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Egypt's astronomy research institute posts beautiful picture of Milky Way. Egypt Today staff Mar 15, 2022 204
COMPUTING THE STARS: Astronomers are using Al, supercomputing, and the cloud to organize a universe of data. Woodall, Tatyana Nov 1, 2021 890
Japan space agency hails return of asteroid dust on Earth. Dec 7, 2020 753
WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Hutson, Matthew Nov 1, 2020 3422
Moon richer in water than once thought. Oct 27, 2020 786
Is anything older than the Universe. Jul 26, 2020 1160
If you thought black holes were weird, wait till you hear about white holes. Jun 22, 2020 1713
A Win For Cosmos And Exoplanets. Oct 14, 2019 596
A Practice Drill For An Asteroid Strike! May 7, 2019 648
Holy month of Ramadan begins Monday: Astronomical Research. May 4, 2019 200
Best Long-range Test of General Relativity. Young, Monica Oct 1, 2018 357
Parker Heads To The Sun. Sep 10, 2018 691
Hawking Takes on the Multiverse. Young, Monica Aug 1, 2018 404
LOOKING TO THE HEAVENS FOR GOLD. Svitil, Kathy May 1, 2018 1745
Relativity Test. Brief article May 1, 2018 108
THE DARK ENERGY ENIGMA: Twenty years after they discovered cosmic expansion is accelerating, astronomers are still working hard to understand why it's happening. Woo, Marcus May 1, 2018 3790
Authorship Patterns and Collaborative Research in Astrobiology, 2012-2017. Thavamani, Kotti Report Apr 1, 2018 3938
Does Dark Energy Change Over Time? Carlisle, Camille M. Nov 22, 2017 321
3 Cosmic chirps & counting ...: from the first discovery to subsequent finds, gravitational-wave signals from the universe's most exotic objects are transforming physics and astronomy. Kalogera, Vicky Aug 17, 2017 3649
75, 50 & 25 years ago. Sinnott, Roger W. Aug 1, 2017 405
In the dark about dark matter. Moustakas, Leonidas Aug 1, 2017 4191
Vera Rubin's universe: by looking at things others didn't think were interesting, the astronomer often labeled the "mother of dark matter" forever changed our picture of the cosmos. Yeager, Ashley Aug 1, 2017 2617
Modeling Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Soft X-Ray Solar Jets. Zhelyazkov, Ivan; Chandra, Ramesh; Srivastava, Abhishek K. Report Jan 1, 2017 14272
Analysis of the Conformally Flat Approximation for Binary Neutron Star Initial Conditions. Suh, In-Saeng; Mathews, Grant J.; Haywood, J. Reese; Lan, N.Q. Report Jan 1, 2017 9134
Star Formation Law at Sub-kpc Scale in the Elliptical Galaxy Centaurus A as Seen by ALMA. Azeez, Jazeel H.; Abidin, Zamri Z.; Hwang, C.-Y.; Ibrahim, Zainol A. Report Jan 1, 2017 6292
The Observer's Guide to the Gamma-Ray Burst Supernova Connection. Cano, Zach; Wang, Shan-Qin; Dai, Zi-Gao; Wu, Xue-Feng Report Jan 1, 2017 40194
2016 year in review. Quill, Elizabeth Dec 24, 2016 9804
Double darkness: shadows of two failed searches loom over physics. Siegfried, Tom Dec 24, 2016 1033
Gamma rays linked to fast radio burst: energetic photons may be clues to cause of mysterious signals. Crockett, Christopher Dec 10, 2016 923
Dark matter searches come up empty: physicists broaden efforts to identify bulk of universe's mass. Conover, Emily Nov 12, 2016 1549
Shock waves rocked baby universe: study sheds light on magnetic fields' birth, antimatter mystery. Conover, Emily Oct 29, 2016 538
Future of space. Johnson-Freese, Joan; Boardman, Craig Sep 22, 2016 869
Debate persists on cosmic expansion: different methods don't agree on value of Hubble constant. Conover, Emily Aug 6, 2016 1426
Science & society: $100m for probes to Alpha Centauri. Macrobert, Alan Brief article Aug 1, 2016 297
Molecular handedness discovered in space. Crockett, Christopher Jul 9, 2016 394
Young sun's flares nurtured early life: solar blasts could have helped warm Earth and seed DNA. Sumner, Thomas Jun 25, 2016 340
How to make black holes 'sing': certain mergers would create odd gravitational wave signals. Conover, Emily May 14, 2016 482
Map charts previously unknown gamma-ray sources. Conover, Emily Brief article May 14, 2016 159
