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Attensa Announces RSS Network, Servers and Client-side Technology to Intelligently Deliver More Relevant, Timely Information on Any Device.

SEATTLE -- Scaleable RSS infrastructure to efficiently organize, distribute and measure attention metadata

Attensa, Inc., a venture backed software company, is making its public debut at Gnomedex 5 and rolling out the first phase of a comprehensive RSS Network. The Attensa RSS network uses "attention" metadata to intelligently deliver more relevant up-to-the-minute information to people on any device they choose.

The Attensa RSS Network: Getting to Less is More with Article Level Intelligence

The end goal of RSS technology is tightly wrapped around the promise that less is more. Individuals want more relevant information with less duplication. Businesses want to tap into more of the creativity, wisdom and experience of their employees, teams and partners to solve problems, spark innovation and improve decision-making, while at the same time reducing email overload and communication confusion. By intelligently analyzing information about RSS articles and how readers are interacting with the articles, the Attensa RSS network can deliver more relevant, timely information individuals on the devices they choose and businesses can take advantage of RSS technology to streamline communication with employees, partners and customers.

Every day, millions of pieces of metadata are being generated by RSS news feeds from Websites and blogs. RSS metadata can include information about an RSS news feed article such as the title, author and date of creation. It can also include information about how users are interacting with the information by tracking which specific articles are being read and which articles are being ignored or deleted.

The Attensa RSS network is based on unique, proven intellectual property in a scaleable RSS architecture that efficiently organizes, distributes and measures RSS news feed articles and their associated attention metadata. Using Attensa network attention streams that accommodate the Attention.xml standard, metadata is unobtrusively fingerprinted and triangulated through collaborative filtering to deliver the most relevant information. By sharing, aggregating and triangulating the attention streams (anonymously and in near real-time) generated by the millions of people using RSS feeds, new possibilities emerge to provide individuals with higher value content. This metadata can be used to rank the popularity of articles by measuring the audience size and appetite for news from specific bloggers and news sources. It can also be used to create privacy protected anonymous user profiles, based on permission, that can recommend content, refine blog and Website searching and enhance the experience of tracking the news that matters to millions of people.

The Attensa Product Line

The Attensa RSS network is an integrated collection of software tools that organize, distribute, process and measure RSS attention streams in an end-to-end RSS network. The product line consists of RSS reader/aggregator clients and client technology, associated workgroup and enterprise servers and an underlying value-add infrastructure that aggregates and triangulates attention stream metadata.

Attensa RSS Readers

Designed for the desktop, the Web, for Web enabled mobile phones and PDAs and integrated into Microsoft Outlook, Attensa is developing RSS reader clients that use a single RSS engine to efficiently deliver and synchronize information across devices via one entry point to the Web. Attensa RSS clients use a unique synchronization system that helps people stay on top of articles coming from Websites and blogs. Attensa's bi-directional true-syncing capability ties desktop, web and mobile RSS reader clients together so articles read, filed and deleted are treated consistently across all of the clients.

Attensa for Outlook -- Public Preview of an RSS Reader for Outlook with Innovative Features, Fit and Finish

Attensa is introducing a public preview of its first RSS reader client, Attensa for Outlook 0.96 at Gnomedex. Designed by the same development team that created You Subscribe: RSS from You Software, Attensa for Outlook is an RSS reader that brings up-to-the-minute information and content from Websites, blogs and Podcasts directly into Microsoft Outlook. The innovative feature set includes a number of firsts for Outlook based RSS readers:

--Toolbars for Firefox and Internet Explorer

Attensa for Outlook is the only Outlook based RSS aggregator and RSS reader that lets you easily add and manage news feeds and subscriptions from a toolbar in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. The Attensa Explorer and Firefox RSS toolbar plug-in scans a Web page automatically looking for feeds. When it finds a feed the Attensa toolbar icon glows. Click on the Attensa icon and select new feeds from the clearly labeled list to add to your subscriptions. You can also read your news feeds and manage your subscriptions from the Internet Explorer browser toolbar.

--Automatically load Podcast audio files into playlists

Attensa for Outlook makes it easy to listen to your favorite audio content on your computer, iPod or other portable player when it's convenient for you by automatically loading Podcast audio files attached to RSS news feeds into easy to find iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists.

--Automatically Publish Content from Email and RSS News Articles to Blogs

You can effortlessly post content from RSS news articles or email to blogs with out leaving Outlook or loading a browser. Select and add text in an Outlook email format and click the Publish button in the Outlook toolbar. The publishing feature can automatically connect to your Typepad, Blogger or LiveJournal blog. Attensa for Outlook can be manually set up to work with any blog publishing service.

The public preview version 0.96 of Attensa for Outlook can be downloaded for free at

Attensa Servers for Workgroups and the Enterprise

Attensa is pioneering the development of RSS workgroup servers to bring the power of collaborative workspace software and RSS technology to help businesses solve problems, spark innovation and improve decision-making. Scalable RSS workgroup and enterprise versions supporting collaboration and publishing will provide secure data communication inside the corporate firewall and to external partners through a secure bridge.

Attensa RSS Network Infrastructure

Attensa RSS network infrastructure is designed to efficiently organize, distribute and measure RSS news feed articles and their associated attention stream to deliver the most relevant information to readers.

Teaming Up to Build the Attensa RSS Network

Attensa is actively seeking partners who want to provide their customers with the best RSS tools, content, services and techniques. By integrating the Attensa engine into third party and private label RSS readers and aggregators, partners can quickly take advantage of the Attensa network's collaborative filtering power and deliver higher value content to their customers. This collaborative approach extends the reach of the network and improves its ability to distill content so users across the network receive fewer more relevant articles.

Attensa Management Team

Co-founders Craig Barnes, CEO, Eric Hayes, Vice President of Research and Development, and Tim Brown, Chief Technology Officer, have a long history of building companies and expanding markets for desktop clients, server and infrastructure software. The team began working together in the early 1990's at Now Software; the industry leader in Macintosh based system enhancement utilities and networked calendar/contact management software. Their collaboration continued when Barnes founded Extensis; a venture backed software company specializing in desktop and networked productivity and digital asset management software. The company was sold for $142 million in 2000. Following Extensis, the team designed digital marketing infrastructure software to help Internet marketing agencies analyze and refine marketing campaigns in near real-time. The technology was licensed before the company launched.

About Attensa

Attensa, Inc., is a venture backed software company committed to developing an RSS Network that intelligently delivers relevant, up-to-the-minute information to people on any device they choose.

For more information and to keep informed about new product introductions, please visit the company's Web site at

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