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At least fix the parking machines! FEEDBACK.

SO Cardiff council has raised PS5m via parking fines in the capital (Echo January 29). That's great, well done.

But spare a thought for us lawabiding citizens who pay to park in town every day for work. I'm a working mum on school run duties, Cathays is chockablock now parking costs to pay and display have gone up.

I have been parking outside my offices in Cathays Park since 1996, this must equate to thousands and thousands of pounds over the 18 years. So in return, I think it's only fair that Cardiff council actually ensures these small dark green pay and display machines actually work But they don't! Often they don't even take cash, and nearly every day they don't take cards - "network unavailable". So why is it so difficult and if they are faulty, can't they be fixed or replaced? It adds so much stress to my day and is a complete waste of time. I've missed meetings and appointments because I am running around Cathays Park like a loon trying to find one that actually works. Yes that's me!

I've been drafting this letter in my mind since the new machines were installed.

Please Cardiff council, do us a favour and fix these machines. My and several others' raised blood pressure and stress levels would dramatically fall as a result. Thank you.

E Morgan Penylan, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Feb 6, 2014
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