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Atlantic Coast Airlines First Regional to Install State-Of-The-Art Data Communication System in Its Entire Fleet

STERLING, Va., Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlantic Coast Airlines ("ACA") (Nasdaq-NNM: ACAI), which operates as United Express in the Eastern United States, announced today that it will install the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), Flight Management Systems (FMS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) in its Jetstream 41 aircraft beginning as early as December of this year. ACA's entire fleet (29-Jetstream 32s and 28-Jetstream 41s) is scheduled to be completed by early next year.

The ACARS/FMS/GPS system, manufactured by AlliedSignal, uses VHF radio frequencies to transmit data between the flight and ground crews versus using a traditional voice communication system improving ACA's overall communication. At the pilot's fingertips, flight paths can be determined, weather reports can be updated, and ACA passengers will receive timely flight information.

The ACARS/FMS/GPS is able to continuously acquire and track signals from as many as eight satellites using an internal GPS receiver. This provides the crew with all the benefits of satellite-derived navigation. Since the key to flying any approach lies in being able to constantly determine the aircraft's position relative to its destination, GPS promises to reduce the pilot's workload as they increase situational awareness and enhance safety.

"The entire ACARS package will elevate our safety in the most positive way," said ACA's Senior Vice President of Operations and Maintenance Tom Moore. "It will provide better communication between the crew and dispatch by providing accurate status of flight following and weather updates in real-time."

"Atlantic Coast Airlines is taking a progressive stand by installing this type of system into its aircraft," stated Tommy LittleJohn, Director of Advanced Programs and Flight Operations for AlliedSignal. "The regional airline industry has changed in the last ten years and this is an example of the quality of improvements that are taking place. ACARS is a superb tool that will ensure safety, accuracy, and timely communication between ground and air operations."

ACA was recently recognized by the FAA for its participation in developing an advanced crew resource management (CRM) training program and has been instrumental in developing FAA standard procedures to improve flight crew performance. "ACA's advanced CRM program provides the pilots with state-of-the-art training," said Moore. "By equipping state-of-the-art information systems into our fleet, we are taking an aggressive stand on providing the most technology advanced safety system for our crew and, of course, our passengers."

Atlantic Coast Airlines operating as United Express is headquartered in Sterling, Va. and employs over 1,300 aviation professionals, most of whom are based in the Northern Virginia area. The company operates its hub at Washington Dulles International Airport, where it offers nearly 188 departures every business day. From Washington Dulles, ACA currently serves 38 cities in 17 states with non-stop service. Its route system spans the East Coast from Maine to South Carolina and as far west as Ohio. The average age of ACA's fleet is approximately 4 years.

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Date:Nov 25, 1996
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