other topics discussed include tax on stock, exemptions for businesses, issues in corporate transactions, and more.

International Labor Law - This is a comprehensive book to help businesses understand the laws that govern labor & employment around the world and to create a successful workforce transcending traditional barriers. The book covers hiring and firing, unions, employee benefits, and other important aspects of labor and human resources, from sending employees overseas, acquiring an already-staffed company, or building a new workforce.

As well as country-by-country analysis of the current legal climate and accepted business practices by local attorneys, these books include a wealth of sample documents and other appendix materials designed to familiarize the reader with the practical aspects of doing business in foreign jurisdictions.

Countries covered include:










--Czech Republic










--Hong Kong















--New Zealand













--South Africa









--United Kingdom

--United States


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