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Atex-approved detector is non-invasive and reusable.

Leading pressure-safety systems provider Elfab has developed a non-invasive and reusable detector that meets the European ATEX Directive (Atmospheres Explosibles) 94/9/EC.

Using the intrinsic safety method of protection, Integral Flo-Tel has been awarded the highest level of protection for electrical equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

Most alarm systems are activated via fluid flow created after a bursting disc has operated. In contrast, Integral Flo-Tel is installed on the vent side of bursting disc devices and is activated by the operation of the disc. During operation, a magnet arcs away from its rest position, removing the magnetic field from a sensor, and comes to rest in a position, which no longer influences the sensor. This causes the sensor to switch its fail-safe condition of an open circuit and a latched alarm condition

After operation, the bursting disc, complete with magnet, is the only part of the Integral Flo-Tel that requires replacing. The sensor's cable can be easily withdrawn from the bursting disc holder, prior to the holder being removed from the flange, and does not need to be electrically disconnected from the control system.

Integral Flo-Tel offers an extended temperature range and improved environmental protection to IP65. It is suitable for use in both chemically aggressive and hygienic environments. Since all of the switch's electrical parts are situated outside of the pipe or vent bore, they are subject to much higher levels of mechanical protection than more traditional membrane warning systems, and therefore benefit from a greatly reduced potential for spurious alarms. Integral Flo-Tel remains unaffected by factors such as damage from handling or installation and downstream back-pressure fluctuations that can impact on the performance of other detection devices, leading to unnecessary and costly downtime.

The rated burst pressure of the complete disc assembly will not be affected by the addition of the magnet, and the design ensures that fragmentation of the assembly should be prevented.

Contact Elfab Limited on tel: +44(0)191 293 1234 or visit

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