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Attensa Releases Attensa for Outlook.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- New Smart RSS Reader for Microsoft Outlook Makes it Easy for People to Keep Their RSS Information Up-to-Date with AttentionStream(TM) Synchronization

Attensa, Inc., a leading developer of RSS infrastructure software, today released its first RSS reader client, Attensa for Outlook. Attensa today also announced a free web based RSS reader, Attensa Online. The two can be used together to easily manage RSS feeds and articles in Outlook and from any computer with an Internet connection. Attensa for Outlook is the first RSS news reader and news aggregator for Outlook that allows users to use the toolbar in their browser of choice, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer, to easily add and manage RSS news feeds and subscriptions from Websites and blogs. The release of Attensa for Outlook and Attensa Online is the first step in a three phased product strategy that integrates RSS reader/aggregator clients, associated workgroup and enterprise servers and an underlying infrastructure that aggregates and triangulates attention metadata.

"With the popularity and ubiquity of RSS feeds, people are looking for tools to help them easily view and manage the information most relevant to them," said Craig Barnes, CEO of Attensa. "Attensa for Outlook is the perfect tool for novice and experienced users who are passionate about the news and information they receive. The simple, yet powerful tool enables users to not just read information, but also organize it in such a way that ensures the process of viewing and managing news is painless and intuitive."

Attensa for Outlook - the Next Generation RSS Reader for Outlook

When users download Attensa for Outlook they get the Attensa Engine, Attensa for Outlook and Attensa RSS toolbars for Firefox and Internet Explorer. The Attensa Engine is a desktop application that runs outside of Outlook, working in the background to gather, process, organize and store RSS feeds whether Outlook is running or not. With background processing, RSS news feeds are seamlessly pulled into Outlook without bogging Outlook down. Also, with Attensa for Outlook's light footprint in Outlook, there is no waiting for feeds to load every time Outlook is launched. The engine keeps track of RSS subscription preferences and data, and keeps those RSS subscriptions current. In addition, it takes care of adding new subscriptions, downloading articles and updating an RSS news feed database on the user's PC. Additional features and benefits include:

--Automatically Find RSS Feeds - When users find an RSS feed while surfing the Web, they are able to easily add the feed to the subscriptions in Outlook with just one click using a toolbar in Internet Explorer and Firefox that automatically detects RSS feeds. The Attensa toolbar alerts users when RSS feeds are discovered on a webpage, minimizing search time. Users can preview the articles before deciding to subscribe.

--Accessible from any computer with Attensa Online synchronization - Users can access their news feeds in Outlook and from any computer with a Web connection and their feeds and articles will always be up-to-date. With Attensa's unique AttentionStream(TM) synchronization, every action from subscribing to new feeds, reading and deleting articles, to creating categories and adding tags will be instantaneously synchronized in Outlook and on a personal, privacy-protected Web page at Attensa Online. Users can now manage the latest information on any computer without wasting time wading through duplicate content.

--Easy to Start - With Attensa for Outlook, it is effortless to preview and pick new feeds. With thousands of new feeds available every day, new users can quickly become frustrated with figuring out where to go or how to use RSS. To help its users, Attensa collected and organized more than 1,000 of the most popular feeds from Websites and blogs covering the news most relevant to its users. This list is constantly updated and includes all the most popular sources including: CNN, NPR, ESPN, Lockergnome, The New York Times, Reuters, The Washington Post, Corante and more.

--Automatically Downloads Podcasts - Attensa for Outlook makes it convenient for users to listen to their favorite audio content on their computer, iPod or other portable player by automatically loading Podcast audio files attached to RSS news feeds directly into iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists. The new version makes it easy to get started listening to Podcasts by including a list of popular Podcasts on subjects ranging from technology to music.

--Organized - With Attensa for Outlook, users are able to painlessly overcome the problems associated with managing multiple feeds. Users can define and manage categories by simply creating and managing folders and sub-folders and moving feeds between them. OPML files can also be imported and customer OPML files can be created and exported

--Easy Tagging - Attensa includes an incredibly intuitive and trouble-free way to tag articles and feeds using the Attensa Tagging Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. The tagging feature can be used in Attensa to keep feeds and articles organized, but it also works with When articles are tagged with Attensa bookmark lists they are updated and synchronized automatically on

--Easy Publishing - Users can effortlessly post content from RSS news articles or email to blogs without leaving Outlook or loading a browser. Select and add text in the Outlook email format and click the Publish button in the Outlook toolbar. Attensa for Outlook currently supports Typepad, Blogger and LiveJournal. More blog services will be added over time.

--Automated Clean-up - With Attensa for Outlook, users don't get overwhelmed by the amount of RSS news headlines they receive every day. The software automatically deletes any read or unread subscription items based on a custom schedule defined by the user.

--Flexible and Presentable - Users can select from three article views or use the Web page view to see the article source Web page without leaving Outlook. In addition, the formats are eye-pleasing making news feeds easy to read with the use of cascading style sheets.

--Pricing and Availability - Attensa for Outlook is available immediately for download on the Attensa Web site ( for $20. In addition to a copy of the product, the payment includes a one year subscription to AttentionStream synchronization with Attensa Online.

AttentionStream(TM) Synchronization - One Step Closer to Smart RSS

Attensa's AttentionStream(TM) technology is designed to help people cut through information overload by delivering fewer and more relevant RSS articles. By intelligently analyzing AttentionStreams, including the obvious and not so obvious ways people consume information, new possibilities emerge to prioritize and recommend higher value content to users while cutting down on useless and duplicate information. Attensa's unique lightweight AttentionStream enables fast updating of subscriptions at the article level, frequent synchronizations across multiple RSS clients and near real-time analytics to provide prioritized, more relevant articles.

About Attensa

Attensa, Inc. is a venture backed software company committed to developing an RSS Network that intelligently delivers relevant, up-to-the-minute information to people on any device they choose. For more information and to keep informed about new product introductions, please visit the company's Web site at and at our blog at

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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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