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Atari Corp.

SUNNYVALE, Cal. - Atari Corp. has begun shipping its highly touted Jaguar CD System. This 64-bit interactive component plugs into the company's existing, cartridge-based Jaguar 64 console.

Priced at $149 suggested retail, the CD peripheral comes bundled with a free software bonus pack containing Blue Lighting, an air combat title; Vid Grid, a music video puzzle; a demo of the first level of Myst, the wildly popular role-playing game, and the soundtrack to Tempest 2000, Atari's best-selling title.

Atari notified Jaguar 64 users of the CD release through the company's new Jaguar First Alert consumer postcard program. Upcoming titles are Demolition Man, Wayne Gretzky Hockey, Dragon's Lair, Creature Shock and Highlander.

The unit also plays any standard audio CD.
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Title Annotation:Jaguar CD System
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Date:Sep 4, 1995
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