Is there a ninth planet? Beatty, J. Kelly May 1, 2016 444
Faint gravity waves in LIGO's future: new analysis finds better prospects for spotting weak ripples. Conover, Emily Apr 30, 2016 337
Odd white dwarf offers peek at core: something stripped unusual dead star of hydrogen and helium. Crockett, Christopher Apr 30, 2016 513
To an ancient question, no reply: wonder about civilizations on other worlds goes back centuries. Siegfried, Tom Apr 30, 2016 2273
Will we know ET when we see it? The search for alien life requires an open mind. Saey, Tina Hesman Apr 30, 2016 2602
To find ET, look at who's (maybe) looking at us. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Apr 30, 2016 250
Repeating fast radio bursts recorded: signals may help scientists identify sources of mysterious blasts. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Apr 2, 2016 313
Physicists detect gravitational waves: LIGO experiment's discovery opens new window to the cosmos. Grant, Andrew Mar 5, 2016 1780
Listening for gravity waves: the long road to detecting rumbles in the fabric of spacetime. Bartusiak, Marcia Mar 5, 2016 2668
Could it be? We need to learn how to talk about possible signs of E.T. intelligence. Grinspoon, David Column Mar 1, 2016 597
The power of two: stellar pairings offer a beauty of their own. Schaaf, Fred Mar 1, 2016 661
Pulsar pair ripples spacetime. Grant, Andrew Brief article Jan 23, 2016 319
Dark energy probably not a chameleon. Young, Monica Dec 1, 2015 472
Gravitational waves hit prime time: a century after Einstein predicted the existence of weak ripples in spacetime, scientists say they're on the verge of directly detecting these gravitational waves, thereby opening a revolutionary new window on the universe. Schilling, Govert Dec 1, 2015 2409
Gravity's long-distance connection: wormhole links between black holes could broker quantum-general relativity merger. Grant, Andrew Oct 17, 2015 2660
Hawking offers fix to physics paradox: 'Supertranslation' of light may store black hole's information. Grant, Andrew Oct 3, 2015 529
Project HI-SEAS: A Future On Mars. G., Karthik Sep 4, 2015 773
Discovering earth's nearest neighbors. Brief article Aug 1, 2015 312
Automation solution to overwhelming data. Jun 1, 2015 390
Tiny explosions add up to heat corona: nanoflares may explain high temperature in sun's atmosphere. Crockett, Christopher May 30, 2015 730
... And studies Mars's dry-out. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 289
The past according to Planck: cosmologists got a lot right: new analysis confirms basic ideas about universe's properties, but some unsolved puzzles linger. Grant, Andrew Mar 21, 2015 762
Eyes on the invisible prize: Sam Ting won't be rushed to solve the mystery of dark matter. Grant, Andrew Mar 21, 2015 3297
Life might like cool stars' rocky planets: atmospheric heating could evade tidal locking, aid habitability. Crockett, Christopher Feb 7, 2015 477
January-February 1940. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 229
Citizen scientists probe early galaxies. Hall, Shannon Brief article Jan 1, 2015 127
Neutrino detection confirms Sun's power source. Hall, Shannon Brief article Jan 1, 2015 109
Gamma-ray Novae explained? Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 169
No big beast for two ULXs. Conover, Emily Jan 1, 2015 344
Mergers create disk galaxies. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 195
G2 survives pass. Carlisle, Camille M. Jan 1, 2015 418
An observational mystery: what causes Io's enigmatic brightening? Jan 1, 2015 1038
Negative mass may be possible: repulsive matter could have played a role in early universe. Grant, Andrew Dec 27, 2014 516
Some galaxies are short on stars: faint spheres could aid understanding of dark matter. Crockett, Christopher Dec 13, 2014 613
Shadow planet: strange orbits in the Kuiper belt revive talk of a Planet X in the solar system. Crockett, Christopher Nov 29, 2014 2847
Early universe's overhaul clarified: leaky galaxy hints at cause of reionization after the Big Bang. Crockett, Christopher Nov 15, 2014 384
