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At the Institute.

Students are always a big part of life at the Health Law Institute here at the University of Alberta. However, this summer we are more cognizant of this than ever. We are very fortunate to have funding for 14 summer students who are working on a wide array of research projects with the Institute covering issues such as genomics, stem cell research, public health emergencies, intellectual property issues, nanotechnology, end of life issues, and challenges in the practices of health professionals, among others. They become such an important part of our research and educational team and we look forward to another productive summer with such a fantastic group on board.

One newly funded project that we will have student help with is a new grant from the Advanced Foods and Materials Network, with our own Timothy Caulfield as a co-project leader along with David Castle of the University of Guelph. They have received funds of $645,000 to study social issues in nutritional genomics, and more specifically to look at the appropriate design of regulation of this area, taking into account the under-standing and views of the public in this area.

Timothy Caulfield, Project Leader of the recently funded Genome Alberta GE3LS project, Translating Science: Genomics and Health Systems, recently hosted a multi-disciplinary international workshop in Banff entitled Biotechnology Patents and Policy: What's the Evidence on gene patents and policy. The objective of this workshop was to review and critique existing evidence and risks associated with biotechnology patents. Though the emphasis was on human gene patents, other emerging technologies, such as stem cell research and nanotechnology, were also discussed.

Given all of the amazing things our Research Director, Professor Timothy Caulfield, has been involved with, it is a great pleasure to advise that he has recently been elected to Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) which provides advice on crucial issues about the health of Canadians. This is a great honour and we here at the HLI who work with Tim on a daily basis congratulate him and are certain he will serve capably in this capacity.

We wish you all happy reading with this latest edition of the Review.

Tracey Bailey, Co-Editor


Tracey M. Bailey and Timothy Caulfield

Assistant Editors

Nina M. Hawkins, Jane Steblecki
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Author:Bailey, Tracey; Caulfield, Timothy; Hawkins, Nina M.; Steblecki, Jane
Publication:Health Law Review
Date:Mar 22, 2006
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