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Atomkraft? Nein, Danke.

While the Bush brigade is marching ahead with plans to build nukes all across the United States, Germany is pushing just as hard in the opposite direction. In June the government of Chancellor Gerhard Schroder sealed a deal with the nation's energy providers to shut down all 19 plants that produce nuclear power, or "Atomkraft." The reactors, which generate one electricity, will be phased out by 2025. To meet the Kyoto Protocol's emission-reduction targets, research and development in renewable energy such as wind and solar will get an infusion of deutsche marks from the government.

Once enamored of nukes, Germans have become increasingly opposed since the devastating reactor accident in Chernobyl in 1986. Government support, however, remained firm until the election of Schroder, a Social Demo-crat with strong ties to the Green Party, in 1998.

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Author:Snell, Marilyn Berlin
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Sep 1, 2001
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