Hawking radiation created in the lab: Sonic black hole emits energy as famed physicist predicted. Grant, Andrew Nov 15, 2014 842
When A Movie Influences Science... Aarathi Nov 15, 2014 614
A musician composes a solar soundtrack. Crockett, Christopher Nov 1, 2014 368
Gravitational wave discovery gives way to dust: new data offer no evidence to support BICEP2 results. Crockett, Christopher Oct 18, 2014 849
Milky Way enigma explained: lighter dark matter may have led to fewer satellite galaxies. Crockett, Christopher Oct 18, 2014 416
Mystery of the missing lithium extends beyond the Milky Way. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Oct 18, 2014 231
Brazil nut effect \BRUH-zil nuht ih-fekt\ n. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Oct 4, 2014 133
Plate tectonics spotted on Europa: shifting landscape on Jupiter's moon is first outside Earth. Sumner, Thomas Oct 4, 2014 657
Milky Way's place in space mapped. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Oct 4, 2014 190
On the Cosmophysical origin of random processes: open letter to the scientific community on the basis of experimental results obtained during 1954-2014. Shnoll, Simon E. Oct 1, 2014 1143
A Monte Carlo simulation framework for testing cosmological models. Heymann, Yuri Report Oct 1, 2014 3359
Solar flare five-day predictions from quantum detectors of dynamical space fractal flow turbulence: gravitational wave diminution and earth climate cooling. Cahill, Reginald T. Report Oct 1, 2014 3477
Godel's universe revisited. Marquet, Patrick Report Oct 1, 2014 2159
Gamma rays stump astronomers: how novas generate flashes of high-energy light unclear. Crockett, Christopher Sep 20, 2014 420
Odd-ball quasars may be closer than they seem. Brief article Sep 6, 2014 178
Single black hole may be masquerading as a pair: new observations cast doubt on recent discovery of binary system at galaxy's center. Crockett, Christopher Sep 6, 2014 445
Stars' tilted disks clarify odd orbits: mismatched planet nurseries may shape trajectories. Crockett, Christopher Sep 6, 2014 557
Search for earth-like planets expands. Sep 1, 2014 420
Impacts probably stifled early life: giant asteroids hit Earth until about 4.3 billion years ago. Sumner, Thomas Aug 23, 2014 586
Comet ISON disintegrated earlier than astronomers realized. Crockett, Christopher Brief article Aug 23, 2014 129
Lab tests mystery of lithium levels: experiment supports theory of Big Bang element production. Grant, Andrew Aug 9, 2014 458
Habitable planets' reality questioned: star's magnetic activity could have led to false detections. Grant, Andrew Aug 9, 2014 702
Rare planet circles just one of a pair of stars: odd trio may help test ideas about planet formation. Crockett, Christopher Aug 9, 2014 644
Searching for distant signals: a handful of brief radio bursts have astronomers puzzling over their origin--and looking for more. Crockett, Christopher Aug 9, 2014 3311
Rare trio of supermassive black holes found: study offers way to detect hidden celestial objects. Crockett, Christopher Jul 26, 2014 658
Rocks' chemistry reveals details of moon's origins: new measurements support impact scenario for lunar birth. Rosen, Meghan Jul 12, 2014 509
No Planet X to mark the spot: the elusive Planet X has yet to be found, but astronomers have "spotted a veritable treasure trove of new celestial objects, consisting of a host of sparkling stars and relatively cool substellar objects called brown dwarfs....". Braffman-Miller, Judith Jul 1, 2014 1395
Sun's sibling spotted: method to find relatives may point to Milky Way birthplace. Crockett, Christopher Jun 28, 2014 666
Dazzle or dust? The unpredictable glow of galactic dust could undermine the biggest cosmological discovery in years. Crockett, Christopher Jun 28, 2014 1473
White dwarf boosts light of companion. Crockett, Christopher Brief article May 31, 2014 187
The mysterious boundary: the entrance to a black hole could reveal insights into the Big Bang, the formation of galaxies and even death by spaghettification. Grant, Andrew May 31, 2014 3165
