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Articles from Atlanta Review (September 22, 2018)

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A Brown Girl. Jackson, Joe (American poet) Poem 176
A February Thaw. Piercy, Marge Poem 176
A Late Lunch in California. Romano, Alice Campbell Poem 235
A Plaque for Berryman. Johnson, Paul (American college teacher) Poem 160
Advice for Women Who Have Lost Their Husbands at Sea. Rose, Rebecca Poem 132
Airship, January 1915. Boyer, Marion Poem 253
All the Reckoning. Jagodnik, R.W. Poem 262
Annie Kelly, 25. Rappleye, Greg Poem 379
Atlanta Review Poetry Prize, 2018. Kane, Julie 460
Backtracking. Conybeare, Stephanie Poem 203
Before Burial. Talal, Marilynn Poem 121
Climate Change. Spireng, Matthew J. Poem 186
Daedalus Tying the Wings of Icarus. Johnston, Marilyn E. Poem 256
Dan Veach Young Writer's Prize: 2018 Award: ALYSSA CRUZ. Reilly, J.C. Brief article 245
Dilling. Wyatt, Charles Poem 194
Dor. Wyatt, Charles Poem 180
Doting. Reis, Donna Poem 219
Encounter. Pope, Deborah Poem 173
Eulogy. Kaminsky, Ilya Poem 127
Felt Calculus. Christie, Stephanie Poem 136
Fernandina, Galapagos Islands. Vande Plasse, Kelly Poem 322
Forward, Out. Meyers, Joyce Poem 176
Franz Tinscher. Castleberry, Michelle Poem 323
From Nomad Poems: Set Down Set Down. Trimble, Patti Poem 180
From Nomad Poems: We Are Seed. Trimble, Patti Poem 129
Geology. Conybeare, Stephanie Poem 188
Gold Triumph Tulips. Pope, Deborah Sonnet 128
I'm Noticing You Noticing Me, So Before You Ask. Cruz, Alyssa Poem 424
Interment. Hall, Ceridwen Poem 150
Just Enough Time. Pucciani, Donna Poem 115
Mammogram Eve. Janken, Eric Poem 221
Marriage. Lane, Rosa Poem 157
Megacopta Cribraria. Trollope, Joanna Poem 182
My Grandfather's Herringbone Cap. Rappleye, Greg Poem 292
Night. Wood, Raleigh Scott Poem 161
October 13, 2006. Glass, Malcolm Sanford Poem 185
POETRY 2018. Brief article 168
Raising the Ghost Year. Kaber, Judy Poem 288
Rare Gifts. Beasley, Christina Poem 177
Reap. Saiser, Marjorie Poem 111
Refuge. Yoest, Hannah Poem 186
Samara. Hogle, Don Sonnet 134
Selected Nightmares. Whitton, Chelsea Poem 476
She Goes for a Walk. Sorenson, LeRoy N. Poem 159
Song for the Refugees. Meissner, Bill Poem 307
Speak, Mnemosyne. Vorhies, Angie Poem 390
Spider. Conneely, Noel Poem 160
The Ladies. Gay, Mac Poem 207
The Old Shall Bear Fruit. Spring, Anne Poem 112
The Pashto Poems. Hamilton, Kim Poem 196
The Tardigrade. Vande Plasse, Kelly Poem 281
The Townspeople Watch Them Take Alfonso. Kaminsky, Ilya Poem 147
The Weight of Bodily Touches. Zaccardi, Joseph Poem 238
The World is Always Ending Somewhere. Swimm, Ben Poem 127
Those Weekends. Talal, Marilynn Poem 115
To My Father, on His Birthday. Mello, Aline Poem 244
Torques / Double Shifts at KFC. Nayler, Raynald Patrice Desmeules Poem 153
Underground. Gomez, Carlos Andres Poem 221
Welcome. Head, Karen Editorial 493
Welcomes to Georgia Tech: Ilya Kaminsky: The Margaret T. and Henry C. Bourne Chair in Poetry. Brief biography 237
What the Rat Told the World. Machan, Katharyn Howd Poem 200
When Night Falls and Wine Pours. Swan, Marc Poem 270
When Wind Blows All Day in the Desert. Saiser, Marjorie Poem 176
Why I Read Obituaries. Colburn, Don Poem 221
With Me. Marion, Linda Parsons Poem 200
Written by Window Light. Kramer, George (American poet) Poem 211
Your Fancy Bonsai Tree. Whitton, Chelsea Poem 278
Your Fruit, Hallowed. Kazmi, Naima Cerulean Poem 296

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