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Assuria Ltd and LAC China Co. Ltd form cyber security partnership for Asia.

Assuria, a provider of IT security intelligence collection and analysis technology, has announced it's first pan-Asian sales and support partner LAC China Corporation Co. Ltd (LAC China).

This new partnership with LAC China has come about through the existing close relationship between Assuria and LAC China's parent company, LAC Co. Ltd in Japan. LAC China will leverage LAC's deep technical knowledge and experience of Assuria products, especially ALM. Assuria's enterprise SIEM and SOC solution.

LAC is one of Asia's fastest growing cyber security specialists and has been a major contributor to Japan's cyber security infrastructure through LAC's signature services and facilities, including the Japan Security Operation Center (JSOC) of Japan's largest SOC, Cyber Security Laboratory (CSL) and Cyber Emergency Center (CEC). Shanghai based LAC China will initially represent Assuria in China and South Korea, but this will quickly extend throughout Asia, with LAC China being Assuria's first pancontinental partner. A key focus will be to build on recent successes in the region in delivering national and private SOC solutions, as well as protective monitoring, configuration audit and compliance solutions.
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Publication:Software World
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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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