Earth-sized planet may host water: alien world is smallest yet found in a star's habitable zone. Crockett, Christopher May 17, 2014 704
Space neutrinos lack a single source: many high-energy particles may come from beyond the galaxy. Grant, Andrew May 17, 2014 470
Galaxy's gamma-ray glow may expose elusive dark matter. Grant, Andrew Brief article May 17, 2014 201
Exotic particle packs a foursome of quarks: tetraquarks could help physicists understand the universe's first generations of matter. Grant, Andrew May 17, 2014 456
Mountains on Saturn moon may have come from space. Rosen, Meghan Brief article May 17, 2014 143
The ice of a distant moon: piercing Europa's frigid shell to search for life below. Rosen, Meghan May 17, 2014 3311
Icy rings found around tiny space rock: solar system may be home to many more small, haloed objects. Crockett, Christopher May 3, 2014 544
Sea hides below Enceladus' ice: gravity maps of Saturn moon reveal ocean of liquid water. Crockett, Christopher May 3, 2014 585
Distant swirling galaxy overshadowed by violent star killer. Crockett, Christopher Brief article May 3, 2014 194
Exoplanet oxygen may not signal life: water and ultraviolet light could create the gas. Crockett, Christopher Apr 19, 2014 593
Primordial gravitational waves found: researchers see traces of cosmic expansion just after Big Bang. Crockett, Christopher Apr 5, 2014 771
Black holes may halt stellar factories: galaxies stop forming stars despite access to raw materials. Crockett, Christopher Apr 5, 2014 706
Kepler discovers 715 new worlds: new method allows for quick confirmation of exoplanets. Crockett, Christopher Apr 5, 2014 701
Cosmic question mark: the Planck mission's data put a kink in precision cosmology. Siegfried, Tom Apr 5, 2014 2587
Star explosions not spherical. Grant, Andrew Brief article Mar 22, 2014 179
Filament of cosmic web set aglow: peek at massive, outstretched gas cloud could reveal hidden structure of the universe. Popkin, Gabriel Mar 8, 2014 547
Mars I a habitable past for a desert planet? Beatty, J. Kelly Mar 1, 2014 371
Moon like blue cheese? Brief article Feb 22, 2014 189
Star trio promises new test of gravity: analysis of unusual system could dethrone general relativity. Popkin, Gabriel Feb 22, 2014 540
Aging Mars rover finds signs of water: rocks reveal ancient aquatic environment hospitable to life. Rosen, Meghan Feb 22, 2014 478
Planet hunter also found supernovas: now-defunct telescope captured five stellar explosions. Grant, Andrew Feb 22, 2014 470
Clouds on brown dwarf mapped. Popkin, Gabriel Brief article Feb 22, 2014 164
Missing mass hides in galactic halos: huge amounts of cold matter envelop star-containing regions. Popkin, Gabriel Feb 8, 2014 449
Galaxy spotlights far-off supernova: detection method could help measure universe's expansion. Grant, Andrew Feb 8, 2014 464
Supernova is a giant dust factory: grains spewed by explosion offer clues to star formation. Grant, Andrew Feb 8, 2014 558
Plumes of water detected on Europa: discovery raises likelihood that icy moon of Jupiter hosts life. Grant, Andrew Jan 25, 2014 731
Relic of early universe spotted: nearby galaxy appears little changed in 10 billion years. Crockett, Christopher Jan 25, 2014 740
Tectonics, sinkholes may have shaped Titan's landscape: map reveals clues about the origin of seas and lakes on Saturn's largest moon. Rosen, Meghan Jan 25, 2014 520
Confirmation of the luminous blue variable status of MWC 930. Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Manset, N.; Zharikov, S.V.; Zsargo, J.; Jimenez, J.A. Juarez; Groh, J.H.; Leva Report Jan 1, 2014 4894
Chemical and photometric evolution models for disk, irregular, and low mass galaxies. Molla, Mercedes Report Jan 1, 2014 18599
[HCO.sup.+] and radio continuum emission from the star forming region G75.78+0.34. Riffel, Rogemar A.; Ludke, Everton Report Jan 1, 2014 4053
