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Astrologer and tarot reading YouTube sensation leading the 'quietest revolution'.

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A YouTuber with Pakistani and Muslim roots is causing a stir on social media with her unique approach to tarot reading and astrology. Manhattan-based Amber Khan, has amassed a subscriber base of more than 184,000 viewers on YouTube, becoming a vibrant online community of followers seeking guidance and support on meditation journeys and spiritual journeys through horoscopes and tarot reading.

The community, known as 'The Quietest Revolution', is led by Khan, who specialises in helping users regain their personal power and resilience after moments of trauma or grief. Khan has been no stranger to personal pain of her own, having openly witnessed domestic violence within her extended family. It was back in 2016 when Khan opted to launch her YouTube channel. She'd given hundreds of private tarot readings over many years but felt that the time was right to branch out and bring tarot to a truly global audience; hence the creation of The Quietest Revolution.

The accessibility of psychic readings has improved exponentially in recent years, thanks to the advent of mobile apps and improved connectivity online. Today, the world's leading psychic reading networks can generate revenue of up to $8.75 per minute from callers wanting 24/7 accessibility to psychic specialists that can help interpret everything from dreams to tarot cards.

According to tarot-viewing blogger, Sister Rosa, part of the Sisters of the Valley, Khan has a 'pop star quality' that ensures people listen up and take notice of what she says during her streamed tarot readings. Khan is one of the most charismatic tarot readers and astrologists online today, with her deeply spiritual streams touching upon a host of interesting themes that often relate to star signs and analogies to mythical tales.

What also sets Amber Khan apart from other online astrologers and tarot readers is the way she dramatises and characterises her readings. She underlines her bold, vibrant character by experimenting with cosplay and make-up, helping to transport viewers into other-worldly environments - at least in the mind, if not physically. What else sets Khan apart from many other tarot readers is the fact that she operates as an open book. She's not afraid to show her deeply spiritual connection to each of the star signs, sharing a glut of personal tales linked to each sign to cement her thoughts and processes.

Since the explosion of interest in 'The Quietest Revolution', Khan has also set to work on a book which she plans to self-publish. The title, 'Vector Equilibrium: Journey Through the Major Arcana', is designed to encourage her followers to interpret tarot in a new and intriguing way via characters that represent ancient archetypes. Khan also plans to release her own exclusive deck of tarot cards, giving her followers an opportunity to better understand 'whatever is going on with them'.

Last year, Khan was also involved in an insightful documentary at a Jamaican psychedelic mushroom farm, discussing psilocybin which Khan believes can bring 'fundamental changes' to the 'neuroplasticity of the brain'. While Khan is increasingly used to scepticism from outside the tarot readingcommunity, it's clear to see that she has a reputation and a rapport with her followers that helps to build bridges with survivors of personal trauma and hurt.

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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 9, 2019
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