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AssociationDirector[TM] from ResultsDirect.Com: Introducing a New Generation of Association Software... Effective Tools for Forward-Thinking Executives.

What is AssociationDirector [TM]?

AssociationDirector (TM) is a revolutionary new Webbased relationship management system (RMS) developed especially for association leaders. AssociationDirector (TM) provides solutions for these challenges faced by today's executives:

* understanding members' most immediate needs,

* developing high-impact programs and services,

* focusing efforts and programs for maximum ROI, and

* targeting programs and services to members.

How does AssociationDirector (TM) work?

AssociationDirector (TM) integrates a Web front-end (your association Web site) with a Web back-end (the RMS) to track member interaction with your association and provide real-time information about member interests, preferences, and purchase habits.

AssociationDirector (TM) gathers and assesses member data so you can make strategic decisions about member deliverables and customize services for members.

How is AssociationDirector (TM) different?

AssociationDirector (TM) is a new breed of association software, built from the ground up as a RMS.

Unlike traditional systems that are passive repositories of member data and center on transactions, AssociationDirector (TM) is a two-way system that focuses on relationships, by providing strategic information for association executives to lead their organizations and powerful tools for targeting personalized services to members.

AssociationDirector (TM) is an open-architecture system that integrates with existing Web sites, information systems, and stand-alone Web applications.

Who should use AssociationDirector (TM)?

AssociationDirector (TM) was developed for innovative, forward-thinking associations to

* understand and respond quickly to member needs,

* build stronger relationships with members, and

* increase ROI from programs and services.

How can I purchase AssociationDirector (TM)?

AssociationDirector (TM) is available as a Web-based, ASP product consisting of a core module and additional add-on modules.
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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