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Articles from Atlanta Review (September 22, 2010)

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Title Author Type Words
A Brief History of Marble. King, Robert; King, Robert (American writer) Poem 151
A Lesson Every Shipwreck Learns Too Late. Carney, Rob Poem 124
Alamotel. v; Ross, Aden Poem 269
Alleluia. Baggett, Rebecca Poem 435
Ars Poetica. Paden, Jeremy Poem 240
Back from Rome. Potos, Andrea Poem 221
Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Dress, 1963. Morphew, Melissa Poem 292
Birds and Bees. Shearin, Faith Poem 165
Blake and Baby. Champ, Robert Poem 279
Cairo: Street Waif. Merjian, Hagop Missak Poem 276
Contributors. Column 1522
Corona. Tobin, Daniel; Tobin, Daniel (American poet) Poem 166
Dark Matter. MacLeod, Jason Michael Poem 158
Days Ago in Kanha. Praisner, Wanda S.; Praisner, Wanda 129
Delion Temple of Artemis and Apollo. Stanton, Maura Poem 206
Details. Lee, Mary Soon 151
Difficulty. Jones, Michael; Jones, Michael (American poet) Poem 160
Earthquake. Meyers, Joyce Poem 205
End Times. Vu, Vuong Quoc; Vuong Quoc Vu Poem 306
Except Know Substitutes. Bergmann, F.J. Poem 114
Faiz. Terzi, Judith Poem 147
Ganesh. Kanter, Carol 132
Goose Pagoda. Accomando, Claire Hsu Poem 319
Heliotropic. Davis, Todd Poem 126
Impotence. Postma, Rose 116
Instructions To My Poem. Day, Lucille Lang; Day, Lucille Poem 181
Jacques and Francoise. Stanton, Maura Poem 311
January. Priest, Daniel 205
Japan 1944: Fusen Bakudan. Seaman, Jon E. 508
Kakistocracy. Brown, Kevin; Brown, Kevin (American poet) Poem 140
Light-winged Dryad of the Trees Succotash. Phillips, Louis Poem 127
Lost in the Louvre. Holmes, Karen Paul Poem 201
Multiverse. Talmadge, Jeffrey Poem 126
Muse. Sneegas, Gretchen Poem 376
Nobody's Business But Ours. Davis, Pamela; Davis, Pamela (American poet) Poem 209
Not Today. Fraser, Gregory Poem 379
Ode to Late Middle Age. Cecil, Richard Poem 221
On Shore. Fischer, Linda M. Poem 231
Panther in Dwarf Cypress. De Maris, Ron Poem 350
Parchment. Hafker, Eric Poem 212
Poem for Haiti. Gardner, Brieghan Poem 131
Poetry 2010 contributors. Column 936
Reading the Red Book of Fairy Tales. Masterson-Richardson, Gloria; Masterson-Richardson, Gina Poem 107
Rosy Road. Luterman, Alison Poem 419
Solstice Under Snow. Jagoe, Catherine Poem 123
Some Days I Want To Be Ethel Mertz. McCraw, Catherine Poem 129
Spin City. Webster, Nila J. Poem 224
Star Route. Longenecker, George Poem 132
Stradivari's Ghost Speaks to the Future. Muse, Charlotte Poem 236
Strontium 90 After WWII. Chapman, Robin; Chapman, Robin (American poet) 121
Suburban Vigilante. Denny, David 286
Swing. Walsh, Timothy Poem 237
The Birth of Eros. Valvis, James Poem 191
The Five-Minute Trip. Al-Braikan, Mahmud Poem 212
The Ghost of Marilyn Monroe Speaks in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Meissner, Bill Poem 349
The Poem Goes Hollywood. Roth, Bryan Poem 262
The Real Thing. Day, Lucille Lang; Day, Lucille Poem 225
The Three of Us. Sereno, Prartho Poem 241
The Transformation. Hawk, Red; Red Hawk (American poet) Poem 119
The Ukulele. Cervine, Dane Poem 265
This Evening. Hughes, Glenn; Hughes, Glenn (American poet) Poem 109
Vanishing. Pearl, Sherman Poem 154
Virginia Reel. Brenner, Devon Poem 218
Waiting. Conde, Kathy Poem 147
Welcome. Veach, Dan Column 309
What Death Heard About Us. Rose, Rachel; Rose, Rachel (Canadian poet) Poem 425
What the Traveler Knows. Balma, Kathleen Poem 181
What We Heard About Death. Rose, Rachel; Rose, Rachel (Canadian poet) 199
William Blake's Skewers of Barbecued Tyger, Lamb, Green Peppers and Onions. Phillips, Louis Poem 212

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