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Atlas of Peripheral Regional Anesthesia: Anatomy and Techniques, 3rd Edition (online access included).


Atlas of Peripheral Regional Anesthesia: Anatomy and Techniques, 3rd Edition (online access included)

Edited by Gisela Meier and Johannes Buettner

Thieme Medical Publishers


333 pages




The third edition of this regional anesthesia guide comes from editors Meier and Buettner and includes updated figures, online video access, and new sections on ultrasound-assisted nerve blocks and pediatric regional anesthesia. The ultrasound section comes first, discussing the requisite equipment and technique. Two very detailed sections on the upper and lower limbs show the variety of nerve blocks available in each region and the anatomy, indications, precautions, technique, and potential complications or risks involved with each one. The section regarding pediatric applications begins with a general overview of specific considerations for children and then briefly reviews the adult procedures with additional notes on pediatric adaptations. The final section addresses some general considerations, including reasons for desirability of regional rather than general anesthesia, toxicity of local anesthetic agents, analgosedation to relieve non-pain discomfort for the patient, technique to avoid nerve injury or infection, and how to perform continuous nerve blocks. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Apr 1, 2016
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