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Attendance allowance.

What is Attendance Allowance QA Attendance Allowance is a benefit for a disabled person. It is not a benefit for a carer.

Who can qualify for Attendance Allowance ? QAThe main qualifying conditions for a person claiming this benefit are : s/he must be aged 65 or |over ; s/he must have care needs; | s/he meets the qualifying |period for care.

Q What are the conditions that a person must meet regarding her/his care needs? AA person will be entitled to the lower rate of Attendance Allowance if s/he is so severely disabled, mentally or physically, that s/he needs : frequent attention through-|out the day or night in connection with her/his bodily functions; or continual supervision |throughout the day in order to avoid substantial danger to herself/himself or others; or at night, another person, to |be awake for a prolonged period for the purpose of watching over him/her.

What are the qualifying periods ? QAA person claiming Attendance Allowance must have been in need of care or supervision for six months before the award can begin.

What is the higher rate attendance allowance? QAThe higher rate of Attendance Allowance is paid to people who need help,care or supervision day and night. A person who is terminally Ill will automatically receive the higher rate of Attendance Allowance.

How much is Attendance Allowance ? QA Attendance Allowance is payable at two rates which currently are : The Lower Rate - PS55.10 a |week The Higher Rate - PS82.30 a |week.

Q How is a claim for Attendance Allowance dealt with ? AA claim will be dealt with by a decision maker at the Benefits Centre. In considering a claim, the decision maker may: contact the claimant for |further information; and/or contact the claimant's GP |or other health professional; and/or consult Medical Services; |and/or request that the claimant |have a medical examination.

Any medical examination will be carried out at the claimant's home by a healthcare professional.

How long is Attendance Allowance paid for ? QA Attendance Allowance will be awarded for a minimum of six months, but can be awarded for any longer period (including an indefi-nite award).

Q Is Attendance Allowance effected by other Bene-fits ? A Attendance Allowance can be paid in addition to most other benefits, including Pension Credit and State Retirement Pension | For further advice, contact | your local CAB. There are CABs located in Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Stockton On Tees.


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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 13, 2015
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