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AssureNet Pathways Joins With Ascend to Provide Enhanced Remote Access Security.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 16, 1996-- AssureNet Pathways, Inc. (formerly Digital Pathways, Inc.), provider of a broad range of network information security solutions, today announced the interoperability of its Defender Security Server (DSS) with the Ascend MAX family of products, including the Ascend MAX 1800, MAX 4000 and the Ascend RADIUS server.

Adding a DSS to a network employing any of the Ascend Max products provides companies with an enhanced remote access security solution that is readily accepted by both users and administrators, and that efficiently coordinates and integrates remote access communication with the simple and reliable two-factor challenge/response authentication process provided by AssureNet products.

"Organizations can now utilize the industry leading technologies of both AssureNet and Ascend to provide secure dial-up and ISDN remote access to networks," said Bruce Johnson, vice president of business development at AssureNet. "Our Defender Security Server, working in conjunction with the Ascend MAX products, ensure that only authorized users gain access to networks and critical applications."

Dave Dawson, general manager of the network security business unit at Ascend said, "We are excited about including support for AssureNet products in the MAX product family and in our RADIUS products.

"AssureNet's products enhance the user authentication features built into the MAX and our RADIUS server by providing the ability to use the two-factor, challenge/response authentication process on a per user basis. We're pleased to be working with AssureNet in providing an ever growing suite of capabilities to meet the security needs of our customers."

Offering Complete, Integrated Solutions

The partnership with Ascend is the latest win for AssureNet's "Winning Solutions" industry partnering program designed to capitalize on the rapidly evolving demands of end users and systems integrators for more complete, high-level solutions to meet secure remote access needs.

The program partners AssureNet security solutions with key vendors of security, remote access, firewalls, database and network operating systems to offer more complete, integrated solutions that provide better interoperability.

A Distributed, Standard-Based, Security Solution

The distributed, scalable architecture of AssureNet's DSS permits simultaneous authentication to all access points on the network. Depending on the requirements of the network, authentication can occur from either one or many remote access servers such as the Ascend MAX. Additionally, the DSS allows users to take advantage of any wide area service, including dial-in, ISDN, Frame Relay or ATM, and provides extended user authentication through firewalls, for Telnet, FTP and remote log-on services.

The DSS eliminates the need to install proprietary hardware at each network access point. End users and network administrators are authenticated through one-time passwords generated by the DSS and SecureNet Keys, a secure, easy-to-use process. In addition, the DSS supports standards-based transport protocols, including TCP/IP and IPX/SPX.

DSS Performance and Recovery

With two active DSS servers on line, the servers can be set up for load sharing, which means network administrators need not worry about traffic over load or delays in the authentication process. As an added advantage, the primary and alternate DSS servers may be active at the same time, which prevents delay or lack of secure remote access in the event of a system or transport failure. The system automatically switches after a specific number of failed authentication "re-tries," without having to wait for time-based switching.

DMS Security Management

All of AssureNet's Defender products, including hardware, servers, and tokens, can be managed with AssureNet's Defender Management Software (DMS). DMS allows network administrators to manage all aspects of user access and authentication. With audit trail information and the user database, system supervisors have complete control over adding, deleting and updating Defender systems and user information.

Ascend MAX

The MAX product family supports end user applications such as corporate telecommunting, remote office networking and Internet access and is deployed extensively in ISP and Carrier networks worldwide. A key to this success is a common set of features and capabilities which includes security, management, extensive user authentication, routing and bridging, and terminal server functionality.

Remote node access (MAXLink), and modem dialout (MAXDial) are also available for the entire MAX family, from the MAX 1800, to the MAX 2000 to the 48-port MAX 4002 to the 96-port MAX 4004 to the newly announced 672-port MAX TNT.

For Additional Information

For additional information, please contact AssureNet by phone at 415/964-0707, by e-mail at, or access AssureNet's Web site at Ascend Communications can be contacted by phone at 800/621-9578, by e-mail at, or

About Ascend

Ascend Communications, Inc. is a leading, worldwide provider of remote networking solutions for corporate central sites, Internet Service Providers' point of presence, remote offices, mobile workers and telecommuters.

Ascend develops, manufactures, markets, sells and supports products which utilize bandwidth on demand to extend existing corporate networks for applications such as remote LAN access, Internet access, telecommuting, SOHO connectivity and videoconferencing/multimedia access. Detailed information on Ascend products, news announcements, seminars, service and support is available on Ascend's home page at the World Wide Web site

About AssureNet Pathways

AssureNet Pathways provides a broad range of network information security solutions that protect enterprise-wide networks from unauthorized entry, tampering and theft of information and services. AssureNet Pathways products are the most easy to use and manage, cost-effective, standards-based security solutions available. Backed by more than a decade of expertise in network security, AssureNet Pathways' customers include leading companies in the electronics, financial and health services and communications industries.

AssureNet Pathways is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., with regional offices throughout the US and in Basingstoke, UK. The company's products are sold worldwide through a network of distributors, value-added resellers and system integrators.

CONTACT: AssureNet Pathways Inc.

Kathy Bower, 415/526-2217
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Date:Sep 16, 1996
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