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Articles from Atlanta Review (March 22, 2017)

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Title Author Type Words
A Contemplation of Girls. Gilbert, Laurice Poem 161
A Late Spring. Brickhouse, Robert Poem 112
A Letter to Shu Hoong. Hall, Bernadette Poem 131
Ahakoa he iti he pounamu (Although It Is Small It Is Greenstone). Wallace, Louise Poem 120
An Obsession with Isolation. Ingram, Gail Poem 268
As the Crow Flies. Ewing, Jeff Poem 249
At Edith's Ranch Along Washoe Creek. Alfier, Jeffrey C. Poem 183
At Ghost Ranch. Ferleger, Doris Poem 382
Before the Fall. Kildegaard, Athena O. Poem 259
Birdsongs. Davies, Piers Poem 180
Blake. Rapatahana, Vaughan Poem 130
Broken Song. Alexander, Raewyn Poem 159
Christmas Card. Hale, Dorinda Poem 155
City Rise. Wong, Alison Poem 138
Claiming the Land. Fraser, Alexandra Poem 226
Corn Mother. Lundeen, Nan Poem 116
Credit Control. Johnson, Erena Poem 505
Desolations of March. Raithel, Tom Poem 125
Echolalia. Desimone, Christine Poem 254
Fire! FitzGerald, Jan Poem 144
Flood. Newman, Janet Poem 201
Girl with Sparrows. Conneely, Noel Poem 200
I Am the Child. Curtis, Jeni Poem 115
Initiation. Zelas, Karen Poem 176
Intimations of Adulthood. Foley, Laura Davies Poem 137
Introduction. Alvarez, Ivy 482
Istanbul Moments. Meadows, Agnes Poem 326
Kahuwhakamarumaruwairua (chant). Milford, Robynanne Poem 168
Kiwiana. Charity, Julia Poem 137
License to Fly. Hale, Dorinda Poem 235
Like a Queen. Tse, Chris Poem 196
Like Daily Bread. Nieuwland, Piet Poem 188
Menagerie: A 40th Birthday Poem. Aschkenas, Lea Poem 248
Muguet Des Bois. Craven, Jane Poem 155
Mydriatic. Morton, Elizabeth Poem 172
Nativity. Sharpe, Tori Poem 185
On Being Told: You Must Learn to Burn Like This. Williams, John Sibley Poem 157
On Playing Scales on the Saxophone. O'Dell, John Poem 205
Plunge Tectonic. Alvarez, Ivy Poem 242
Preventing Implantation. Kirkwood, Meredith Stewart Poem 140
Queen Auckland. Fitchett, Sue Poem 500
Reputation. Smeaton, Carin Poem 425
Requiem. Freegard, Janis Poem 186
She Was Not Medea. Shapiro, Rochelle Jewel Poem 293
Signs of God and Art in Barcelona. Plotnick, Tamra Poem 158
Sneezing Among the Ashes. Nunes, Keith Poem 243
Stop/Move. Trower, Jamie Poem 158
Ted Talk. Edmond, Murray Donald Poem 326
The Archives. Beyer, Tony Poem 308
The Hour's Poem. Hischak, Gregory Poem 183
The Model Bakery. Elvy, Michelle Poem 189
The Mothers of the Mothers of the Mothers. McMillan, Frankie Poem 197
The Needlework, the Polishing. Wootton, Sue Sonnet 144
The Potato: Splitting a Small Fry To-Go. Mendoza, Matthew Poem 249
The Widow's Handbook. Kourous, Sharon Poem 213
The Wild Chattooga River Just Below Lick Log Creek. Bassett, Frederick W. Poem 244
Their Humming. Williams, Marty Poem 291
There Is a House That We Are In. Kan, Gregory Poem 222
There's birds in the family (excerpt from Triptych). Barford, Serie Excerpt 123
This Is Not Another Poem About Dying. Simpson, Jane Poem 152
Three Is a Double Date with One Missing. Ya-Wen Ho Poem 571
Tikkun Olam. Shapiro, Rochelle Jewel Poem 223
Token. Orchard, Claire Poem 220
TriBeCa 1993. Smith, Rosanne Poem 169
Twilight Venus. Jospe, Kathryn Poem 164
Van Gogh to Whitman. Weinraub, Richard Marx Sonnet 168
We Dreamed Her. Liu, Rosalie Poem 123
Wednesday. Meadows, Agnes Poem 375
Welcome. Head, Karen Editorial 527
Whale and Barnacles. Jackson, Anna (New Zealand poet) Poem 350
What Names the Moon Gives. Davis, Noah (American journalist) Poem 205
White Pearls, Hanging Ears. Easthope, Nicola Poem 302
With Nothing Between Us and the End of the World. Davis, Todd Poem 247

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