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Atomic clock is accurate to 1/9,000 of a second.

Control Co.'s Traceable Atomic Clock is the most accurate clock for maintaining precision timing in any work-place. It is accurate to 1/9,000 of a sec at all times and receives its signal directly from the world's most accurate timekeeper--the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo. MST's atomic clock is accurate to one hundred billionth of a sec. The display includes a signal reception strength indicator and a U.S. map showing the user-selected time zone. The clock automatically sets and precisely displays time-of-day to the sec, am/pm, month, date, day of the week and ambient temperature; and it adjusts for daylight saving time, leap year and leap sec (earth rotation wobble corrections). It's suited for use when receiving samples, noting exact time an event occurred, supporting product documentation, providing a standard for other clocks, maintaining ISO 9000 certification and any occasion when knowing the exact time is critical. Night-vision, electro-luminescent backlighting permits viewing in total darkness. Control Co., 281-482-1714


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Title Annotation:Instrumentation & Equipment
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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