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Despite the title, which sounds like the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger or Steven Seagal epic, this actually is an instructional video on the once gentlemanly sport of tennis. One only can imagine what the autocratic snobs who formerly ruled the game, dictating that all participants be garbed in pristine white, would think of scruffy Andre Agassi in his rainbow plumage and New Age approach. Nevertheless, he did walk away with the 1992 singles title on the hallowed grass courts of Wimbledon and thus has earned a measure of respect, instead of just being regarded as an immature, spoiled brat.

"Attack" represents the tennis philosophy of Agassi's coach/guru, Nick Bollettieri, who has had him under his wing since the age of 13, a dozen years ago. With Agassi demonstrating his theories on the court, Bollettieri preaches an aggressive approach to the game, constantly attacking the ball and putting pressure on one's opponent. The video is divided into compact sections: warm-up, forehand, backhand, volley, serve, return of serve, overhead, lob, and drop shot. Each, in turn, is broken down into Bollettieri's instructions, practice methods for that particular shot, clips of Agassi using it in matches (always successfully, of course), "insights" by Agassi (mostly simple regurgitations of what Bollettieri already has stated), and "Nick's tips" on how to play the shot. If you ignore the rock-and-roll accompaniment and MTV-like montages of Agassi flashing around the court, lank hair and earrings streaming behind him, this is a highly professional and helpful guide for tennis players, especially those just taking up the sport, and a lot cheaper than instructions from the club pro.
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Author:Rothenberg, Robert S.
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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