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At Last, Gefilte Fish and Dog Food Combined.

A University of Virginia fraternity forces its pledges to eat a dish composed of dog food, matzah ball, gefilte fish, and soy saucesomething we know because one freshman was hospitalized earlier this month when a severe electrolyte imbalance due to sodium overconsumptiontranslation: Guzzling soy saucecaused seizures (he's fine).

But back to that dish: Dog food, matzah ball, gefilte fish, and soy sauce. It just prompts so many questions.

What is the grossest ingredient?

How do they tell the gefilte fish from the dog food?

Maybe they can't, and that's the point?

Would you feed this dish to your dog?

What should it be called?

Any and all responses are encouraged.

U-Va. Fraternity Pledge Hospitalized After Soy-Sauce Dare [WP]

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Author:Tracy, Marc
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Date:Mar 16, 2011
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