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Articles from Atlanta Review (September 22, 2012)

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Title Author Type Words
A Sermon for the Damned. Cecil, Richard Poem 330
A Word with You. Veach, Dan Sonnet 136
Age of Information. Veach, Dan Poem 361
Bamboo Sonata. Serchuk, Peter Poem 351
Before. Raithel, Tom Poem 156
Buzz-Cut Saturdays. Jaeger, Lowell Poem 215
Career Girls. White, Sarah Poem 150
Controlled Burning. Wagner, Jeanne Poem 158
Dingle Peninsula. Naradzay, Bonnie Poem 179
Driving with the Right Side of the Brain. Riccio, Dolores Poem 135
East. Meyers, Joyce Poem 212
Egret. Veach, Dan Poem 115
Elegy for the Age of Oil. Veach, Dan Poem 116
Elephant Water. Veach, Dan Poem 240
Everyone Loves You. Donovan, Stacy Poem 205
Family Poems. Fraser, Gregory Poem 410
Fish Cycles. Hibbet, Ryan Poem 546
For a Glass Harp Player. Levering, Donald Poem 202
Forgetting. Whitman-Bradley, Buff Poem 309
Friday Morning. Funge, Robert Poem 279
Glasses. Mash, Roy Poem 108
Gloria's Cafe: Ventura, California. Wood, Laura Juliet Poem 238
God Spelled Backwards. Veach, Dan Poem 114
Gusanos. Sanchez, Jorge Poem 194
Her Body. Steudel, Mark Poem 321
Her Side of the Story. Riccio, Dolores Poem 203
Homage to July. Smith, Thomas R. Poem 127
Hunger. Andresen, Cathryn; Faran, Michael Poem 128
I Wish I Were in Love Again. Reiter, Jendi Poem 404
I. Out West. Veach, Dan Brief article 280
In Honor of Roaches. Veach, Dan Sonnet 143
Mexico City. Flythe, Starkey Sharp, Jr. Poem 201
Mile High. Pearl, Sherman Poem 178
Mortal Coil. Andresen, Cathryn; Faran, Michael Poem 176
My Courthouse Summer. Greenway, William Henry, Jr. Poem 203
My Long Thigh Bone. Veach, Dan Poem 134
Nile Delta: Mattocks. Merjian, H.M. Poem 281
Now and Then. Worley, Jeff Poem 229
Ode to a Brown Turkey Fig. Marion, Linda Parsons Sonnet 130
Ode to Flatulence. Natchez, Meryl Poem 276
Ode to the Brown Pelican. Cohen, Susan (American journalist) Poem 306
On a Pianist's Eightieth Birthday. Williams, Donald Mace Sonnet 158
On Reading An Instant Guide to Trees. Wagner, Jeanne Poem 156
P.O. Box 1225. Funge, Robert Poem 293
Papaya. Ehrlicher, Lynn Poem 157
Picking Blackberries. Naradzay, Bonnie Poem 225
Please Note, Behind the Famous Work of Art, the Wall. Roberts, Don (American poet) Poem 132
Poem Beginning and Ending with a Line by Adonis. Heithaus, Joseph Poem 209
Remembering How to Fly. Hoehn, Margaret J. Poem 161
Riding the Waves. Terasaki, Nancy Poem 241
Selling Sorrow. Gibson, Becky Gould Poem 303
Storm. Uzgiris, Rimas Poem 205
Sunday Drive. DeLuca, Sara 430
Sunflowers. Fessler, Michael Sonnet 141
Tails. Nicola, James B. Poem 125
Tantra. Cervine, Dane Poem 120
Tempest in the Teapot. Owen, Sue Ann Poem 178
Ten Years of Winter. Veach, Dan Poem 170
The Artist Speaks to Her Unborn Paintings. Pinckney, Diana Poem 164
The Blessing. Donovan, Stacy Poem 189
The Bureaucrats. Barger, John Wall Poem 418
The Cerberus Puppy School Trainer Takes Us on a Tour. Wagner, Jeanne Poem 156
The Effortless. De Maris, Ron Poem 165
The Great Blue Heron. Praisner, Wanda Poem 164
The Green Machine Is Now Your Mother. Camp, Roger Poem 227
The Old Orchard. Hart, Mark D. Poem 346
The Ropes. Morris, J. (American musician) Poem 210
The Supernumerary. Gibson, Becky Gould Poem 353
The Truth About Spring. Veach, Dan Poem 209
The Untouchables. Mash, Roy Poem 316
The Woman Who Refused to Be Shunned. Hostetler, Ann Poem 181
This Table. Mir, Marjorie Poem 182
Three A.M. McDonough, Jill Poem 269
Turning Yourself Into the Wind. Hunley, Tom C. Poem 185
Upstairs, Downstairs. Riccio, Dolores Poem 161
Viewing Guernica in Madrid. Cohen, Susan (American journalist) Poem 323
Watching, Waiting. Praisner, Wanda Poem 154
Wear and Tear. Veach, Dan Poem 143
When I Was Seven It Was a Very Hot Summer. Popp, Marcia Poem 233
Wishbone. Swann, Elizabeth Poem 144
Yes. Marks, Gigi Poem 111

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