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Should Dairy Cattle Be Trained to a Virtual Fence System as Individuals or in Groups? Colusso, Patricia I.; Clark, Cameron E.F.; Lomax, Sabrina Oct 1, 2020 10449
Pavlov's Dog: A Simple Circuit Implementation using a Volatile Memristor. Orman, Kamil Report May 2, 2020 1742
Pre-Exposure to an Electrical Stimulus Primes Associative Pairing of Audio and Electrical Stimuli for Dairy Heifers in a Virtual Fencing Feed Attractant Trial. Verdon, Megan; Lee, Caroline; Marini, Danila; Rawnsley, Richard Report Feb 1, 2020 9863
Albizia julibrissin Ameliorates Memory Loss Induced by Insomnia in Drosophila. Chang, Jui-Shu; Liu, Hsin-Ping; Cheng, Jack; Chen, Chao-Jung; Hwang, Su-Lun; Tseng, Chi-Chuan; Hsu, Apr 30, 2019 4381
The Impact of Gender Expression on Female Athlete Endorser Effectiveness. Parker, Heidi M.; Mudrick, Michael T.; Fink, Janet S. Report Dec 1, 2018 6432
Conspecific mortality cues mediate associative learning in crickets, Acheta domesticus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae). Shephard, Alexander M.; Aksenov, Vadim; Rollo, C. David Jul 1, 2018 5695
Cerebellar Theta-Burst Stimulation Impairs Memory Consolidation in Eyeblink Classical Conditioning. Monaco, Jessica; Rocchi, Lorenzo; Ginatempo, Francesca; D'Angelo, Egidio; Rothwell, John C. Jan 1, 2018 5622
Retention and Delayed Extinction of an Instrumental Response in the Toad Rhinella Arenarum Effects of Overtraining/Retencion y extincion diferida de una respuesta instrumental en el sapo Rhinella arenarum: efectos del sobreentrenamiento/Retencao e extincao diferida de uma resposta instrumental no sapo Rhinella arenarum: efeitos do overtraining. Puddington, Martin M.; Papini, Mauricio; Muzio, Ruben N. Jan 1, 2018 3752
Contextual Fear Memory Formation and Destabilization Induce Hippocampal RyR2 Calcium Channel Upregulation. More, Jamileth; Casas, Maria Mercedes; Sanchez, Gina; Hidalgo, Cecilia; Haeger, Paola Jan 1, 2018 8308
Animal models of drug addiction/Modelos animales de adiccion a las drogas. Garcia-Pardo, Maria Pilar; Roger-Sanchez, Concepcion; Orti, Jose Enrique De La Rubia; Calpe, Maria A Dec 1, 2017 10842
Cognitive techniques and language: a return to behavioral origins. Parga, Maria Xesus Frojan; Gordillo, Miguel Nunez de Prado; Verdu, Ricardo de Pascual Jul 1, 2017 4712
Rapid Associative Learning and Stable Long-Term Memory in the Squid Euprymna scolopes. Zepeda, Emily A.; Veline, Robert J.; Crook, Robyn J. Report Jun 1, 2017 4139
Hippocampal Regulation of Postsynaptic Density Homer1 by Associative Learning. Clifton, Nicholas E.; Cameron, Darren; Trent, Simon; Sykes, Lucy H.; Thomas, Kerrie L.; Hall, Jeremy Report Jan 1, 2017 7856
An Electronic Circuit Model of the Interpostsynaptic Functional LINK Designed to Study the Formation of Internal Sensations in the Nervous System. Vadakkan, Kunjumon I. Jan 1, 2014 11733
The effect of music on associative learning motor skill. Mokhtari, Pouneh; Chaharbaghi, Zahra; Meybodi, Ali Tayebi Report Nov 1, 2013 1895
How textbook visuals can hurt learning. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 260
Learning of facial responses to faces associated with positive or negative emotional expressions. Aguado, Luis; Roman, Francisco J.; Rodriguez, Sonia; Dieguez-Risco, Teresa; Romero-Ferreiro, Veronic Report Jan 1, 2013 6597
Matching-to-sample and stimulus-pairing-observation procedures in stimulus equivalence: the effects of number of trials and stimulus arrangement. Kinloch, Jennifer May; Anderson McEwan, James Stewart; Foster, T. Mary Report Jan 1, 2013 9468
Application of agent-based modeling to the study of gender stereotypes/ Aplicacao do modelamento baseado em agentes no estudo dos estereotipos de genero/ Aplicacion del modelamiento basado en agentes al estudio de los estereotipos de genero. Chaigneau, Sergio; Canessa, Enrique; Quezada, Ariel Dec 1, 2012 9547
Backward blocking and interference between cues are empirically equivalent in non-causally framed learning tasks. Luque, David; Moris, Joaquin; Orgaz, Cristina; Cobos, Pedro L.; Matute, Helena Report Jan 1, 2011 5477
Newborns make connections to smell. Brief article Jun 22, 2010 281
Effects of near-to-far principle and other factors on learning and teaching some geography subjects in the social studies course. Kayali, Hulya Report Jun 1, 2009 4178
Room with a view: outfitting group study spaces requires careful deliberation, to create an environment most conducive to learning. Craig, Will May 1, 2006 1108

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