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At ease so you think you know your military history?

Well, think again!

Each month we publish questions to test your knowledge as part of our At Ease feature, a collection of military trivia and humour. The answers to the quiz are tucked away on another page in this issue.

Good luck! Your input is welcome!

Please send your stumpers to Les Peate c/o this magazine.

1. Things change. Who were the original (a)

Dragoons (b) Fusiliers (c) Commandos?

2. When would you do a "left-about turn"?

3. How many Commonwealth infantry battalions received the battle honour "Kapyong"?

4. In the British Army, Guards regiments take precedence over line regiments. Is this the case in Canada?

5. Which of the following (if any) served in the Royal Flying Corps: (a) Roy Brown (b) Billy Bishop (c) Raymond Collishaw?

6. What is pykrete and what was its intended use?

7. How many branches does the U.S. armed forces have?

8. How old must a youth be to be a member of the Army Cadets?

9. What are Glengarries, Balmorals and Kilmarnocks?

10. How much is the admission fee for veterans at the Canadian War Museum?


(1) (a) Dragoons were mounted infantry (they rode into battle then fought on foot), (b) Fusiliers were guards for the artillery train (armed with short rifles or fusils), (c) Commandos were Boer irregulars, usually mounted. (Their "Lili Marlene" equivalent, "Sarie Marais", was adopted as the Royal Marine Commando march). (2) As a patrolling sentry to ensure that you were always facing outwards. (3) Three: 2 PPCLI, 3rd Royal Australian Regiment and the Middlesex Regiment. (4) No. Regular regiments have precedence over reserves. Thus The RCR is senior. However, among reserve units, the two Guards regiments take precedence. (5) Billy Bishop. The others served with the Royal Naval Air Service before integration into the Royal Air Force. (6) Eccentric scientist Geoffrey Pyke developed a strong ice/wood pulp mixture to be used to construct "unsinkable" aircraft carriers. The project was never adopted. (7) Five: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. (8) Over 12 years and under 19. (9) Highland regimental bonnets. (10) Veterans (and two dependents) are admitted free and also receive an $11.00 canteen credit.


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