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Asymmetric synthesis; the essentials.


Asymmetric synthesis; the essentials.

Ed. by Mathias Christmann and Stefan Brase.



345 pages




Christmann (PhD, chemistry, U. of Hannover, Germany) and Brase (organic chemistry, Technical U. of Karlsruhe, Germany) present 58 essays describing applications and methods in asymmetric synthesis, the intentional construction of enantiomers of a given constitutional isomer by means of chemical reaction. They have arranged the papers into five sections dealing with the creation of new stereocenters using existing stereochemical information in the molecule or from a chiral auxiliary, metal-catalyzed asymmetric synthesis, asymmetric catalysis with enzymes and small organic molecules, asymmetric reactions in total synthesis, and asymmetric synthesis for the production of drugs and fine chemicals.

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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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