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Articles from Atlanta Review (March 22, 2007)

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Title Author Type Words
A country out of work. Abdullah, Adil Poem 121
A Letter from Poland, October 4, 1952. Guzlowski, John Poem 205
A poetry workshop named Iraq. Kabi, Haider Al- 1052
A Wheat Seed. Shugaidil, Kareem Poem 285
Affiliations. Braikan, Mahmud Al- Poem 193
An Attempt at Music. Kamaludin, Adeeb Poem 379
Ants in My Driveway. Majmudar, Amit Poem 120
At the Bird Store. Doyle, James Poem 201
Bags of Bones. Mikhail, Dunya Poem 299
Begging Bowl. Denny, David Poem 225
Bombardment. Kabi, Haider Al- Poem 185
Brine on the Wings of Seagulls. Shathr, Abd Al-Hassan Al- Poem 621
Crossing Over. Gatling, Cheryl Poem 196
Elegy for a Coffee Shop Waiter. Kasid, Abdul-Kareem Poem 122
Everything but You. Parham, Robert Poem 143
Flour Below Zero. Shugaidil, Kareem Poem 508
Halloween Candy. Majmudar, Amit Poem 157
Holding Her. Fein, Sharon Poem 106
How to Make Plum Dumplings. Broach, Ronda Poem 113
Illusory Village. Asadi, Khalil Al- Poem 422
In Krakow. May, James Davis Poem 142
In My Office (1): a poem fully annotated by the author. Sisson, Matthew Poem 410
Inkwell. King, Robert Poem 102
Introduction. 893
Lobby Stone. Peters, Melissa Poem 105
Love's Lexicon. Cervine, Dane Poem 203
More Than One, Less Than Two. Khattab, Sabah Poem 246
More Things Olivia Brings to the Party. Tucker, S. Brady Poem 390
My Brother's War. Aziz, Taleb Abd Al- Poem 330
Night Prayers. Saiq, Adnan Al- Poem 123
Of Freedom. Braikan, Mahmud Al- Poem 155
Office Lunch. Gatling, Cheryl Poem 106
Old Man and Nurse. Crowe, Melissa Poem 234
On ether. Larsen, Lance Brief article 263
Pythagoras's Flowering Heart. Slonimsky, Lee Poem 107
Questions. Rood, Steven Poem 137
Reunion. Johnson, HeatherLeigh Poem 353
Seven Attempts to Portray Mr. President. Najm, Soheil Poem 223
Stormy Day at South Beach. De Maris, Ron Poem 215
Strange and lonely child sitting in a dark garden, this is my heart. Zair, Rasmiah Meheibis Poem 231
Strawberries. Truex, Brigit Poem 126
Tag. Tucker, S. Brady Poem 251
That Is My Life. Hatem, Adam Poem 464
The Black Box. Mustafa, Jamal Poem 209
The Execution of an Executioner. Nassar, Hanadi Al- Poem 227
The Exhortation of the Pigeon God. Spence, Michael Poem 155
The Hanging Gardens of Death. Abdulameer, Ali Poem 670
The King of Sorrows. Keitan, Abdul-Khaliq Poem 205
The Mermaid's Daughter Muses Over the Ocean. Pinckney, Diana Poem 107
The Milk of the Mountain Goats. Waters, Chris Poem 159
The Mirror of the Eye ... The Mirror of Memory. Jasim, Saad Poem 112
The Night My Father Died. Auerbach, Carl Poem 134
The Old Salt's Song. Pinckney, Diana Poem 243
The Spindle. Shafeeq, Hashem Poem 102
The Statue. Rubaiee, Abdul Razaq Al- Poem 307
The Transient Things. Abdulqadir, Ra'ad Poem 564
The Wayward Marl. Agner, Mary Alexandra Poem 297
The Writer in Residence. Colby, Joan Poem 168
Through the Lens, October. Fein, Sharon Poem 185
Tomorrow the War Will Have a Picnic. Rubaiee, Abdul Razaq Al- Poem 536
Voice. Larsen, Lance Poem 192
Votive at an Open Window. O'Brien, Jeff Poem 147
We Are Not Dead. Abdul-Hur, Munthir Poem 153

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