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Attack was pure evil.


IT was truly awful reading about the mall massacre in Nairobi and seeing the pictures on the television.

What sort of people can commit such an atrocity that left 67 people or more dead and many others injured? These innocent people were out enjoying themselves on a Saturday morning, shopping, taking part in a cookery class and having a cup of coffee. What did they do to deserve this?

The perpetrators of this attack are pure evil and I hope the authorities in Nairobi hunt them down without mercy. It seems to me the world has gone totally mad.

Mike Minchella Scarborough, North Yorks

It is important we call the perpetrators of the Kenyan atrocity what they are. They are not terrorists, jihadists or freedom fighters - they are simply cowards. That is how they should and will be remembered.

Our thoughts are with the innocent people who were killed or injured and the real heroes who tried to protect them.

B Parrott, Woking, Surrey

How embarrassing for our Government to continually condemn terrorists for their barbaric acts when we harbour some of them in our own country.

When these perpetrators of death and destruction are caught, their escape route is to use human rights to try to evade justice.

The time has come to replace weakness with strength of purpose, thus ensuring a terror-free future.

CP Pender-Guy Penzance, Cornwall

The massacre in Kenya is more proof the last thing Africa needs is more guns. The continent is awash with guns that are in the hands of madmen. Time after time we see these evil fanatics killing in the name of religion and it seems there is no end to the human misery they want to inflict on the world.

As one atrocity follows another, will these terrorists ever realise that killing your neighbour in the name of religion will only create a climate of fear, retribution and revenge?

Sydney Vaughan, Birmingham

Like everyone else, I am horrified by the massacre in Kenya. Who are these fiends who want to kill and maim in the name of religion?

It's a frightening prospect but a similar attack could easily happen in the UK, possibly with even more devastating consequences. It is time for all nations to work together to wipe out this evil that is pervading our world - only then can we hope to live in peace, free of terrorism.

JD Price, Manchester

I was touched by the story of Elliott Prior, who told the Kenyan terrorists they were bad men. They apparently then asked for forgiveness and said they were not monsters.

Well, they are monsters. What human being could carry out such an evil act, targeting innocent women and children?

My heart goes out to the families and friends of all those killed and injured in this sickening attack.

Claire Allen, Nuneaton, Warks

As we witness yet another massacre committed by Islamic extremists, Britons are alleged to be among the terrorists. The Government must do more to stop our young people being brainwashed by religious zealots. Giving them a decent job with prospects and a chance to own a home would be a good start.

Luke Gardener, Sheffield

I was extremely disappointed that there was no mention of the plight of people with disabilities in Ed Miliband's conference speech.

Will Labour cancel the contract with Atos that has been so widely criticised for its treatment of vulnerable people? When it comes to including disabled people into mainstream society, Labour is no better than the Tories.

William Semmens Penzance, Cornwall

Your piece about the proposed tomb for Richard III stated that Bosworth ended the Wars of the Roses (September 24). That was not so - it was the Battle of Stoke Field in 1487 when the last Yorkist and successor to Richard III, John, Earl of Lincoln, tried to oust Henry VII and put Lambert Simnel on the throne. He was soundly defeated and Simnel was captured.

Keith Longmore Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk

I read the article about the desperate souls in Lancashire stealing from stores and food banks (Mirror, Sept 23), then on the next page Tamara Ecclestone wanting to raise her baby with the "right values" - this after her PS7million French wedding.

I think Tamara ought to live with one of these families for a year. Maybe she will use her dad's millions to support food charities in these quasi-Victorian times we live in.

D Neve, Silsden, West Yorks

With regard to double-yolked eggs, when my family moved to Devon we discovered a nearby farm that sold free-range eggs that were nearly all double-yolked and were huge.

Gerry E Poulson South Molton, Devon

The BIG issue

Kenya continues three days of mourning for the victims of the Nairobi mall massacre that has so far left 67 dead. Somali Islamist group al-Shabaab has said that it carried out the attack in retaliation for Kenyan army operations in Somalia. You are horrified...
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Date:Sep 27, 2013
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