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Atoma/Multipond weighing machine line built to gauge frozens and a lot more.

Atoma/Multipond Weighing Machine Line Built to Gauge Frozens And a Lot More

At the Atoma/Multipond Group in Germany, weighing machines are the only thing they make -- but those machines will weigh just about any product: sticky, moist, warm, frozen, whatever.

Even product mixes with up to five ingredients can be weighed simultaneously, each to its own target weight, and the final product will thus come out to its exact target weight. From software to hardware, that's the accuracy Atoma/Multipond works for.

Multipond concentrates on automatic multihead weighers, while Atoma specializes in linear weighers that are especially suited to powdered and granular products. Also part of the Group is a research and development firm, Electropress GmbH, which works with measurement technology and micro-electronics.

To handle frozen food and other products with several ingredients, Atoma/Multipond had designed feed and weigh hoppers of anti-static, non-stick, food-grade injection-molded plastic. Plastic hoppers are not only efficient, but less noisy than conventional steel hoppers -- and more sanitary, too: no folds, creases or welds where bacteria can establish themselves.

Complex multihead weighers are usually a real headache to clean: on a conventional 14-head weigher, 28 hoppers have to be removed, sanitized, dried and replaced. But Atoma/Multipond has developed a cleaning-in-place unit that exposes the weigher to hot water and disinfectant and then dries it with hot air, without the need for dismantling and reassembly. International patents are pending on the system, which requires that the weigher itself be waterproof and operating voltage reduced to 50 volts or less -- already a standard specification for Atoma/Multipond units.

If something ever does go wrong with a Multipond weigher, relief is just a phone call away: the weighers can be directly interfaced with the Multipond plant in Waldkraiburg, with the phone line and an acoustic couple being used to locate, identify and remedy any fault. Meanwhile, owners of both Atoma and Multipond units can count on through-puts of up to 200 units a minute.

PHOTO : Multipond MP 1412-S2 unit for meat, fish, vegetables and frozen food.
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Title Annotation:Atoma/Multipond Group
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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