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Articles from Atlanta Review (September 22, 2019)

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[Letter of Love] To Ojichan. Brockman, Aozora Poem 177
A Friday in April. Sheehy, Felicity Poem 161
A pledge to the dead requires no proof. Hollis, Jennifer L. Poem 231
A Stick of Butter. Pucciani, Donna Poem 240
Anne Frank's Cat. Frank, Anne Poem 582
Apples, Crabapples. Rock, David (American educator) Poem 449
Back Among My Own. Drexler, Wendy Poem 296
By the Delta. Alfier, Tobi Poem 386
chicago, pacific and st. paul. Jacoby, Dan Poem 305
Consumption as Black Hole Photograph and Sweat Bees. Nieves, John A. Poem 224
Contributors. 4878
Corpse. Jaye, Dana Poem 182
Dead Woman's Hollow Road. Santalucia, Nicole Poem 260
December: in the South. Hooper, Patricia Poem 189
Decorations for the New Year. Stewart, Jack (American educator) Poem 223
Eclogue: The Limbs So Full We Thought They'd Break. Wilson, Lindsay Poem 180
Find Me a Horse. Snyder, William, Jr. Poem 449
First Snow. Sheehy, Felicity Poem 199
Flora & Fauna. Randall, Michele Parker Poem 266
Grace. Hines, A.E. Poem 172
Hillel at the Golden Dragon. Faber, Louis Poem 249
How to be a Tomato. Lagana, J. Adams Poem 191
Humidity. Goodhart, Abigail Poem 192
I'm Happy to Drive You All the Way Home. Goodwin, Caroline Poem 235
Ithaka. Wall, J.L. Poem 214
Lawn Tennis. Calia, Charles Laird Poem 201
Lazarus II. McNamee-King, Reagan Poem 151
Little River. Kenefic, Richard Poem 159
Meditation on a Trash Fire in My Backyard. Keeler, R.J. Poem 254
Mercy. Johnson, P.M.F. Poem 163
Mexican Tongue. Amick, J.D. Poem 251
My Cane. Cooperman, Robert Poem 204
Night, Verbezhichi. Galloway, David D. Poem 350
Nighttime in Jericho. Mort, Jo-Ann Poem 295
One Flesh. Irene, Rebecca Poem 261
One Intimate Morning. Ling, Belle Poem 164
Our First Time Making Love After the Funeral. Nakai, Shannon Poem 268
Our Ladies of the Marsh Islands. Saunders, Cliff (American poet) Poem 351
Palestine is Upsidedown. Shbaita, Rema Poem 318
Pass, Valley, Gate, Cathedral. Miller-Duggan, Devon Poem 266
Phantom Limb. Burke, Mark Poem 187
POETRY 2019: International Poetry Competition: GRAND PRIZE $1,000: KURT LUCHS. 155
Prelude to a Resurrection. Shipp, D.R. Poem 181
Rattlebox. Kendrick, Robert Lee Poem 178
Selective Mutism. Wolkin, Jennifer Poem 268
Self-portrait with Rubble. Foley, Sylvia Poem 326
Sienna Hills. Reder, Claudia Poem 161
Sometimes, Briefly. Rowe, Kelly Poem 310
St. John's School. Uchmanowicz, Pauline Poem 185
Stolen Lily. Bun, Rachel Aviva Poem 169
Stones without People and the Art of the Mulberry. Ne Jame, Adele Poem 510
Sundays in the Saddle. Mayer, Barbara J. Poem 211
Suzie. Luchs, Kurt Poem 242
Ten Love Stories. Molotkov, Anatoly Poem 487
The Ant & the Peony. Samuels, Kelly R. Poem 193
The Habit of Keeping. Veldman, Austin Poem 218
The Last Straw. Rubin, Anele Poem 169
The Wolf. Cole, Douglas (American poet) Poem 176
Thin Places. Nudelman, Edward Poem 173
Thought Experiment. Nudelman, Edward Poem 295
Time Zones. Mort, Jo-Ann Poem 457
Toward the Raspberry Bush. Zumbahlen, Anna Poem 167
Turbulence: Night Flight to Cairo. Zimet, Kristin Camitta Poem 170
Twilight Over Ankang Straightaway. Reyns, Paul Poem 217
Unscrolling. Ryan, Joan Roberta Poem 154
Waiting For Mother's Geraniums. Lan, Pingmei Poem 317
Watering Can. Wilson, Lindsay Poem 190
Welcome to Poetry 2019. Vera, Dan 719
WELCOME. Head, Karen 423
What the Tow Truck Driver Told Me. Mancini, John Poem 433
Where to Find Poetry. Clarke, Ivy Marie Poem 193
Where We Call to Nest. Zamora, Felicia Poem 277
Whooshing like winded sumo wrestlers. Walsh, Marty (American poet) Poem 176

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