Dusty blue supergiants: news from high-angular resolution observations. de Wit, W.J.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Vink, J.S. Report Jan 1, 2014 7552
The integral field view of the Orion Nebula. Mesa-Delgado, Adal Report Jan 1, 2014 9997
Existence of resonance stability of triangular equilibrium points in circular case of the planar elliptical restricted three-body problem under the oblate and radiating primaries around the binary system. Narayan, A.; Shrivastava, Amit Report Jan 1, 2014 4142
Observing and reducing IFUs: integral and PMAS--properties of the ionized gas in HH 202. Lopez-Martin, Luis Report Jan 1, 2014 3620
Imaging FTS: a different approach to integral field spectroscopy. Drissen, Laurent; Rousseau-Nepton, Laurie; Lavoie, Sebastien; Robert, Carmelle; Martin, Thomas; Mart Report Jan 1, 2014 8416
Possibility of detection of exomoons with inclined orbits orbiting pulsar planets using the time-of-arrival analysis. Pasqua, Antonio; Assaf, Khudhair A. Report Jan 1, 2014 8082
Damping of linear nonadiabatic MHD waves in a flowing prominence medium. Kumar, Nagendra; Kumar, Anil; Sikka, Himanshu; Kumar, Pradeep Report Jan 1, 2014 2512
Properties of the HII regions derived using integral field spectroscopy. Sanchez, Sebastian F. Report Jan 1, 2014 9703
Chemodynamical simulations of dwarf galaxy evolution. Recchi, Simone Report Jan 1, 2014 27074
Probable value for the next sunspot minimum. Silbergleit, Virginia Mabel Report Jan 1, 2014 2854
Variations in EUV irradiance: comparison between LYRA, ESP, and SWAP integrated flux. Yalim, Mehmet Sarp; Poedts, Stefaan Report Jan 1, 2014 4198
Lifetime estimation of the upper stage of GSAT-14 in geostationary transfer orbit. David, Jim Fletcher Jeyakodi; Sharma, Ram Krishan Report Jan 1, 2014 4083
Fixed point method to analyze differences between Hipparcos and ICRF2. Uso, Maria Jose Martinez; Castillo, Francisco J. Marco; Orti, Jose Antonio Lopez Report Jan 1, 2014 5101
Meteorite preserves chunks of Mars' earliest crust: rock could reveal what the Red Planet's environment was like billions of years ago. Grant, Andrew Dec 28, 2013 639
Hidden star factories in early universe found. Dec 1, 2013 556
Decadal astronomy plan for South Africa. Oct 1, 2013 961
Astronomical colloquia. Oct 1, 2013 3438
The 'astronomizings' of Dr Anderson and the curious case of his disappearing nova. Shears, Jeremy Report Oct 1, 2013 9041
Getting started with the history of astronomy. Frost, Mike Oct 1, 2013 2059
Gold seen in neutron star debris: observation suggests collisions as source of heavy elements. Wayman, Erin Aug 24, 2013 371
The women who created modern astronomy: three Harvard "computers" established our current understanding of the stars. Dvorak, John Aug 1, 2013 3048
Revisiting the 1963 'Aristarchus events'. O'Connell, Robert; Cook, Anthony Report Aug 1, 2013 11301
Saturn during the 2007/2008 apparition. Foulkes, Mike Report Aug 1, 2013 8540
An investigation of GSC 02038-00293, a suspected RS CVn star, using CCD photometry. Bruce, Alastair; Cruickshank, Stewart; Rodda, Tony; Salisbury, Mark Report Aug 1, 2013 4208
Clues revealed about crucial cosmic markers. Jun 1, 2013 328
Very large array observations of Infrared Dark Cloud G22.56-0.02. Rodes, Jose; Pickett, Joe; Lindberg-Connor, Kitt; Devine, Kathryn Report Jun 1, 2013 217
Building a large Dobsonian telescope. Robertson, Andrew Report Apr 1, 2013 4231
Investigating the properties of the near-contact binary system TW CrB. Pulley, D.; Faillace, G.; Owen, C.; Smith, D. Report Apr 1, 2013 7330
The BAA VSS long term polar monitoring programme the first five years, 2006-2011. Poyner, Gary Report Apr 1, 2013 4213
Identification of a dome near the lunar crater Hansteen: morphometric analysis and proposed intrusive origin. Lena, Raffaello; Phillips, Jim Report Feb 1, 2013 4086
Barker's Circle: a 1930s BAA lunar observing group. McKim, Richard Report Feb 1, 2013 8175
The orbital and superhump periods of the dwarf nova SDSS J093249.57+472523.0. Shears, Jeremy; Brady, Steve; Dvorak, Shawn; de Miguel, Enrique; Morelle, Etienne; Oksanen, Arto; Sa Report Feb 1, 2013 3828
