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Atomik Xport Personal Edition.

Easypress Technologies has announced the availability of Atomik Xport Personal Edition, entry-level XML export software for QuarkXPress. The new software brings 'one-touch XML export to QuarkXPress, enabling anyone to automatically create XMIL from their QuarkXPress documents. Atomik Xport Personal Edition comes with a comprehensive set of global preferences that enable users to customise the XML export to their requirements.

Key features in Atomik Xport Personal Edition include:

* Automatically exports QuarkXPress content into XMI,

* Exports image data

* Box ordering control--Users can specify the order in which the content is exported from QuarkXPress and group content together according to user specified criteria.

* Identifies content at both a paragraph and character level

* Exports entire style sheet and colour definitions

* Batch processes entire folders of QuarkXPress documents into XML for faster automation

* Optional inclusion of formatting information in exported XMEL

* Auto Document Type Definition (DTD) generation to automatically create a DTD to fit the XML export

* User configurable setup specifies what content to export and the level of granularity required including style name filtering

* Support for UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859 and ASCII/Unicod

To find out more about Atomik Xport Personal Edition and download a demo.visit
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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