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Attachmate delivers web-to-host access, Emissary Host Publishing System provides both on-the-fly HTML and web-to-host application development in a single solution.

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 6, 1996--Attachmate(r) Corp. today announced Emissary(tm) Host Publishing System (EHPS) version 2.0, the second generation of its highly successful, award-winning web-to-host access solution.

EHPS 2.0's major enhancement -- Emissary HostSurfer -- provides on-the-fly HTML display of host terminals for viewing with any browser. Companies can now access host-based data by 1) using Attachmate's Emissary HostSurfer to display a terminal in HTML format for viewing with any browser, or 2) using the EHPS's powerful middleware technology to create graphical client/server applications that incorporate screen-based and database information.

When combined with EHPS's wide range of host support, which includes TN3270, TN5250, DB2, DB2/400, and SQL/DS, EHPS is clearly the only solution on the market that meets the host-access needs of virtually every corporate Intranet.

"The Emissary Host Publishing System 1.0 gave customers a wide range of tools to successfully migrate two-tier client/server applications to Intranet applications or develop new Intranet applications that integrate host data," said Bobby Clay, vice president of the Enterprise Client/Server Products Group at Attachmate.

"The release of EHPS 2.0 extends these capabilities even further. By providing on-the-fly conversion of host screens to HTML for browser viewing and an application development solution in a single product, we've given corporations the flexibility to establish web access to host data in whichever form best fits their needs. We also provide the capability of accessing both 3270 and 5250 host data. No other vendor offers the flexibility or power available through Emissary Host Publishing System."

The Emissary Host Publishing System's innovative approach to "extend" Intranets by leveraging corporate programming and technology resources was recognized by BYTE Magazine, who awarded EHPS with its Best of PC EXPO Award this June.

EHPS allows companies to "Web-deploy" applications developed with Visual Basic and Attachmate's QuickApp(r), and QuickDB(tm) development tools. EHPS also includes OLE support which allows companies to build Web applications that seamlessly integrate any type of IBM host data (i.e. relational or non-relational) and allow it to be viewed by any browser. EHPS' ActiveX Controls automatically convert Visual Basic forms into HTML format, eliminating the need to further train client/server programmers on the intricacies of Web development. In addition, the Emissary HostSurfer component provides on-the-fly HTML viewing of host terminal screens including Special Keys, cursor control via radio buttons before each field, and time-out for terminal state

New Features in Emissary Host Publishing System 2.0


Emissary Host Publishing System 2.0 adds the following


-- Support for AS/400 data and applications;

-- Emissary HostSurfer -- high performance HTML-on-the-fly solution for IBM mainframe and AS/400 terminal applications;

-- Enterprise Access Library (EAL) Support - support for Attachmate EXTRA!'s high performance programming API enables existing 2-tier HLLAPI applications written with EXTRA! to be easily migrated to the Intranet;

-- Application Pre-load Facility -- a performance enhancement that allows customers to eliminate the wait time for accessing Visual Basic applications by pre-loading them into the server's cache.

-- QuickTrace -- to more quickly analyze and resolve problems. QuickTrace is a tracing and debugging mechanism that provides data on automation calls, parameters and HTML.

-- Netscape API (NSAPI) Support -- performs similar functions to Microsoft's ISAPI. Customers needing to connect to Netscape Web Servers will see improved performance using NSAPI instead of CGI.

-- Performance Monitor Support -- EHPS posts performance data to the NT System Registry, allowing users to monitor EHPS performance criteria via the NT Performance Monitor.

-- User ID and Password Queue Support -- streamlines security procedures by eliminating the need to hard-code authentication and security data. This ability is particularly useful for companies performing electronic commerce. EHPS allows companies to assign a pool of user IDs to customers from outside the firewall. These IDs grant rights only to those areas designated for customer use.

-- DB-List, DB-Combo, and DB-Grid Controls -- support of these controls gives the developer greater flexibility and more options in developing the interface of the Visual Basic application.

-- MAPI Controls Support -- allows the user to include Microsoft Exchange in the development strategy. Users can develop E-mail applications that that exchange data made available through EHPS.

Pricing and Availability


Emissary Host Publishing System 2.0, including Emissary HostSurfer, will be available Aug. 30, 1996, from Attachmate resellers, retailers and VARs, as well as through the Attachmate sales organization. The product carries a U.S. suggested list price of $25,000 per server -- up to 250 users and unlimited developer support. The Emissary HostSurfer component will also be available separately Oct. 15, 1996.

Attachmate Corp.


Attachmate is a leading supplier of universal information access software and services to major corporations, large organizations and government agencies worldwide. The company's object-oriented client/server, authoring tool, management software, and hardware safely extend enterprise systems and applications by linking host systems, Internet systems and workgroups.

These solutions allow desktop and mobile users to transparently access, manage and share any business information inside or outside the organization. Attachmate leverages its 14 years of corporate expertise in enterprise and Internet technologies by providing comprehensive and knowledgeable customer consulting and support services in more than 30 countries around the world. Attachmate is the largest privately owned software company in the world and employs over 2,000 people.

For more information about Attachmate's products, contact Attachmate's headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, at 206/644-4010, 206/649-6035 (fax) or toll free at 800/426-6283. Attachmate's World Wide Web address is -0-

Attachmate and QuickApp are registered trademarks and Emissary

and QuickDB are trademarks of Attachmate Corp.

Other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of

their respective owners.

CONTACT: Attachmate Corp.

Walter Conner, 206/649-6551



Network Associates

Holly Hagerman, 801/373-7888




800/426-6283 Voice

206/649-6035 Fax
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Date:Aug 6, 1996
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