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Attensa Introduces the First RSS Reader to Use Predictive Prioritization to Intelligently Display RSS Feeds in the Order the Reader Will Want Them.

NEW YORK -- Headline of release (dated May 16, 2006) should read: Attensa Introduces the First RSS Reader to Use Predictive Prioritization to Intelligently Display RSS Feeds in the Order the Reader Will Want Them (sted of Attensa Launches Outlook 1.5, the First RSS Reader to Use Predictive Prioritization to Intelligently Display RSS Feeds in the Order the Reader Will Want Them).

The release reads:


Attensa AttentionStream(TM) RSS Reader Eliminates Information Overload by Intelligently Prioritizing RSS Feeds and Articles

Attensa, Inc., the leading developer of RSS software for business, today introduced Attensa for Outlook 1.5, at the Syndicate Conference in New York. Attensa for Outlook 1.5 is the first RSS reader that helps people cut through information overload by using predictive ranking to bring RSS subscriptions and articles that readers find most interesting to the forefront.

Predictive Ranking AttentionStream

Attensa's predictive ranking AttentionStream(TM) technology continuously observes and analyzes explicit and implicit behavior as users read and process RSS articles. By continuously analyzing AttentionStream(TM) data, including the time and frequency that feeds are accessed and articles read, deleted and ignored, RSS articles can be displayed in a prioritized list based on the likelihood that they will be of interest to the reader at another time. Feed priorities are constantly refined as the continuous stream of attention is processed.

Articles Presented in Choice of Attention Views

Attensa for Outlook 1.5 lets users determine how they want to view articles. Using a "river of news" to simulate a single news feed, regardless of how many RSS feeds the user has subscribed to. Articles can be read in order of predictive ranking, sorted by date or customized by the user. This new version of Attensa for Outlook gives users the control to manually rank feeds by simply dragging and dropping the subscription to the top or bottom of their subscription lists.

"Today much of the effort around searching, retrieving, analyzing and sharing information involves spinning wheels and wasting time," said Craig Barnes, CEO of Attensa. "Attensa's AttentionStream technology gives efficiency a boost by automatically bringing critical information to the surface giving us more time to add value."

Improved performance and advanced compatibility with the Microsoft RSS Platform

Attensa for Outlook 1.5 synchronizes with the new Microsoft RSS Platform. By leveraging the Microsoft Common Feed Store, RSS feeds added using Attensa for Outlook, Internet Explorer 7 or Windows Vista, will automatically be synchronized for a seamless user experience. Feeds can now categorized outside of Outlook using the Attensa toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox which automatically alerts users when RSS feeds are discovered on a webpage, minimizing search time. Users can preview the articles before deciding to subscribe and organize them in categories.

Attensa for Outlook 1.5 Public Beta

Attensa for Outlook 1.5 beta will be available for download on the Attensa Web site in June. (

About Attensa

Attensa, Inc. is a venture backed software company developing an RSS network that cuts through information overload by intelligently delivering prioritized, relevant, up-to-the-minute information to people on any device they choose.

For more information and to keep informed about new product introductions, please visit the company's Web site at and at our blog at

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 17, 2006
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