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Attending the IOCP Annual General Meeting as a Branch delegate.

I was recently asked to write an article about being a Branch delegate to the IOCP Annual General Meeting.

As you may know, all Branch roles are defined in a booklet published by our Head Office. It is entitled Information and Guidance Notes for Branch Management. This useful document explains the formal requirements for the election of a Branch delegate and their duties to be undertaken before, during and after the AGM.

In essence, these are about obtaining and then representing the views of the Branch members in the AGM debates and decision taking.

A summary of the main points discussed and agreed at the AGM is usually provided in a verbal report at the next Branch meeting.

The delegate is elected by the Branch at their AGM. If there are more than 51 paid up Members in the Branch, then it has the right to elect and send a second delegate. Delegate accommodation and meal expenses are covered by the IOCP Head Office and travel expenses are later settled by the Branch treasurer.

Prior to the AGM, the delegate should ask the Secretary to add to the meeting agenda a time for all Branch members to be asked to consider and put forward any proposals for correcting or improving the IOCP and/or the professional wellbeing of members. These are discussed and, if endorsed by a majority in the Branch, motions are then passed to the Secretary for editing and submission to the Head Office.

About 21 days before the AGM, the delegate receives a letter from the IOCP Secretary. It confirms their appointment as Branch delegate and provides a copy of the Conference Programme, a Credential Certificate (to be signed by the Branch Chairman and Secretary and brought to the AGM), a Voting Paper (to be completed and brought to the AGM) and a private and confidential copy of the forthcoming AGM Agenda.

When this AGM Agenda is received, a Branch meeting can be held to consider every Motion and also the nominations for National Offices. The Branch discusses and decides whether to authorize the delegate to vote 'for' or 'against'. Voting for National Officers is decided, entered and authorized on the ballot form at the Branch meeting.

The delegate must make a careful note of all such Branch directives and take them to the AGM.

Sometimes the issues surrounding the motion may be complex and the Branch may request the delegate to use his/her discretion, having heard the points made in the debate.

On arrival at the AGM, the Standing Orders committee assesses all Motions to ensure that they comply with IOCP rules. Sometimes there are Motions that can be merged or altered to improve the AGM.

When this arises, the Branch delegate must be available to join this committee meeting and discuss such changes.

During the AGM, the delegate is at liberty to raise a hand and, if invited by the Chairman, to stand and make a statement or point, having first identified themselves by name and Branch.

If his/her Branch has a Motion, the delegate is asked whether they wish to speak about the reasons for it. This is daunting at first but the tenor of the occasion is intentionally relaxed to encourage open dialogue.

I have attended the Conference and AGM for over 20 years, mostly as a Branch delegate. As a way of sustaining professional contact and social friendships, they are invaluable.

Hopefully this has given you a greater insight into the role of Branch delegate to the AGM.

I hope that you are now even better placed to contribute your ideas though your delegate--and possibly consider serving as one in the future.

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