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Association value.

As the saying goes, "Together We are Stronger," and this is perhaps the very reason for the formation of virtually any organization. It stems from a need not only to belong, but to identify with those like ourselves who share common interests, and common goals. And collectively, our goals thus become all the more tangible; our challenges all the more important; and our successes all the more meaningful. This is the very heart of an association, and its people the key to its success and survival.

The National Frozen Food Association uniquely views its mission as an "all-industry approach," to analyze and work to meet the needs of each individual industry segment thereby insuring the betterment of the so-called "sum of its parts." And each year, new challenges test, yet strengthen us.

Without a doubt, the NFFA's greatest strength has been, and will continue to be, in its active participants who see and act beyond the bounds of their own corporations and competitions to nurture this growing and everchanging industry. Each year, under the direction of its board of directors (with equal representation for all segments) and the insight of dedicated Retail and Foodservice Council members, the NFFA identifies industry needs in terms of research, government relations, industry training and communication, and works to timely meet these needs for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Perhaps the NFFA's most visible gift to the frozen food industry has been the annual March National Frozen Food Month promotion, which has fostered a tremendous spirit of cooperation among all segments of the industry. Each year, brokers, packers, distributors, retailers and operators join forces to plan, prepare and implement some of the most innovative promotions imaginable. And the industry is having fun. This is evidenced each year in the enthusiastic local group meetings, and the Golden Penguin entries submitted for judging at the NFFA headquarters. It's something that goes well beyond the 9-5 job, as executives are painting penguins in their living rooms, designing floats on the weekends, parading in penguin costumes, conducting local sporting events and helping local charities. Without a doubt, National Frozen Food Month has sparked a little something in all of us and has proven what the power of the people can do.

Now entering its sixth annual effort, National Frozen Food Month, which each year runs like a well-oiled machine, has obtained the respect and admiration of industry executives across the country. Thanks to a national organization with its finger on the pulse of virtually every major market in the country, and some 54 dedicated retail and 26 enthusiastic foodservice organizations, the promotion grows stronger, lures more and more participants and works to educate more and more consumers, as well as foodservice operators. But more importantly, in keeping with the mission of the National Frozen Food Association, it has turned the industry into one promotional force, working together, in common cause.

I look forward to my term as Chairman of the Board of this dynamic and enthusiastic Association, and encourage the active participation of all companies in the Association and next month's promotion. You can help determine the future of your organization. Together we are stronger.

By Frank Cassata

NFFA Chairman

Executive Vice President and Partner

Food Associates

Kearny, New Jersey
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Title Annotation:Looking Back to See the Future ... From February 1989 Issue.
Author:Cassata, Frank
Publication:Frozen Food Digest
Date:Apr 1, 2010
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