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At Autzen, record-level crowd and noise to match.

Byline: Mark Baker The Register-Guard

Take that, Clemson Tiger fans. And LSU Tiger fans. And any other college football fans who think they have the loudest stadium in America.

Oh, and for any Oregon fans who still think the "old" Autzen Stadium is louder than the "new" Autzen, take this: a sound-level reading of 127.2 decibels - louder than a jet plane at takeoff and 2.8 decibels short of your average jackhammer - during No. 5 Oregon's monumental win over No. 9 USC on Saturday in front of the largest crowd in UO history, 59,277.

That's 8.4 decibels louder than we recorded two weeks ago at the UO's home game against Washington State. And 1.2 decibels louder than the 126 decibels that 77,381 Clemson fans claimed to have reached two years ago against Miami.

With about 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Oregon's Jonathan Stewart plunged into the end zone from the 1-yard line with what would be the difference-making score of the game, giving the Ducks a 24-10 lead after the extra-point kick.

Oregon went on to beat the Trojans, 24-17, and stay in the race for a Pac-10 title and a berth in the Rose Bowl, or maybe even the BCS national championship game in New Orleans on Jan. 7.

Our Extech Instruments digital sound level meter recorded the 127.2 reading from the first row of section 8, filled with delirious UO students in front of the UO cheerleaders in Autzen's northwest corner, the moment Stewart scored.

Earlier, we recorded a 118.8 decibel reading, also the highest reading we got at the Washington State game, from the crowded aisle between sections 7 and 8 as students roared for the Oregon defense on a third-down possession by USC.

"118?" said a UO student fighting his way through a sea of green-and-yellow students being encouraged to find a seat by crowd-control workers. "That's illegal, isn't it?"

Compared with 127.2, it's the sound of a Trojan horse choking on Duck feathers.
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