The first confirmed superoutburst of the dwarf nova GALEX J215818.5+241924. Shears, Jeremy; Koff, Robert; Masi, Gianluca; de Miguel, Enrique; Miller, Ian; Roberts, George; Sabo Report Feb 1, 2013 2591
75, 50 & 25 Years Ago. Sinnott, Roger W. Chronology Jan 1, 2013 354
Astronomers knock on Leviathan's door. Carlisle, Camille M. Jan 1, 2013 508
The Hamiltonian structure-preserving control and some applications to nonlinear astrodynamics. Xu, Ming; Wei, Yan; Liu, Shengli Report Jan 1, 2013 7251
Conformal mappings in relativistic astrophysics. Hansraj, S.; Govinder, K.S.; Mewalal, N. Report Jan 1, 2013 7562
From Handel to Hydra: naming planets, moons & craters. Lopes, Rosaly Nov 1, 2012 2383
The elusive: an amateur radio astronomer continues his quest for artificial signals from the stars. Gray, Robert Oct 1, 2012 541
Strange travelers. Capossere, Bill Essay Sep 22, 2012 10431
Study finds new exoplanets are often impostors: a third of Kepler's hot giant orbs may be 'false-positives'. Drake, Nadla Jul 14, 2012 464
Vast new trove of variable stars. May 1, 2012 2667
Lunar lights made by molten blobs: mysterious moon flashes sparked by minimeteorite impacts. Drake, Nadia Mar 24, 2012 371
1990s. Mar 24, 2012 468
Building a model astrolabe. Ford, Dominic Report Feb 1, 2012 5624
Superhumps and post-outburst rebrightening episodes in the AM CVn star SDSS J012940.05+384210.4. Shears, Jeremy; Brady, Steve; Koff, Robert; Goff, William; Boyd, David Report Feb 1, 2012 2532
Fertile frontiers: alien-life hunters focus on moons in outer solar system. Drake, Nadia Oct 8, 2011 2994
Trouble for the Kepler mission. Column Oct 1, 2011 860
Is the sunspot cycle about to stop? Pasachoff, Jay; MacRobert, Alan Conference notes Sep 1, 2011 992
Blue stragglers in the galactic bulge. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 266
The Milky Way's new arm pieces. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 257
Lighting the universe: rethinking what the first stars were like. Cowen, Ron Jul 30, 2011 2155
Neptune, Droid app, and astrotourism. Naeye, Robert Editorial Jul 1, 2011 457
The exoplanet explosion. Naeye, Robert May 1, 2011 443
Kepler's latest planet bonanza. May 1, 2011 838
Comet Tempel 1 gets a second look. May 1, 2011 451
2011's solar system bonanza. Calendar May 1, 2011 510
Spinning hearts of darkness: astronomers are measuring the rotation rates of black holes to determine their formation and history. Brenneman, Laura May 1, 2011 2702
End of the cosmic dark ages: a novel radio array may be first instrument to detect the elusive signal from the Epoch of Reionization. Schilling, Govert May 1, 2011 2378
Mission: reveal the secrets of the universe. Apr 23, 2011 583
Stellar winds above Atlantic clouds: on a cold mountaintop in the canary islands, amateurs work with pros on a hot-star research project. Eversberg, Thomas Apr 1, 2011 2411
The speed of the lunar shadow on Earth during solar eclipses. Carton, Wilhelm H.C. Apr 1, 2011 2725
March 1986. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 185
Carbon rules on a hot Jupiter. Mar 1, 2011 376
More crowdsourced Astro research. Mar 1, 2011 358
Astronomy's crystal ball: a recent report will set the research agenda for the coming decade. Zimmerman, Robert Cover story Mar 1, 2011 3906
The Mercury mirage: one of Giovanni Schiaparelli's most celebrated telescopic discoveries is reconsidered in the light of modern CCD images. Sheehan, William; Boudreau, John; Manara, Alessandro Mar 1, 2011 2066
Extrasolar planets coming into focus. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 203
Brave new worlds. Jan 1, 2011 521
E.T. and the Eiffel Tower. Naeye, Robert Editorial Nov 1, 2010 453
IAU office for astronomy development. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 280
Kepler: a tidal wave of Exoplanet candidates. Sep 1, 2010 518
... And hot stars too. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 251
Hayabusa's Return. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 178
