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Assuming Halleluiah.

 Let's say you were in
 The environs of Hallelujah, Idaho, assuming A place like this exists At
all. There always Seems to be a parade
Going on down main street. In the donated convertible From Halleluiah
Chevrolet, There is an older woman, Knitting what looks
To be a boa. The feathers, While a magnificent Lemon-orange, are
probably A mistake. Her fingers trudge Through the invisible
Exhaust of the Corvette, Which, also, seems misguided. She wanted to
ride In a Studebaker, like When she was a girl.
The air of Halleluiah In those days was crisper; Cleaner. Even the horse
shit Was radiant, and there was Certainly plenty of that.
Anyway, the Corvette Seems to be the question; The existence of anyone
In Halleluiah seems to be A question, too. This is
How people get answers, Under the scheming clouds Of Idaho. Figure, one
day You are going to be asked Where all of this took place.
Say Hallelujah
; then Amen. 
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Author:Pereira, Sam
Publication:The Carolina Quarterly
Article Type:Poem
Geographic Code:1U8ID
Date:Dec 22, 2011
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