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At GLAA, they're 'all in this together'.

Having heard compelling evidence from the guest speaker during a recent meeting of the Greater Lexington Apartment Association (GIAA) about the real possibility that the local apartment industry would be required to bear the cost of adhering to higher proposed lead-based paint standards in their apartment homes, a group of 75 industry professionals understood fully the importance and value of NAA PAC.

The speaker, who is responsible for enforcement of environmental laws for the state of Kentucky, based his presentation on the premise that the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) current lead based paint standards are insufficient.

After the speaker left the meeting, based on the leadership of John Schrader, GLAA's PAC Ambassador, the group contributed approximately $600 to NAA PAC as part of an impromptu pass-the-hat collection. It's this kind of support that is needed--the bill was ultimately defeated.

With a motto that truly captures the spirit of NAA PAC, "We're All In This Together," GIAA is among the top fund raisers for NAA. Schrader has been making this pitch since becoming an Ambassador 19 months ago.

"We are constantly working to educate our members on legislative issues and on the reality that we must have input in the government process," said Schrader, a partner with Sherrow, Schrader & Sutherland, Lexington, Ky., who has served as GLAA's attorney for almost 25 years. "With turnover in our industry so high, you have to keep getting out the message that it is critical that our industry has a strong, unified voice so that we can win on all levels of government--local, state and federal."

Schrader said he recognizes GLAA's board members at each meeting, both congratulating them for their contributions and asking them to encourage everyone working for their companies to contribute. "We want 100 percent participation--when everyone contributes something to the cause, we all feel that we are working together as a team. I constantly remind our members that all of our jobs depend on having a strong industry."

"It's important for our members to see that our leadership is helping the PAC," said Schrader, who said approximately half of his practice's business involves the apartment industry.

Schrader's long-standing knowledge of the apartment industry and his solid relationship with a lot of GLAA's members have obviously helped him carry out his NAA PAC Ambassador role.

"I would like to think that with 24 years experience, when I talk about the importance of something, the credibility is there and our members will listen and respond," Schrader said.

One of his sweeter fund-raising memories, Schrader joked, was the pie-throwing booth at the GLAA trade show in September, where he and GLAA Executive Brenda Wells, CAM, were the primary targets.

"I think we all had a lot of fun with it." Schrader said. "Creativity really plays a big part in the success of a fund raiser."

FYI To become a PAC Ambassador, contact NAA's Manager for NAA PAC & Grassroots Bradley Hix at 703/518-6141 Ext. 123 or e-mail
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Title Annotation:NAA PAC
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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