Science isn't in the books, it's in the stars and atoms. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Jul 31, 2010 379
Astronomers step up search for dark energy. Brief article May 1, 2010 270
Hubble's birthday marks astronomical advances. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Apr 10, 2010 359
April 1960: Hemisphere imbalance. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 121
Epsilon Aurigae solved at last? Apr 1, 2010 1868
The universal jet set: somehow, a wide-variety of objects shoot out laser-like beams of matter, sometimes at near-light speed. James, C. Renee Apr 1, 2010 2401
Return of the Leo Hour: every sidereal time has its own unique look and feel. Schaaf, Fred Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2010 570
Research opportunities. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 116
Shedding light on dark stars: bizarre stars powered by dark matter may have been the first to form after the Big Bang. Than, Ker Mar 1, 2010 1749
Closing in on dark matter? Feb 1, 2010 1331
Preface & using the SkyGuide. Work overview Jan 1, 2010 761
History of science and technology. Clark, Russell Author abstract Dec 22, 2009 1271
Snapshots from 25 years of publicizing astronomy. Maran, Stephen Nov 7, 2009 781
Ultraviolet and x-ray vision. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article Oct 1, 2009 304
Prelude to disaster: in 2006 RS Ophiuchi produced a powerful nova eruption. But a much bigger explosion may soon come. Starrfield, Sumner; Bode, Mike; O'Brien, Tim Oct 1, 2009 2239
Become a super amateur: with relatively modest equipment, amateur astronomers can participate in cutting-edge scientific research. Zimmerman, Robert Oct 1, 2009 2180
Anniversaries in 2009. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 264
IYA2009 news. Coronaios, Kos Oct 1, 2009 1007
Stars go kaboom spilling cosmic secrets: astronomers hope type 1a supernovas will help in quest to explain dark energy. Cowen, Ron Aug 15, 2009 2522
What's wrong with our Sun: the Sun has gone more than a year with hardly any sunspots. Astronomers are wondering what lies ahead. Zimmerman, Robert Aug 1, 2009 1749
First stars not all so lonely: simulations suggest cosmic partnerships. Cowen, Ron Brief article Aug 1, 2009 307
Study sizes up extra dimensions: small, old black hole places new limit on hidden spaces. Cowen, Ron Aug 1, 2009 364
Gravity's influences could mean bumpy ride for inner solar system: new simulations describe scenarios for smashing planets. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jul 4, 2009 320
Alien visitor from afar. Cowen, Ron Brief article Jul 4, 2009 105
Dark energy. Thilmany, Jean Jul 1, 2009 564
God may just be a sci-fi fan. Heffern, Rich Essay May 15, 2009 753
South African Space Agency due to be established this year. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 279
New cosmic background found. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 264
Solar impact: variations in the Sun's output influence Earth's climate in ways scientist are still trying to discern. Grifantini, Kristina Cover story Mar 1, 2009 2605
Funding promise helps Jodrell Bank see into the future. Brief article Jul 9, 2008 172
Binocular highlight: a pair of puppis clusters. Seronik, Gary Apr 1, 2008 530
Taking science back to the Moon: when humans return to the Moon during the next decade, astronomers hope to be along for the ride. It turns out that the lunar surface is a good place to conduct astrophysics research. Villard, Ray Oct 1, 2007 2045
Wideband photometry of Saturn in 2006-2007. Schmude, Richard W., Jr. Sep 22, 2007 2673
Messenger. McDowell, Jonathan Sep 1, 2007 416
Earth to hit Aurigid Meteors? On the morning of September 1st, meteor watchers are determined to be ready this time. Rao, Joe Sep 1, 2007 1189
Twin-star systems enjoy double sunset. Jun 1, 2007 494
Newly discovered planet all steamed up. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 296
Findings. May 1, 2007 555
Heavenly reward: astronomers learned long ago that they could earn a living by promising people the stars. Krupp, E.C. Jan 1, 2007 1092
