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At ease: so you think you know your military history? Well, think again!

Each month we publish questions to test your knowledge as part of our At Ease feature, a collection of military trivia and humour. The answers to the quiz are tucked away on another page in this issue.

Good luck! Your input is welcome!

Please send your stumpers to Les Peate c/o this magazine.

Ah, memory! Sixty-six years ago I found myself (reluctantly) on guard at Buckingham Palace. The first half of these posers are a flashback to those days.

1. How many Canadian regiments have mounted guard on Buckingham Palace?

2. Have any mounted guard twice?

3. Where does Jatinderpai Singh Buller fit into the scheme of things?

4. Alex Trebek (no less) defined the headdress worn by Guardsmen (and Vandoos) as a "busby." Was he correct?

5. Which is the senior of the two Palace Guards (the guard, not the regiment)?

Now I'll put away the "Kiwi" and brass polish and get onto the remainder of the quiz:

6. Early battledress had two external trouser pockets. What was their purpose?

7. Did Custer earn two Medals of Honor (MoH) and later fall at Little Big Horn?

8. On the same subject, how many (if any) MoH recipients received the award twice in the Civil War?

9. What is the name of the new U.S. aircraft carrier?

10. Which Canadian regiment wears its cap badge on the right side?

Answers to the trivia questions on page 69: (1) Four: The RCR, R22eR, Toronto Scottish and PPCLI. The Guard Orders were bilingual--a memento of the Van Doos tour of duty in 1940. (2) The RCR--1940 and 1960. (3) Although Gurkhas have provided guards, Buller was the first Scots Guardsman on Buckingham Palace Guard wearing a turban. (4) Busbies are shorter and worn by former mounted troops. Guards and Van Doos wear Bearskins. Animal Rights activists protest from time to time, claiming that the custom is unfair to bears. (5) Although the Changing the Guard takes place at "Buck House," St. James Palace ("Jimmy") is the official royal residence and the senior of the two. (6) A large "map pocket" on the left; leg and a smaller "field dressing pocket" on the upper right. (The map pocket made pressing pants very difficult.) (7) Yes. The General's brother, Thomas, received the award twice for capturing Confederate standards, and later died at Little Big Horn. (8) Three: two navy men and Lieut. Custer. (9) The USS Gerald R. Ford. (10) The Irish Regiment of Canada did the same to Germany in 1943.


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