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Atlas of colonoscopy; techniques, diagnosis, interventional procedures.


Atlas of colonoscopy; techniques, diagnosis, interventional procedures.

Messmann, Helmut et al.

Thieme Medical Publishers


236 pages




Aimed at health-care professionals who are interested in learning more about colonscopy (though also useful for the experienced gastroenterologist), this atlas begins with a very detailed guide to equipment and examination techniques, complete with three-dimensional computerized views of scope positioning, photographs demonstrating how to apply pressure over each colon section, and illustrations demonstrating loop techniques. The three main sections then cover normal examination procedure and non-pathological findings, pathological findings, and endoscopic intervention. Topics include safety of the patient and monitoring; modern endoscopic techniques such as magnifying or zoom endoscopy and fluorescence endoscopy; normal appearance of the intestinal segments; vascular malformations and other vascular lesions; rare diseases and disorders; polypectomy and mucosectomy; interventional tumor therapy; and decompression tube placement. Chapters include numerous 2.5x2" color images as well as tips for diagnosis and for therapy. Messman and his endoscopy team at the Augsburg Clinic in Germany perform more than 13,000 endoscopies per year. The volume measures 9.25x12.5".

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