Pluto doesn't care: don't get too upset over the new definition of "planet." It's stupid and won't last more than three years. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Nov 1, 2006 710
A trip through a star: a brown dwarf was engulfed by a red giant and lived to tell the tale. Naeye, Robert Nov 1, 2006 379
Pollux planet. Naeye, Robert Brief article Nov 1, 2006 127
Hot, heavy, and highly eccentric. Cull, Selby Brief article Nov 1, 2006 187
Twinkling gives inkling of tiny ice balls: X-ray observations may have revealed small KBOs. Naeye, Robert Nov 1, 2006 424
Slow-Poke Neutron Star. Naeye, Robert Nov 1, 2006 455
Neptune Trojans. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 151
Proxima bound. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 166
Oversize supernova. Cowen, Ron Brief article Oct 7, 2006 270
Clear as glass: when the scientific revolution began in the 1600s, the lathe reshaped our view of the universe. Woods, Robert O. Oct 1, 2006 1914
Bouncing balls on Mars? Thilmany, Jean Sep 1, 2006 405
Mini solar systems? Astronomers find disks around planet-size objects. Cowen, R. Jun 10, 2006 484
The way a comet crumbles. Sohn, Emily May 10, 2006 347
To leap or not to leap: scientists debate a timely issue. Cowen, Ron Cover story Apr 22, 2006 1815
Ice among the rocks. Brief article Apr 22, 2006 253
Brilliant! Tenth planet turns out to be a shiner. Cowen, R. Apr 15, 2006 439
Making mercury. Brief article Apr 15, 2006 193
Ring around the pulsar: planets may form in a harsh environment. Cowen, R. Apr 8, 2006 545
Twin history. Brief article Apr 8, 2006 260
Another red spot, by Jove. Brief article Apr 8, 2006 259
Propelling evidence: Cassini finds clues to source of Saturn's rings. Cowen, Ron Apr 1, 2006 559
Comet sampler: fire meets ice. Cowen, R. Mar 25, 2006 502
Glassy galaxies. Brief article Mar 25, 2006 192
Peeling back Orion's layers: astronomers unveil a portrait of star formation. Cowen, Ron Mar 11, 2006 2081
Spotlight on an exploding star. Sohn, Emily Brief article Mar 8, 2006 291
Radio array finds a high, dry home. Roth, Joshua Brief article Mar 1, 2006 212
Gauging star birth: spacecraft uses gamma rays as stellar tracer. Cowen, R. Jan 7, 2006 500
Cratering culprits identified. Naeye, Robert Brief article Jan 1, 2006 245
The best transiting exoplanet yet. Naeye, Robert Jan 1, 2006 444
Violence within Virgo. Roth, Joshua Brief article Jan 1, 2006 241
A new Herschel comet? Brief article Jan 1, 2006 119
A speedy star's new birthplace. Roth, Joshua Brief article Jan 1, 2006 132
50 & 25 years ago. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 230
The best bar in the neighborhood. Knezek, Patricia Jan 1, 2006 475
Watching the Demon Star. Seronik, Gary Jan 1, 2006 514
Moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 257
Lunar occultation highlights for 2006: this year the Moon repeatedly covers Spica, Antares, the Pleiades, and many other stars. Dunham, David W. Jan 1, 2006 2294
Variable Stars for January. Sinnott, Roger W. Jan 1, 2006 476
Great Jupiter's "ghost"! It's almost spooky, but you can see detail on Jupiter in the daytime. O'Meara, Stephen James Jan 1, 2006 950
Winter wonders: star-studded January skies offer deep-sky treats for every size telescope. French, Sue Jan 1, 2006 1597
A hyperactive sunspot: a long-lasting sunspot complex buffets Earth with its powerful flares. Aguirre, Edwin L. Jan 1, 2006 398
The great total eclipse of 2006: get ready for the best view of totality since 2001. Espenak, Fred; Anderson, Jay Jan 1, 2006 1612
Tsutomu Seki and the great comet of 1965: the year 2005 marks the 40th anniversary of a great sun-grazing comet. Levy, David H. Jan 1, 2006 1052
Making believers. MacRobert, Alan Brief article Jan 1, 2006 105
On Interpretations of Hubble's law and the bending of light. Lo, C.Y. Jan 1, 2006 3241
December 1955. Robinson, Leif J. Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 191

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